The diet for 7 days is "minus 7-10 kg"

Methods of nutrition, allowing you to lose a week before 10 kg, are designed for those who have about 30% excess weight. If you do not have enough 2-3 kg before the cherished ideal, you should not consider this variant of weight loss, it is better to pay attention to unloading days.

In this diet, the effectiveness and speed of reducing excess weight is combined with the maximum benefit for the body. Buckwheat contains a lot of protein, which puts it on nutritional value per step with meat. In addition, buckwheat contains folic acid – a valuable stimulant for vascular strengthening.

The basic rules on which to build a diet:

In addition to buckwheat porridge, tea, water and kefir fat content 1,5% nothing to use;

To prevent fluid from lingering in the body, buckwheat is eaten without salt. It is poured overnight with boiling water, kefir.

There is only possible until 18.00, after drinking only kefir.

Before eating, you need to drink a glass of water at room temperature to reduce the amount of food eaten.

Power mode – every 2 hour in small portions up to 5 once a day.

A stock of vitamin is supplemented with the use of multivitamin complexes.

Effective weight loss requires regular exercise.

Menu. It includes only porridge in unlimited quantities and 1 liter of kefir. You can drink water up to 2-3 l per day. Before going to bed, 200 ml of kefir is allowed.

The therapeutic option provides a therapeutic effect aimed at cleansing the body. Weight reduction for 4 kg with this variant of the diet is an additional bonus to purification. Buckwheat pour boiling water overnight, or during the day at 5-6 hours.

In the menu you can add in addition to buckwheat:

All dried fruits except raisins;

Tea, coffee without sugar for 3-4 hours before bedtime;

Porridge from oat flakes 1-2 times a week;

Honey, dissolved in tea 1-2 times a week;

Salad from tomato and cucumber without refueling with the addition of greenery.

Sample menu for the day:

Breakfast – buckwheat porridge without additives, 2-3 slices of cheese, 1 / 2 cup of cottage cheese, kefir, yoghurt;

Lunch – salad of cucumbers and fresh cabbage, 150 g of chicken, boiled in steam or in water;

Snack – 1 / 2 glasses of yogurt, any fruit except bananas;

Supper – porridge without additives, vegetable slicing.

Even without physical exertion, it is possible to reduce to 10 kg weight.

Fiber effectively cleanses the intestines and liver.

The diet strengthens the cardiovascular system, there are no side effects.

There is no limit to the amount of food eaten.

The disadvantages of buckwheat diet:

Limited number of products used.

The risk of lowering blood pressure to critical levels.

There is a danger of exacerbation of chronic diseases, the appearance of a headache, increased fatigue.

To correct the lack of sugar, with the appearance of apathy, weakness, you can add a little dried fruit in the porridge, eat a small spoonful of honey.

Contraindications. Among the contraindications of the disease of the digestive system, lactation and pregnancy, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, depressive state, renal failure, intense physical activity.

Minus 7 on a protein diet for 7 days

The diet is very effective for those who want to lose weight without loading themselves with physical exercises. The basis of the diet is the failure of carbohydrates, forming fatty deposits. The abundance of protein food allows you not to feel hungry.

When using this method, only protein products remain in the diet, with frequent use of which the body gets stressed and uses stored fat reserves to obtain energy. Weight loss occurs due to loss of fluid and adipose tissue on the muscles.

Permitted and Prohibited Products

The diet includes more than 70 different products, here are some of them:

Lenten meat, offal, poultry without skin, ham;

Low-fat dairy products;

Vegetable protein in the form of tofu cheese;

Soy sauce, wine vinegar, adzhika;

Lollipops without sugar, agar-agar.

Breakfast – Sour cream, cottage cheese, apple, green tea.

2 breakfast – Peanuts.

Lunch – Salad from cabbage, broth, chicken breast.

Afternoon snack – 1 / 2 orange.

Dinner – Kefir, green tea.

Breakfast – Omelette with ham, tomato, rye bread.

2 breakfast – Fresh berries.

Lunch – Fish, stewed with vegetables, apple.

Dinner – Salad from fresh vegetables, boiled beef.

Breakfast – Yoghurt, tea, apple.

2 breakfast – 1 / 2 grapefruit.

Lunch – Baked chicken breast.

Snack – Nuts cedar.

Dinner – Stewed beans with mushrooms, leaf salad.

Breakfast – Kefir with bran, berries.

2 breakfast – Green apple.

Lunch – Boiled fish, 1 / 2 grapefruit.

Dinner – Boiled shrimps, greens, tea.

Breakfast – Oatmeal on the water with apples, green tea.

2 breakfast – Mandarin.

