The diet "Staircase" for Dyukan: rules, menu, reviews


Express diet Dyukan – this is one of the latest methods of weight loss, designed by a famous French dietician. The author of the program called it very original: "Food staircase: the second front". Pierre Duacan also published a new book in which he described the fundamental principles of this dietary scheme.

"Stairs" – not such a rigid food program, as the protein method of weight loss, presented by the same author. The average weight loss rate per week is about 700 grams. The name "Ladder" diet was due to the fact that it is divided into 7 conditional steps. Each step is an 1 day in a weight loss program. Every new day, a nutritionist allows you to enter the product according to 1, so the menu gradually expands.

Weekly diet is built according to the following plan:

The first day of the week is Monday, the diet should consist exclusively of protein products. The doctor allows you to eat lean meats. On this day, under an absolute ban, lamb, beef or pork, as well as meat semi-finished products. You can eat dairy products that have a low calorie content (exception – cheeses). Yoghurts containing sugar, fruit or other additives can not be included in the menu.

On the second day, you can vary your menu with vegetables. Any vegetable food is allowed, except for potatoes, beets and carrots. You can fill vegetables with soy sauce and lemon juice. Vegetable oil is not used, the same applies to mayonnaise.

On Wednesday, you can include two any fruits in the menu. Under the ban: grapes, mangoes, figs, bananas, dates and dried fruits. It is necessary to limit the portion of fruits to 150 grams per day.

The fourth day involves expanding the menu with bread. Preference should be given to bread baked from wheat flour of the highest grade, but without the addition of sugar and yeast. For a day you can eat no more than 60 g of bread. Fruits should also be limited, on Thursday they are eaten no more than 100.

The fifth day can be called cheese, since the author of the technique allows you to eat in addition to the main products a piece of cheese weighing no more than 50 g. Prefer to eat homemade cheese, best brynza. The fat content of hard cheese should not exceed 20%.

On Saturday, the menu can be considered quite diverse. On this day it is allowed to eat a portion of cereal, macaroni from hard wheat varieties or a dish of beans. Portion should not weigh more than 150 g.

The last day of the week has a menu as varied as possible. It is allowed to eat all foods except sweets, fatty and fried foods, semi-finished products. You can drink a glass of wine. Abuse of large amounts of food should not be.

The duration of the "Staircase" Dyukan

With regard to the duration of the "Stairs" Dyukan, it can be practiced depending on how many people want to lose excess weight. Bran is a must-have product. They should be consumed throughout the whole process of losing weight.

It is equally important to go for walks, which in a day should take half an hour or more. The author of the technique teaches his followers not to abandon the diet immediately after they manage to achieve the desired results. Otherwise, the weight can very quickly return.

It is necessary to achieve the stabilization of body weight correctly. Each weight dropped per kilogram must be multiplied by 10 days. That is, if a person discards 3 kg, then for him during the 30 days it is necessary to eat those products that are allowed on the sixth day of the "Stairs". It is important 1 once a week to arrange a unloading protein day and daily use oat bran. We must not forget about walking, which in the "Stabilization" phase in the "Ladder" diet should last at least 20 minutes per day.

Who will approach the Ducane Express diet?

Express diet Dyukan can be recommended to the following categories of citizens:

People who adhered to any diet and successfully lost weight, but it is partially returned. It is possible to get rid of the kilograms you use the proposed express diet, if you do not want to switch to a full-fledged weight loss program.

People who are not able to limit themselves for a long time in the use of their favorite food.

People who want to lose weight smoothly and without harm to their own health.

People who have the risks of exacerbation of chronic diseases due to compliance with more stringent diets.

Women who want to lose weight after childbirth, and no longer breast-feed the baby.

To adolescents with excessive body weight.

Eating foods during the express diet Dukan can be products that are presented below.

Meat: beef (steak, tenderloin, roast beef, tongue, escalope), veal (kidney and liver), ham from turkey, chicken and pork, basturma and jerky.

Рыба: catfish, cod, halibut, hake, haddock, flounder, dorado, saury, pike, mullet, trout, sprat, sardines, carp, tuna, sturgeon, salmon, stingray.

Seafood: Crab sticks, crab meat, sea fish caviar, scallops, squid, lobsters, oysters, mussels, cuttlefish, crawfish, lobster, sea urchin, trumpeter, shrimp.

