The correct way out of the diet

Many people in the world want to go on a diet, whether it's to lose weight quickly or to teach a beautiful relief by removing a small layer of fat, the total of one diet is the end. More often, having achieved success due to a diet, a person ceases to limit himself to eating and begins without fear to eat everything that he so lacked. But in such a careless post dietary period there are big risks.

Risks of improper withdrawal from the diet

The end of the diet is fraught with risks, namely the return of kilograms that have left us with such difficulty and worse health threat.

The return of lost weight during an improper exit from a diet is most often a regularity, due to the fact that during the diet the organism was accustomed to receiving a small amount of food, and to maintain normal life it spent its reserves, which it accumulated over the years, namely, a layer of fat. And having access again to food, it will be logical to assume that the organism after the experienced stress will begin to intensively accumulate the lost reserves and most likely more than those that were. But this is not the worst, there is an immediate health risk. This can happen due to the fact that the body has lost the habit of receiving a large amount of food and restoring even the old diet will lead to the fact that the stomach will not just be easy to cope with such a number, the risks include the restoration of a fatty, fried diet that will also upset the stomach .

How to get out of the diet correctly?

Precisely on this question no one can answer, since the abundance of diets is very large, and each of them requires its own approach. For example, if one person has spent the entire diet on porridge, and the other has eaten fruits and vegetables, it is understandable that the body can not stand immediately fat, fried and other. Also it is necessary to understand, that the competent termination of a diet can occupy some time that will allow to avoid problems voiced above.

The most correct way at the end of the diet will be the idea that the concluding stage has begun, which is less restrictive in food, but nevertheless requirements in the matter of nutrition are mandatory.

Most often the diet plan assumes a period after its termination, but if such recommendations are not bad, you can make them yourself.

In such cases, it is not a bad decision to compile a list of products that were not available, but are allowed in the future. Then every day to increase the variety of their diet, which will allow to move away from restrictions and with minimal consequences. If, for example, the diet was based on croups that are poor in minerals, then it is worthwhile to add them at the end of the diet, well, or the diet was rich in minerals, in such cases it is worth to increase the amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the body.

At first, after the end of the diet, it is recommended to refrain from: fatty meat and fish, except in this list can be a fish rich in essential fatty acids, such as herring. A good diversification of the diet will help dairy products such as: cottage cheese, yoghurt kefir, flour can also be added, but preferably made with flour and coarse bran addition.

It is also advised to start meals with light salads. For best effect, before each meal, you can drink a glass of mineral water for 10-15 minutes.

After leaving the diet from small meals should be discarded. From the diet it is necessary to remove bakery and confectionery products, changing them to fresh fruit or diet breads.

In order to maintain a normal weight, 1 once a week you need to spend the so-called unloading day. It is important to exercise regularly. After the termination of a diet parameters of a figure need to be kept under the constant control.

The main types of diets and the way out of them

Very common are diets based on carbohydrates or vice versa without carbohydrate products. Such diets are good because the body starts using proteins and fats for energy needs. Before choosing this diet is to know that carbohydrates are of two types, namely, fast and slow. To the slow are mainly plant products that do not allow you to gain excess weight, and it is not difficult to guess that it is the enemies of the figure that are fast carbohydrates, which are so often desired to fence off, are flour products, various cereals, and sweets. Exit with no carbohydrate diet involves entering into the diet of fast carbohydrates, but, as before, you can limit yourself to sweets.

Products recommended after a carbohydrate diet

As it is possible from kinds of diets it is possible to allocate group of those which exclude the use of animal and vegetative fat. After this, it is not necessary to start taking a huge amount of fats, which the organism was so deprived of, you can just consume a little vegetable oil, and get animal fats through meat, because they enrich the body with valuable vitamins.

If the diet was based on liquid or shabby food, most often such diets are called juice, then the end period is to start with lightly boiled food, vegetables are best suited, as are porridge and cottage cheese. Go to raw vegetables and flour foods is recommended after a couple of days of eating the above foods.

The last type of diet is fashionable to note the one that is based only on reducing the number of calories consumed per day, rather than refusing any specific groups of products. Following the logic, it is not difficult to guess that stopping this diet does not require a strong change in the usual diet, but only an increase in calories consumed. But do not forget about the enemies of the figure, namely fast carbohydrates, due to which you should not increase caloric content, it is best to do this with the help of carbohydrate-free products.

How to get out right from the diet without harming the body?

The main problem at the exit from the diet often becomes – overeating. This is the problem most people face, the reasons for this are that the stomach has adapted to a small amount of food for a certain period of time, but the brain in turn does not allow it to be abandoned with a large abundance of food.

The easiest way to solve this problem is for people who live themselves, they prepare themselves, and because of this it is easier for them to control their diet. With a greater problem, those who live with the family face, naturally believing that eating at the same table with the family entices the temptation to regale common goodies, it is better to solve this problem by making a separate diet for themselves, and to eat separately, such actions are more likely will prevent overeating.

Just the prevention of overeating can serve as boiled food, which is devoid of different seasonings. But fried foods, smoked and so on are not desirable.

It is also worth noting that many use in conjunction with the diet physical exercises that help in achieving the goal. After the end, do not forget that any exercise even at home will benefit the body.

Eating after a diet

Even after completing the diet and successfully spending a period after graduation, there is a risk, namely, to return to the need for a diet, whatever it is, at least when choosing your diet, it is worth remembering the deprivations and abstinence on the diet and balancing your diet. How can this be done? It is best to get a table of caloric content and protein, fat and carbohydrate content for different foods, which will help in the proper calculation of your diet. Just do not get involved in sweets, of course, do not give up completely, but do not allow them a large amount in the diet.

Sports and the end of the diet

Sport is in most cases an integral part of the diet period. During losing weight, fat goes away, but the skin without it loses its shape, it's like a soft toy, with which the filler was pulled out. On the scale of the body, it is best that this filler is the muscles that will give the body a beautiful shape, but do not forget that the absence of fat in the body or its presence in minimal amounts – entails risks, namely, a large load on the heart, since lipids well or on the other fat is one of the main keepers of fluid in the body.

In combination with a diet, dynamic loads, such as:

Rationally use the time and be always in perfect spirits!

Feedback from our users

I agree with readers and users that the correct way out of the diet is a pledge of perfect well-being and stabilization of the results. I was losing weight 10 years ago for stupidity, I sat for two weeks on one kefir, tore off my stomach, sort of how I threw off about 6 kg, but after an incorrect exit from the limited power supply system, I not only regained lost centimeters, but also added a few from above. So think, if it was worth it to soar themselves, in order to become even fuller. Today I do not indulge in such relapses any more, but I just spend once a week unloading days, for example on buckwheat or apples, go in for sports, visit the pool. After all, only in combination with all these procedures can achieve a stable and safe result!


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