Lunch – Beetroot salad with herbs, boiled lentils.

Dinner – Cabbage and carrot salad, baked chicken fillet.

Breakfast – boiled eggs, orange.

2 breakfast – Fresh berries.

Lunch – Vegetable soup with boiled beef.

Dinner – Curd, grapefruit.

Breakfast – Fruit salad, natural yoghurt.

2 breakfast – Orange.

Lunch – Seafood fried, salad of cucumbers.

Dinner – Sour cabbage, grilled fish.

For a week you can lose up to 10 kg of excess weight;

There is no feeling of hunger;

There are a minimum of prohibitions and restrictions;

Fat reserves will not return after the end of the diet;

At observance of terms of use and performance of recommendations of the dietician the diet is safe.

The kidneys are under heavy load;

The state of health, skin, nails and hair deteriorates;

Food is difficult to digest due to lack of fiber

Contraindications, opinion of a nutritionist. Nutritionists say that with a deficiency of carbohydrates, the body replaces them with protein. Since protein is used as an energy source, there is a shortage of it for the realization of the basic functions – the production of hormones, antibodies, tissue regeneration.

Due to the overabundance of the protein, ketone bodies are formed, as a by-product of incomplete destruction of adipose tissue. Ketone bodies enter the bloodstream, along the vessels spread to vital organs (liver, kidneys).

Because they are toxic, a slimming person experiences symptoms of poisoning:

Nutrition with a high protein content creates the following risks:

Because of an overabundance of protein, stones are formed in the kidneys, urine is acidified;

Since there is a deficiency of glucose, there are problems with mental activity, weakness;

Due to a deficiency in fiber, the digestive tract is disturbed, the stomach hurts;

Due to reduced insulin production and metabolic disorders, even a minimal intake of carbohydrates leads to weight gain;

Because of the absence of glycogen in the tissues does not retain fluid, the body is dehydrated, the skin loses its tone.

This method of losing weight, though, imposes restrictions on the menu, but is very effective. The use of kefir provokes losing weight to keep the diet for more than a week. This is fraught with the exhaustion and slowing of metabolism, so 7 days are the optimal time to restore microflora and reduce the volume of the intestine. The total term recommended for a diet is 20-25 days, since the diet requires a competent exit from it.

The maximum period of the diet is 7 days;

Fat is burned by low calorie foods;

For a week 7 kg of excess weight goes away;

Despite strict limitations, this is not a mono-diet;

In addition to kefir, other low-calorie foods are included in the diet;

The way out of the diet is smooth, allowing you not to gain excess weight again, with restrictions on the consumption of sweet, fatty, baked goods;

The frequency of repeating the diet – once a year.

Which kefir to choose? The main ingredient of the diet should be quality, better if it is produced by state standards. In 100 g of this product contains 2,8 g protein, 0,5% – 2,8% fat. CFU (number of forming units) in a sour-milk beverage should not be less than 107 units, if it is prepared on a yeast starter – 104 units.

Biokefir is prepared on another leaven, in its composition bifidobacteria and acidophilus rods, which have a positive effect on the digestive tract. The freshness of yogurt is an important quality, on 3-4 day it loses most of the lactic acid bacteria. Kefir with a long shelf life contains many preservatives to extend the shelf life.

You can diversify your diet with the following products:

Oat flakes, buckwheat, boiled on the water;

Low-fat beef and veal, white meat and fish;

Unsafe pears, apples, citrus fruits;

Vegetables (tomatoes, green beans, sauerkraut, cucumbers);

Tea on herbs, mineral water without gas in unlimited quantities;

Products not permitted for use:

Fatty meat and fish, semi-finished products;

Sugar and sweets;

Menu of the basic kefir diet for 7 days:

Day 1 – 0,5 l kefir and 0,4 kg of boiled potatoes are divided into 3 reception, in the evening you can eat a green apple and drink a glass of kefir;

Day 2 – 0,5 l kefir and 0,4 kg of low-fat cottage cheese is divided into 3 reception, in the morning a glass of unsweetened tea or coffee, in curd is put 2 st. l. sour cream or cottage cheese;

Day 3 – 0,5 l kefir and 0,4 kg of any allowed fruit for a whole day, in the morning you can eat an egg and drink coffee;

Day 4 – 0,5 l kefir and 0,4 kg boiled chicken breast with a minimum amount of breast;

Day 5 – repeats the day of 3;

Day 6 – unloading, when only non-carbonated water is allowed, in extreme cases, you can drink 400 ml kefir;

Day 7 – the diet repeats the day 3.

To exit the diet is recommended to give up for a while from fried, smoked food, baking. The best are light vegetable decoctions, then transparent soups.

