The diet of three products – oatmeal, cottage cheese, apple

Perhaps, one of the best finds of nutritionists for weight loss is the diet of three products. Oatmeal, cottage cheese and apple included in this regime, contribute to strengthening the nervous system and are an indispensable source of vitamins necessary to improve the work of the heart.

The above information is only a small part of the benefits of these products. Read more about the food restriction on their basis.

Diet of three products

A diet of three products, like oatmeal, cottage cheese and apple – is a storehouse of vitamins and nutrients necessary for the human body. The menu of these ingredients bears the human body both good and bad.

They are in themselves useful, but their combination can be disastrous for some chronic diseases. For example, apples are categorically forbidden to eat on an empty stomach for people with serious stomach diseases.

We'll talk about harm later, but in the meantime, let's take a closer look benefit of each diet ingredient:

  • relieves toxins and improves intestinal function;
  • prevents the formation of stones in the gallbladder;
  • lowers cholesterol;
  • normalizes the metabolism;
  • promotes skin rejuvenation;
  • improves memory;
  • relieves of insomnia.

  • calms the nerve cells;
  • improves the cardiovascular system;
  • strengthens bones;
  • prevents wrinkles;
  • normalizes the functionality of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • makes the skin smooth;
  • accelerates the metabolism.

  • improves liver function;
  • prevents the development of sclerosis;
  • strengthens the bone system;
  • easy to digest in the body;
  • treats cardiovascular diseases;
  • maintains the body during periods of exhaustion;
  • promotes the development of mental activity.

power Principles

power Principles diets of three products very simple. In addition to oatmeal, cottage cheese and apples, recommended add to the menu low-fat milk food, vegetables, greens, not soda water, and tea on herbs, with lemon and sugar-free.

Observe the diet is recommended from 7 to 10 days. With successful results and benefits for the body, repeat the procedure after a month. As a result, grow thin with a diet of three products – oatmeal, cottage cheese, apples, you can from 3 to 5 kg per week.

Despite the permissibility in the diet of dairy products, oatmeal is recommended to cook on the water, since it is useful for losing weight. The amount of water consumed per day is at least 1,5 liters. On an empty stomach, drink a cup of green tea.

Benefit and harm

In addition to all the useful properties of oatmeal, cottage cheese and apples, there are still important. The combination of these products Relieve you from stress, normalizes the work of the intestines and quench the feeling of hunger. Also this diet of a diet of three products benefits when there is flabbiness of the body and complete exhaustion.

With a daily diet on the diet menu, the likelihood of reducing blood sugar and a balanced metabolism. In addition, all these three products are the main ones in the list of healthy food.

What about harm the diet of three products, it is noticeable immediately. The ingredients contain enough vitamins, but some of them do not combine with each other and the person receives less necessary nutrients, thereby harming the body.

In addition, the diet of only these three products is monotonous and quickly annoying. Let's talk about harm of each ingredient diet for weight loss:

  • With frequent use oat porridge, gluten, located in it, prevents the ingress of nutrients into the blood. Also porridge promotes the rapid disposal of the body from calcium. If you do not properly digest it, you should reduce the portions of this product.
  • Apples Harm the tooth enamel and contribute to the development of caries. In the presence of problems with the teeth, a diet in the composition of apples and oatmeal is strictly prohibited, since it can completely destroy your teeth.
  • Curd helps to increase the level of calcium in the human body, but there are also disadvantages. Harm cottage cheese only in the fact that not all are well absorbed milk proteins.

Menu for the week

Having decided with benefit and harm, we will compile menu for a week for a diet of three products:

  • Breakfast: 250 gram of oatmeal porridge cooked on water, drink with unsweetened herbal tea;
  • Lunch: fruit puree and carrot juice;
  • Dinner: 200 grams of curd with a teaspoon of honey to drink a weak black tea.
  • fruit and vegetable salad;
  • oatmeal with plenty of water;
  • cottage cheese and tea with lemon.
  • lettuce leaves and apple juice;
  • cheese in combination with fat-free sour cream;
  • Prune oatmeal with prunes and a glass of milk.
  • cottage cheese with honey and herbal drink;
  • 2-3 apple and a half-liter of water;
  • oat flakes.
  • porridge with a ripe apple;
  • cottage cheese and herbal tea;
  • water and cucumbers with tomatoes.
  • ripe fruit, cottage cheese and warm milk;
  • kefir;
  • oatmeal with water.
  • oat flakes with warm milk;
  • green fruit and cottage cheese;
  • Lettuce leaves to wash with fat-free yogurt.

Correct exit

Exit from the diet menu of three products for weight loss should be as smooth as possible. The first time after the end of the restrictive diet is recommended to leave the oatmeal as a nutritious breakfast, which is beneficial.

For lunch and dinner, prepare only low-fat soups, vegetable salads, buckwheat porridge and fish. Also in the "post-paid" menu recommended stew vegetables with lean meat and drink them with kefir.

With harmful food, in the form of baking, cakes and semi-finished products in the menu, it is better wait, otherwise lost pounds with ease to you will return. You can afford sharp and smoked dishes, but in limited quantities.


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