The diet of three products: we lose weight easily!

Surely, everyone who tried to lose a couple of extra pounds, faced with such a problem, as a strong feeling of hunger, which sometimes can not be cope. Because of what the mood worsens, depression appears, as a result of which you want to quit everything and return to the usual way of life. But each time, looking at his reflection in the mirror, there is a desire to lose weight again.

It is for those who want to lose weight, but can not fight the constant feeling of hunger, nutritionists have developed a diet that is based on the use of 3 products: oatmeal, apples and cottage cheese. The diet of three products does not give the feeling of hunger to grow, during the "sitting" on it you will fully eat. You will have breakfast, lunch, dinner. However, they will all consist of only these three products. But, before considering the diet menu, let's talk about how it will benefit our body.

Diet 3 product: benefit

The fact that this diet is useful, no doubts should arise at anybody. "Sitting" on it, you'll never feel hungry, which means that your mood will only improve when you observe how your body changes. It also affects the nervous system. Your body will not be stressed, which means that the nervous system will not be excited and its work will not be disturbed.

In addition, the benefits are brought and those foods that you will eat during a diet. First, apples will allow you to raise the level of hemoglobin in the blood, support the cardiovascular system and give you confidence and strength. Secondly, oatmeal will normalize the work of the digestive tract, since it contains a huge amount of fiber. Thirdly, cottage cheese has in its composition a lot of protein, which for a long time will eliminate the feeling of hunger (the protein is poorly absorbed by the body and digested for a long time), and it will improve fat metabolism and will increase the supply of calcium and phosphorus in your body.

The diet menu of three products

As you may have guessed, only cottage cheese, apples and oatmeal will be present in your diet. Oatmeal must be eaten for breakfast and lunch, while the portion should be medium. You can use porridge for cooking porridge. In the mess you can add 1 tsp. honey or sugar.

At the same time for breakfast, you also need to eat 2 – 3 apple. You can add a little apples to the porridge itself. And for lunch, in addition to oatmeal, you need to eat 100 g of cottage cheese. If you have too much excess weight, then you need to eat low-fat cottage cheese, if you do not have too many extra pounds, then you can eat 4% fat cottage cheese.

For dinner, you can eat 100 g cottage cheese and 3 apple. Also do not forget about observance of a drinking mode. In a day you must drink at least 2 l. 1 times in 3 days you can eat up to 200 g of raw vegetables.


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