Menu "hungry" kefir diet for 7 days. In this case, the share of kefir increases to 2 liters per day, and the share of additional products decreases by 4 times, to 100

Menu of the apple – kefir diet for 7 days

Contraindications for this strict diet are increased gastric acidity. In each of the 6 meals, slimming uses 200 ml kefir and one apple.

3 days daily for 1,5 l kefir per day;

3 days daily for 1,5 kg of apples;

3 days daily for 1,5 l kefir per day.

In addition, you can drink only plain water. Apples for both variants can be baked with 1 tsp. honey, grate and mix with yogurt.

Advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of the diet – it is short-term, the body does not starve, but receives many valuable elements of nutrition, the body is actively unloaded.

A major drawback of kefir diet is the need to cleanse enemas every evening. In addition, losing weight often feels the urge to defecate because of an intestinal disorder.

The main ingredient in the diet is pearl barley, which has valuable qualities. It not only promotes weight loss, but also cleanses the body, stimulates metabolic processes.

Principles of diet. Pearl barley does not burn fat, the diet acts on a different principle: first the bowel is cleared, then excess fluid goes away, and only then, because of low caloric content, a few kilograms of fat goes away.

When returning to the traditional diet, excess weight is likely to return, so it is worthwhile to take longer, sparing diets on the barley. Because the croup has a diuretic effect, it is important to drink a lot. Tea, a broth of a dogrose, mineral water without gas will approach.

Allowed products and prohibited products. The basis of the diet is cooked or baked pearl barley without salt and oil, with spices and herbs. In addition, boiled or baked chicken meat, beef, flounder, cod, cooked without oil are used. They are served with fresh or stewed vegetables, low-fat cottage cheese, boiled eggs, almonds, walnuts, dried fruits and low-fat fruit.

To improve the taste of dishes use pepper, lemon and juice, aromatic herbs, spices, balsamic vinegar.

From the diet, fatty meat, fat, white bread, chocolate, muffins, sweet drinks, butter, fried potatoes, alcohol are removed. To prevent fluid from lingering in the body, do not consume salt.

Pour over 12 hours 200 grams of cereals with a liter of water.

After soaking up the liquid, pour another 3 glass of water into the pan.

Cook over low heat for half an hour.

Then remove from heat, cover with a dense cloth, leave for swelling for an additional 15 minutes.

The cereals are prepared without oil, salt and sugar. The perlovka will increase in 5 times from the initial volume.

Breakfast – pearl bar with apple, kefir 1,5% (200 ml);

2 breakfast is a banana or a few nuts;

Dinner – perlovka with 100 g of boiled chicken;

Dinner – perlova, salad from vegetables.

Breakfast – pearl barley with prunes, green tea;

2 breakfast – apple;

Lunch – soup with pearl barley, tomato;

Dinner – perlova, salad from vegetables, kefir 1,5% (200 ml).

Breakfast – fat cottage cheese 0% with prunes, green tea

2 breakfast is a banana;

Lunch – perlovo, 100 g of baked fish, 1 pepper Bulgarian;

Supper – pearl barley, boiled egg, vegetable salad.

Breakfast – pearl bar with apple, kefir 1,5% (200 ml);

2 breakfast – a green apple or several nuts;

Lunch – soup with pearl barley, cucumber;

Dinner – cottage cheese fat content 0% with dried apricots, green tea.

Breakfast – curd 0% with nuts and apples, green tea;

2 breakfast is a banana;

Lunch – pearl barley, boiled egg, vegetable salad;

Dinner – perlova, salad from vegetables.

Breakfast – pearl barley with dried apricots, kefir (200 ml);

2 breakfast – kefir, several nuts;

Lunch – soup with pearl barley, carrots and cabbage salad;

Dinner – pearl barley, baked with vegetables, kefir 1,5%.

Breakfast – fat cottage cheese 0%, banana, green tea;

2 breakfast – low-fat yogurt (200 ml);

Lunch – perlovka, chicken meat boiled (100 g), vegetable salad;

Dinner – kefir (200 ml).

Positive qualities of the diet:

Availability and cheapness;

Use for skin, hair and nails;

Efficiency, which allows you to reset to 10 kg;

Absence of hunger at observance of all rules.

The need for water to prevent constipation.

Inexperienced diet users in the first 1-2 days may experience nausea and hunger.

Contraindications. Dishes from pearl bar are contraindicated to persons prone to increased gas production, constipation. It is not recommended to eat those who have an increased acidity of the stomach.

White, red, string beans contain a large number of trace elements and vitamins. Cooked from it, delicious salads, soups and other dishes help to lose weight and stay healthy.

