The diet of the South Beach of Arthur Agatston

The diet of the southern beach for weight loss was developed by American cardiologist Arthur Agatston to combat obesity and heart disease. At the same time, it has become popular among people who want to get rid of extra pounds.

The diet of the southern beach is, rather, the observance of the right way of life, promoting weight loss, which should become a habit. The nutrition program of Arthur Agatston does not imply strict calorie counting and calculation of grams. The daily ration consists of 3 main meals, 2 snacks and 1 protein dessert (for example: almond pie with maple syrup).

The diet of the southern beach for weight loss has no limitations. You can observe it as long as you want, without harming your health.

Principles of nutrition with a diet southern beach

The idea of ​​a diet south of the beach for losing weight from Arthur Agatston is to replace harmful fats and carbohydrates with useful ones. Therefore, the key to healthy weight loss is to choose the right foods and avoid forbidden foods.

The diet of the south beach of Arthur Agatston for weight loss has a number of features:

  • during the first 2 weeks of the diet of the southern beach can be lost from 4 to 6 kg depending on the initial weight. The lower the weight, the smaller the kg will go;
  • the diet of the southern beach should consist of vegetables, fish, eggs, dairy products with a low percentage of fat content, chicken and turkey fillets, whole grain bread, nuts;
  • It is not necessary to exclude completely carbohydrates from the diets diet of the southern beach of Arthur Agatston. Choose carbohydrate products with a low glycemic index, which stabilize blood sugar and satiety lasts longer;
  • the quality of fats also plays an important role in losing weight. Replace saturated and trans fats with monounsaturated, for example olive oil, avocado;
  • if you need to lose less than 5 kg, then start the diet of the southern beach from the second stage;
  • Each phase developed by Arthur Agatston becomes less rigorous.

Stages of weight loss

The diet of the south beach of Arthur Agatston for weight loss consists of 3 milestones, each of which has a number of features and rules.

  • is the shortest and the strictest;
  • helps stabilize blood sugar levels;
  • easily tolerated, by appeasing hunger.
  • you need to eat large portions of pure protein (fish fillets, chicken, turkey, seafood, soy);
  • in the diet – a large number of vegetables, salads, legumes, eggs, low-fat dairy products, up to 2 ч.л. useful fats (nuts, olive oil);
  • in the 1 stage you can not eat fruit, starch products (pasta, rice, bread), foods containing sugar, alcohol;
  • Before meals you can drink a protein shake;
  • eat should be slowly, thoroughly chewing food.

Duration: until the desired weight is achieved.

  • a gradual return to the usual diet;
  • it is recommended to combine with physical exertion.
  • in the diet of the southern beach there are complex carbohydrates – whole wheat bread, brown rice, hard wheat pasta, fruit;
  • daily intake of food – consumption of 3 fruits and 3 starch dishes;
  • snacks only at will;
  • the use of a glass of white or red wine is allowed.
  • return to normal nutrition, replacing harmful foods with healthy ones;
  • this phase can become a habitual way of life.
  • previously forbidden products are added;
  • Eat 3 fruit per day:
  • 3-4 main meal;
  • not more than 2h. useful fats (vegetable oils, nuts).

Menu for every day

The diet menu of the south beach of Arthur Agatston for weight loss can be quite diverse, and most importantly – not tied to a specific program.

Diet of the southern beach – menu for every day:

The approximate menu of the 1 phase on 3 days:

  • Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, salad of tomatoes, brynza and green onions;
  • Snack: protein cocktail;
  • Lunch: large salmon, cooked in the oven with fresh herbs, 3 cucumber;
  • Snack: a handful of walnuts;
  • Dinner: boiled chicken fillet with soy sauce, braised zucchini.
  • protein cocktail;
  • low-fat cottage cheese with sour cream and fresh herbs;
  • chicken broth with the addition of parsley and a stirred egg;
  • grated beets with nuts, dressed with olive oil;
  • boiled turkey fillet, half of the Bulgarian pepper, a glass of kefir.
  • omelet from 2 eggs with tomatoes and onions;
  • natural yoghurt;
  • baked in soy sauce fish, cabbage salad and green peas;
  • a couple of slices of cheese;
  • a portion of white beans with lettuce leaves, a glass of kefir.

The approximate menu of the 2 phase on 3 days:

  • Breakfast: 2 toast from whole wheat bread with avocado paste and tomato slices;
  • Snack: grapefruit;
  • Lunch: pasta from durum wheat with the addition of stewed zucchini, sprinkled with grated cheese;
  • Snack: 2 apple;
  • Dinner: salad of tuna, olives, cucumbers, onions with the addition of olive oil.
  • oatmeal on water with berries, toast with cheese;
  • orange;
  • boiled brown rice, turkey fillet in sour cream sauce;
  • fruit salad of apple and kiwi, seasoned with natural yoghurt;
  • buckwheat with cottage cheese, 2 fish cutlets.
  • rice porridge on the water, freshly squeezed juice;
  • apple pancakes with sour cream;
  • vegetable soup with the addition of slices of salmon, toast with cheese;
  • fruit salad from apple, orange, grapefruit;
  • broccoli steamed, chicken fillet, a glass of red wine.

The approximate menu of the 3 phase on 3 days:

  • Breakfast: pancakes with cottage cheese and raisins, green tea;
  • Snack: A baked apple with honey and nuts;
  • Lunch: a plate of lean borsch with sour cream, a toast with cheese;
  • Snack: cereal bar, banana;
  • Dinner: vegetable stew from cabbage, carrots, green peas, eggplant, fish for a couple, a glass of yogurt.
  • syrniki with sour cream and berries, freshly squeezed juice;
  • a couple of bits of bitter chocolate;
  • pasta with seafood, 2 tomato;
  • fruit salad from kiwi, grapes, strawberries in natural yoghurt;
  • buckwheat with stewed vegetables.
  • vareniki with potatoes, coffee with milk;
  • Garnet;
  • chicken soup with rice, tomato and cucumber salad;
  • nut pie;
  • a portion of pilau from lamb, a glass of white wine.

The use and harm of the food system of Arthur Agatston

The benefit of the diet of the southern beach is that Dr. Arthur Agatston has developed it in order to improve the body. Agatston himself experienced a diet on himself and already at the first stage he lost weight on 4 kg.

Advantages of the diet of the southern beach of Arthur Agatston:

  • lack of hunger;
  • the body receives all the necessary substances and elements;
  • fast, but, at the same time, quality weight loss, lost pounds do not return;
  • prevention of cardiovascular diseases, obesity;
  • improvement of skin, hair, nails;
  • the ability to make meals and menus independently;
  • absence of weakness, the energy level is preserved.

Disadvantages Arthur Agatston's food system is practically non-existent.

Diet of the southern beach for weight loss do not approachт with serious chronic diseases, people of advanced age. The first phase of the diet of the southern beach is also contraindicated people with liver, kidney, GIT, pregnancy and lactation.

Effectiveness and results

The experiments showed that losing weight managed to drop to 7 kg for 12 weeks on the diet of the southern beach of Arthur Agatston. The most active weight decreases with 1 phase, when the body gets rid of excess water.

The following 2 phases support the result and weight loss is slower.

The second and third phase of the diet of Fritur Agatston is recommended to be respected as a way of life, and when practicing sports, slimness achieves much faster and easier.

We offer to compare the photos before and after losing weight on the diet of the southern beach of Arthur Agatston:


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