Principles of diet. This diet not only helps to reduce weight, but also heals the body – the metabolism and endocrine glands work is normalized, the prevention of aging is performed. Weight reduction occurs due to reduction of adipose tissue, and not muscle. If you use dosed physical exercise, the muscles will become more prominent.

Permitted and prohibited products. The main component of the diet is from 150 to 300 g of beans per day. To prevent constipation and flatulence in the menu include kefir, drinking dried apricots and prunes. In addition, they eat dishes from boiled and baked turkey, chicken, flounder, hake. In addition, the menu includes fresh and stewed vegetables, fruits, eggs, cottage cheese, various nuts.

Allowed spices for flavoring:

Lemon and juice from it,

Parsley, mint, basil, dill and other spicy herbs.

Since beans are already quite high in calories, fatty meat, mushrooms, sweet fruits, white bread, alcohol are not permitted. In small doses, the minimum amount of vegetable oil is allowed for cooking.

Breakfast – a glass of yogurt 1%, whole-grain bread with feta cheese;

2 breakfast – a fruit or several nuts;

Lunch – baked with cheese and vegetables;

Dinner – boiled beans, vegetable salad.

Breakfast – a glass of yogurt 1%, 100 g skimmed cottage cheese, prunes (3-4 pcs.);

2 breakfast – apple or banana;

Lunch – bean soup, cabbage and carrot salad;

Dinner – boiled beans, steam or baked fish.

Breakfast – a glass of kefir 1%, bran bread with a slice of low-fat cheese;

2 breakfast – a fruit or several nuts;

Lunch – boiled beans (100 g) with stewed vegetables;

Dinner – boiled beans (100 g), salad "Caesar" in olive oil.

Breakfast – skim curd 100 g, green tea;

2 breakfast – a glass of kefir 1%;

Lunch – borsch with beans, carrots and cabbage salad;

Dinner – boiled beans (100 g) with vegetable salad.

Breakfast – a glass of yogurt 1,5%, oatmeal with prunes, bread;

2 breakfast – fruit or nuts;

Lunch – boiled beans (100 g), boiled egg;

Dinner – low-fat yogurt, salad from canned beans.

Breakfast – cottage cheese, low-fat, green tea;

2 breakfast – a glass of kefir 1,5%;

Lunch – beans baked with cheese and vegetables;

Dinner – boiled beans (100 g), vegetable salad.

Breakfast – a glass of kefir 1%

2 breakfast – fruit or nuts;

Lunch and dinner – boiled beans (100 g), steamed vegetables.

Positive qualities of the diet:

Beans contain easily digestible protein, a full set of useful substances (fats, proteins, carbohydrates), fiber, vitamins;

This is a cheap and affordable product;

The minimum amount of beans is easy to saturate;

Suitable for nutrition of pregnant women, benefits from anemia and toxicosis.

To prevent constipation, you have to drink plenty of water;

To exit the diet should be within a week after its end to prepare dishes from beans.

Oatmeal is extremely useful for the human body. Its use does not require any age restrictions, will help to get rid of toxins and toxins in comfort, quickly lose weight without harm to health.

Principles of diet. This diet should not be used more than 7 days, as calcium starts to wash out from the body, and monotonous dishes are very boring. Since oatmeal is carbohydrates, you can not use protein at the same time. It is best if the porridge is cooked not on milk, but on water, without the addition of salt.

How to cook oatmeal? It is most useful to cook whole grain porridge, although it is cooked for a long time. The washed oats are poured with water (1: 3) and left overnight. In the morning they cook the porridge, torment it for 40-50 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Porridge from oat flakes brews easier:

Boil 2 a glass of water, add salt, pour a glass of flakes.

Cook until ready, stirring occasionally.

Add for taste apples, cottage cheese, raisins, cinnamon.

To make porridge from flakes of "extra" class, they simply need to be poured with boiling water for 3-5 minutes.

Unless otherwise stated, oatmeal cooked on water is used in the menu. Its quantity is 200-250 g porridge per serving.

Lunch – oatmeal, bifido yogurt;

Breakfast – oatmeal, half-apple;

Lunch – oatmeal, cabbage and apples salad;

Breakfast – oatmeal on skim milk;

Dinner – oatmeal on milk, apple;

Supper – oatmeal, kefir.

Lunch – oatmeal (flakes) on milk, vegetable salad from radishes and cucumbers;

Dinner – oatmeal, kefir

Breakfast – oatmeal, half an orange;

Lunch – oatmeal on milk, vegetable salad, apple;

Dinner – oatmeal, prunes (50 g).

Breakfast – oatmeal (cereal) on milk, apple;

Dinner – oatmeal (flakes) on milk, 100 g of vegetable salad;

Dinner – oatmeal, yoghurt.

Breakfast – oatmeal (flakes) in milk, banana;

Lunch – oatmeal in milk, vegetable salad (100 g), apple;

Dinner – oatmeal (cereal), kefir.

Slows down the aging process;

Improves skin and hair;

Reduces excess weight;

Normalizes the stool and the work of the digestive system;

It leads to a normal glucose level.

A limited set of products is boring;

Sometimes there is weakness, constipation;

Duration of the diet is limited to 10 days, then metabolic disorders can begin.

Contraindications. Do not use this diet for pregnant and lactating women. Because of its monotony and imbalance, the oat diet is not suitable for those who suffer from constipation and obesity.

The consumption of rice perfectly satiates the body, blocks hunger for a long time. It contains protein, carbohydrates and fats, a large number of microelements. Rice diet will help to lose 4-6 kg, with the load – 8-10 kg, provided that all recommendations are observed.

Drink at least 2 liters of water;

Eat for a day about 200 g protein products (cottage cheese, meat, seafood);

You can not eat sweet, fried, that is, foods containing fats and carbohydrates.

Allowed products and prohibited products. The basis of the diet – unpolished rice with a shell, it is low in calories, 100 kcal in 100 g of product. Since rice absorbs water, it takes a lot of drinking (water, apple juice, green tea). A nonsurgical rice diet allows the inclusion of fish, seafood, non-starchy vegetables, low-fat dairy products, unsweetened fruits in the menu.

It is forbidden to eat all other cereals, fat broths and soups, canned foods, bread, beans, nuts, drink coffee and alcoholic beverages.

Breakfast – boiled rice, green apple, rye toast;

Lunch – vegetable broth, boiled chicken breast, boiled rice with chopped greens;

Dinner – boiled rice, stewed vegetables, natural yogurt.

Breakfast – boiled rice, fruit;

Lunch – fish soup, boiled lentils with rice

Dinner – omelet, steamed, kefir;

Breakfast – boiled rice, banana;

Lunch – vegetable broth, boiled chicken breast, boiled rice;

Dinner – salad from vegetables, low-fat cottage cheese.

Breakfast – boiled rice, 1-2 pears;

Lunch – soup on meat broth, boiled peas with rice;

Dinner – boiled rice with boiled meat, kefir.

Breakfast – boiled rice with natural honey, dried fruits;

Lunch – salad from vegetables, boiled fish with rice;

Dinner – boiled rice, stewed vegetables, low-fat cottage cheese.

Breakfast – natural yoghurt, fruit salad;

Dinner – rice, baked vegetables;

Dinner – rice with green peas, low-fat kefir;

Breakfast – low-fat cottage cheese, fruit;

Lunch – vegetable broth, chicken breast boiled, boiled rice

Dinner – low-fat kefir with dried fruits.

Improves the condition of the skin, hair, nails;

The cardiovascular system is strengthened;

Rice does not contain gluten, but is a high-energy product;

The body is cleansed of toxins, toxins, salts, excess fluid, cleansed comprehensively, avoiding exhausting starvation.

Disadvantages of diet, determined by nutritionists:

Weight reduction occurs at the expense of the removed water, instead of fat and slags;

There may be an obstruction of the intestines, weakness, depression, headache, bloating, nausea;

Dishes are monotonous, you can break;

Disappears not fat, but muscle mass due to its splitting into energy.

Hepatic and renal insufficiency.

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White, or lactic, diet enriches the body with calcium, minerals and vitamins. With her help, you can get rid of the abdomen, lose 1-2 kg and simultaneously heal.

Principles of diet. Observing this diet, you need to drink a lot, and eat often and gradually. The last meal should be scheduled for 2-3 hours before bedtime. Foods containing carbohydrates are eaten before lunch.

Allowed products and prohibited products. It is allowed to use dairy products having a fat content of not more than 5%. This is cottage cheese, kefir, milk. To them add fish, chicken, lean beef, broth from meat and fish, apples, citrus.

You can not eat dairy products with fat content higher than 5%, salt, sugar, baking, white bread, fatty meat, alcohol.

The menu is divided into 2 stages, in the first 4 days in the daily ration are:

0,5 L of low-fat milk;

200 g unsalted brynza or low-fat cheese product;

A glass of homemade yogurt;

1,5 l unsalted non-carbonated mineral water.

In the following 3 days, the set of products per day is:

Liters of household milk;

Liter of mineral water;

A glass of homemade yogurt;

Low-fat meat or sea fish (150 g);

Milk needs to be drunk separately, all foods are divided into 5-6 meals.

The saturation of the diet with a protein will positively affect the tone of the muscles;

Maximum calcium will effectively lose weight;

The lack of solid foods stimulates fat burning.

The abundance of milk causes imbalance of microflora, abnormalities in the work of the digestive tract.

Contraindications. The main contraindication is lactose intolerance, dairy products.

Condition after stomach surgery;

Contraindications to the use of monotonous food.

Diet, according to inaccurate information, developed by the US military, hence the name. Thanks to her for a short time you can lose 3-5 kg of excess weight.

Eat 3 times a day;

Drink water at will;

Do not eat after 18.00.

Physical loads should not be debilitating.

Permitted products. It is allowed to use protein products such as eggs, cheese, cottage cheese, tuna. Allowed vegetables: broccoli, peas, carrots, beans, fruits: apples, bananas. You can drink coffee, black tea, eat peanuts, vanilla ice cream.

Advantages and disadvantages. Thanks to the militaristic diet, you can quickly lose weight, preparing for some event. But long to adhere to this diet is impossible, because the amount of calories received is much less than the required, a woman can feel lethargic, a breakdown. Following them go hormonal disorders, health problems. In addition, the weight is reduced by loss of water, and, therefore, it will return.

Following the menu is easy – the first 3 days you need to eat on the above menu, the next 4 days – as you like, but no frills.

Breakfast – tea or black coffee without sugar, half grapefruit, toast or whole wheat bread with 2 spoons of peanut butter;

Lunch – tea, coffee, toast, canned tuna (100 g);

Dinner – meat (100 g), stewed or boiled green beans (glass), apple, polbananana, a glass of ice cream.

Breakfast – polbananana, toast, chicken egg in any form;

Lunch – 1 boiled egg, 150 g cottage cheese, 5 crackers;

Dinner – 2 sausages, 150 g broccoli, half a glass of grated carrots, half-bananas, half a glass of ice cream.

Breakfast – apple, cheddar cheese (slice), 5 crackers;

Lunch is a toast, a chicken egg in any form;

Dinner – canned tuna, half-banana, a glass of ice cream.

Then you can build the menu on your own.

The basis of the diet is a decrease in the proportion of fats and calories of the daily diet. It is required to eat by the hour and use only the recommended products.

Strict rules, the observance of which is obligatory:

Six-time power is used – in 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 hours.

It is required to do a cleansing enema, to take natural laxatives.

Before a meal drink on? a glass of medicinal herbs (St. John's wort, chamomile, calendula – according to 1 tsp for 200 ml of boiling water).

In addition to the herbs, you can drink for a day not more than half a liter of water.

Allowed foods and dietary advice.

The main product of the diet is 0,5 l kefir 1%. In addition, low-calorie products are used: white chicken meat, potatoes cooked in a "uniform", apples, low-fat cottage cheese.

The food set can not be changed at will, they only eat the recommended products in the strictly designated time. The set of products per day should be distributed on 6 receptions. The breakfast is slightly larger than for dinner.

Below are the meals that are realized at the time specified by the author – 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 hours.

Baked potato and 100 ml kefir;

Cooked chicken fillet (100 g);

Baked chicken (100 g);

Cooked chicken fillet (200 ml);

Salad from halves of an apple and a pear;

Salad from halves of an apple and a pear;

Saturday – you have to spend a day on one water:

On Sunday, the environment menu is repeated.

The diet is very effective, the results are quickly visible. All diet products are available, financially not costly, do not require time for cooking.

A meager menu, feelings of hunger can not be avoided;

Few protein and fiber;

Slimming feels fatigue, nausea, headache;

It is impossible to tolerate at least some physical activity;

It is difficult to eat by the clock, you can use the diet only on vacation;

It is difficult to keep the achieved result, for this it is necessary to increase the diet with 1200 calories no more than 100 calories daily.

The presence of somatic diseases;

Diabetes mellitus, renal insufficiency;

Adolescent and advanced age;

Lactation and pregnancy;

Cardiovascular diseases and pathologies of the digestive system.

The technique of losing weight is designed for those who can not live a day without sweets and chocolate. Ironically, sweets and coffee will help to become slimmer in just a few days.

Principles of diet. Do not think that with this diet, you can uncontrolledly use sweets. Only 100 g chocolate is allowed, regular use of which accelerates metabolism, reduces the fat content in the body. Flavonoids of cocoa beans, as well as antioxidants, rejuvenate and help lose excess weight.

The most bitter for this is the bitter black chocolate, while white contains sugar substitutes and stimulates the deposition of fat.

Menu on 7 days. During 3 receptions you need to eat 100 g chocolate, you can drink cocoa, cooked with low-fat milk, for one meal. In addition, during the day 3 drinks cups of coffee without sugar with the addition of milk, which speeds up the metabolic processes.

Within a day, not earlier than 3 hours after a meal, you can drink up to 2 L of water or green tea. Extra fluid is eliminated from the body by eliminating salt from the diet.

Positive qualities of the diet:

It will suit sweet tooth;

You can lose weight in a short time;

The activity of the brain is activated, creative activity;

Because of the high content of endorphins, immunity increases, mood improves;

There is a prophylaxis of anemia, cardiovascular diseases;

Cocoa butter antioxidants slow down aging.

From the minuses of the diet:

Slow down metabolic processes;

Weight quickly returns, with the addition;

It is possible to provoke diseases of the liver and kidneys;

There is a deficiency of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals.

Allergy to cocoa beans;

Cardiovascular diseases, pathologies of the digestive system;

Overexcitation of the central nervous system.

It does not matter what apples are used for weight loss, dried, fresh, or baked, they are all useful for weight loss. They can be used when following a mono-diet, you can eat up during unloading days. The only limitation – do not eat them longer than 7 days.

Principles of diet. Apple diet can be used at any time of year, with its help can go 2-10 kg of excess weight. In this case, the body is cleansed of toxins and toxins.

The variety should be selected in accordance with the needs of the body:

Varieties with a sour taste can aggravate the course of stomach ulcers, in this case they should be baked or take sweet varieties. Sour apples are great for people with low acidity.

Sour-sweet varieties can not be used for a diet for those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

Red and bright orange apples can cause allergies.

In red and yellow apples, more carotene.

In green apples more fruit acids, iron and vitamins, but less sugar and coloring pigment.

In the menu of this diet only apples and water in unlimited quantities.

1 and 7 diet days:

2,5 and 6 diet days:

3 and 4 diet days:

Diet on baked apples. This way of processing apples is acceptable for the digestive system, it makes the diet varied, allows you to get rid of 3-5 kg of excess weight. The norm of consumption of apples with this diet is similar to a diet with the use of fresh fruits.

Diet on apples and green tea. The frequency of food intake and its volume remain the same, but instead of water it is necessary to drink green tea, relieving hunger and triggering metabolism.

Diet on apple juice. Following this diet, you need an hour before eating to drink a glass of apple juice. This method will prevent overeating, will allow you to eat less.

Diet on dried apples. In addition to dried apples that have to be consumed outside the apple season, you can add other dried fruits and nuts. Only on dried apples is it possible to build a diet.

Positive aspects of the diet:

In a short time, excess weight goes away;

The body is cleansed of toxins;

Constipation is improved, digestion improves;

The level of cholesterol decreases.

Compliance with diet is difficult;

Slimming feels weak and irritable;

There is a deficit of fat and protein.

Indications and contraindications. In the presence of diseases of the heart and blood vessels, one can add 1100 g of sugar per kilogram of apples. With gastritis, sweet apples are contraindicated, and in case of gastric ulcer and 12-duodenum, on the contrary, it is not necessary to eat sour apples.

The diet is distinguished by a reliable result and a strict but varied diet. If the cause of excess weight is a disturbed metabolism, you can reset to 4 kg.

Principles of diet. The diet of this diet is based on vegetables and fruits, seafood, brown rice, you can drink green tea with milk. The implementation of cosmetic procedures, massage, cleansing baths is welcome.

Permitted and prohibited products. Allowed any fruit except persimmon, lemon, bananas, grapes, bran, rye crackers. Vegetables – only those indicated in the menu, sour, sea and fresh cabbage, vegetable juices, half diluted in water.

Protein products – lean beef, chicken, rabbit, turkey, fish, offal. Meat is boiled, steamed.

It is forbidden to soda, sweets, salt and sugar, soy sauce, smoked products, sausages, sausages. Instead of snacking it is recommended to drink non-carbonated mineral water, tea, coffee. Before eating it is recommended to drink a glass of water. Serving volume – no more than 200-250

All the ingredients for the menu are prepared in advance.

Breakfast – black coffee without sugar;

Lunch – 2 eggs, cabbage salad, seasoned with oil, tomato juice (200 ml);

Dinner is a large portion of lean braised fish.

Breakfast – black coffee without sugar, cracker;

Lunch – boiled fish with stewed cabbage;

Dinner – boiled beef, kefir 1% (200 ml).

Breakfast – black coffee;

Lunch – fried zucchini;

Dinner – cabbage salad, boiled eggs, a portion of boiled beef.

Breakfast – coffee, crackers;

Lunch is a raw egg, grated carrots, seasoned with butter, some cheese;

Dinner – 1 is a big apple.

Lunch – baked fish, tomato juice;

Lunch – 0,3-0,5 kg of boiled chicken breast, cabbage salad;

Dinner – 2 eggs, cabbage salad.

Breakfast – green tea without sugar;

Lunch – boiled veal, apple;

Dinner – any option except dinner 3 day.

With the correct exit from the diet for 2 weeks can be reset to 10 kg;

Diet diet does not differ from usual;

Metabolism accelerates, food is more easily absorbed;

If you do not eat salt, sugar, alcohol, the body is cleaned of toxins.

The menu is not balanced by vitamins, for their replenishment requires the intake of vitamin complexes.

Breakfast is not available, although at this time the metabolic rate is usually higher;

Coffee, used for breakfast, is a short-term stimulant;

A large list of contraindications.

Breastfeeding and pregnancy;

Diseases of the liver and kidneys;

Acute infectious and somatic diseases in the stage of exacerbation;

Thanks to this diet, you can reset 5-10 kg per week. The power system is not costly, but extremely effective.

Favorite diet is a combination of 4 mono diets, used in a certain sequence:

1 combined day is the day of exit from the diet.

Breakfast – 2 eggs, tea without sugar;

Dinner – vegetable soup and fruit;

Snack – any fruit (kiwi, grapefruit, etc.);

Dinner – any salad from vegetables (cucumbers, cabbage and Bulgarian pepper)

!! It is forbidden to use alcohol, sugar and salt.

Breakfast – kefir (200 ml);

Lunch – chicken broth (200 ml);

Afternoon snack – kefir (200 ml);

Dinner – kefir or milk (200 ml).

Water and tea can be drunk without restrictions.

Breakfast – salad (cabbage with tomatoes);

Lunch – salad (cabbage, greens, cucumbers);

Afternoon snack – salad (cabbage, carrots);

Dinner – salad (cabbage, pepper, cucumbers).

Breakfast – kefir (200 ml);

Lunch – chicken broth (200 ml);

Afternoon snack – milk, kefir, low-fat yogurt (200 ml);

Dinner – milk, kefir, low-fat yogurt (200 ml)

Green tea and plain water can be drunk in unlimited quantities.

Breakfast – orange, apple;

Afternoon snack – kiwi, apple;

Dinner – 2 kiwi or grapefruit.

Breakfast – 2 eggs;

Lunch – chicken boiled without skin (200 g);

Snack – cheese or cottage cheese (100 g);

Breakfast – green tea, or orange juice (200 ml);

Lunch – chicken broth (200 ml);

Snack – kefir or tea (200 ml);

Dinner – kefir or milk (200 ml).

Breakfast – 2 eggs;

Lunch – soup from vegetables, any allowed fruit;

Afternoon snack – apple, orange or 2 kiwi;

Dinner – salad (tomatoes, cucumbers).

Permitted products can be eaten without restriction;

Poor health does not occur almost never;

You can lose up to 10 kg of excess weight;

Losing weight occurs at a high rate;

Short-term period of food restrictions;

The menu varies depending on taste preferences;

During the 3 days spent on the liquid, the body cleanses;

The diet is balanced by vitamins and trace elements.

During days spent on a liquid, there may be problems with the gastrointestinal tract;

Sometimes there is weakness, jumps of blood pressure, headache;

There is a risk of exacerbation of chronic diseases;

Repeated course of dietary nutrition is possible only in 2 weeks.

To avoid negative consequences, it is necessary to take into account contraindications:

Lactation and pregnancy;

Heart and kidney failure;

Postoperative period after interventions in the abdominal cavity.

Buckwheat is a useful food product, which contains a rich set of vitamins, micro- and macro elements. At the same time, buckwheat can quickly satisfy the feeling of hunger and prevent its early occurrence.

Rigid diets are almost useless for anyone, because a cardinal and abrupt diet change leads to serious stress and negatively affects the mood and well-being. Women always want to quickly lose excess pounds before a solemn event or before the beach season.

A diet lasting a week is a wonderful solution to the eternal problem! Scientists have proved that it is this term that the body needs to maximize the positive effect of experiments with weight loss. At first glance, this is not a long time, however, from the psychological point of view, it has a great deal.

The Japanese diet has long been one of the most popular weight loss schemes among Russians. This is not surprising, because to lose weight thanks to the Japanese diet can be done quickly and without too much money. Due to the fact that the menu is made correctly, the extra pounds leaving for a long time and do not return after the diet is completed.

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