Poultry meat: chicken, ostrich meat, turkey, quail, guinea fowl, chicken liver.

Eggs: quail and quail.

Dairy products: all low-fat cheeses, cottage cheese. Kefir, milk, yogurt, processed cheese, curd cheese with 0% fat.

Vegetables: beets, carrots, zucchini, eggplant, asparagus, soy, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, pumpkin, sorrel, cucumber, chicory, celery, onion, green bean, turnip. Colored cabbage, broccoli, white cabbage, kohlrabi, Brussels, red and other varieties.

Physical stress should be regular. Walk on foot should be at least 20 minutes a day.

To burn a maximum of kilocalories, you need to abandon the use of an elevator and an escalator. On the stairs you need to climb on foot.

On the first day of the diet "Ladder" in the body receives very little fiber, so you should definitely drink at least 1500 ml of water.

Drinking regimen should be observed throughout the diet. For a day you need to drink about 2 liters of water. This volume includes teas, liquid from soups, juices.

Oat bran should be entered in the daily menu on a mandatory basis. They help to normalize digestion, cleanse the intestines and have sufficient nutritional value.

When the desired result is achieved, it must be secured. You should adhere to proper nutrition for a certain time period (10 days for each kilogram lost). These days are considered fixing.

The menu can consist of the following dishes:

Fruits and vegetables (except grapes and bananas);

Low-fat cheese – 1 serving;

Whole-wheat bread – 2 slices;

Products containing starch – no more than 200 g per day.

First day. Monday. Protein food under the menu phase "Attack".

A glass of yogurt with the addition of bran. Cottage cheese with stevia.

Two boiled eggs.

Chicken drumstick without skin.

Cutlets from minced fish with bran.

Second day. Tuesday. Protein-vegetable day on the menu phase "Cruise".

Omelet with tomatoes and green beans.

A glass of yoghurt with bran.

Broccoli, steamed. Cutlets from chicken meat are steam.

Chicken gible stewed with carrots and onions.

The third day. Wednesday. Protein-vegetable day with the addition of fruits under the menu phase "Consolidation".

Casserole from cottage cheese with an apple.

Boiled chicken egg, pepper.

Beef tenderloin goulash. Ragout from cabbage.

A glass of yogurt. An Apple.

Fish baked in the oven. Vegetable Salad.

Fourth day. Thursday. Menu with a predominance of protein foods, supplemented with fruits, vegetables and whole grain bread (no more than 60 g).

Cheesemakers with the addition of bran. A glass of yogurt.

Yogurt, a piece of bread.

Borscht, cooked on chicken broth, chicken fillet boiled.

Cottage cheese with orange.

Mushroom soup with vegetables.

Fifth day. Friday. In addition to the products allowed on Thursday, you can add cheese.

Bread with cheese. Pear.

Sandwich with tomatoes and chicken.

Vegetable soup. Cutlets beef.

Rolls of chicken, vegetables on the grill, egg.

Sixth day. Saturday. The menu is complemented with pasta or cereal.

Oatmeal porridge. An Apple.

A glass of yogurt. Cottage cheese.

Peppers with vegetable filling. Chicken drumstick.

Cheese casserole. Pear.

Fish soup. Cabbage salad.

Seventh day. Sunday. You can 1 once a day to eat any product that you want.

Oatmeal. Two eggs.

A glass of yogurt. Bran.

Pasta with minced meat. Cheesecake.

Salad of vegetables, grilled meat, glass of wine.

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Of the shortcomings of the express diet "Staircase" from Pierre Ducane, the following points can be singled out:

Since protein products contain insufficient amounts of fiber, this can lead to disruption in the functioning of the intestine.

It is possible to increase the level of cholesterol in the blood, which also provokes an abundance of protein foods.

You can not adhere to the diet "Ladder" with the following conditions of the body:

Atony and dyskinesia of the intestine.

Ulcers of the stomach and duodenum.

Period of bearing of the child.

Stage of pregnancy planning.

The doctor-dietitian Ekaterina (43 years) writes: "When the Ducane diet began to gain popularity, I decided to study it. I want to express my complete agreement with the author of the method of weight loss in terms of limiting carbohydrate products. To relieve weight really help protein dishes.

All my patients are losing weight successfully with the help of the Ducane diet. This is confirmed by clear results. It is important not only to lose weight, but also to keep it, for which you need to eat right.

The diet is very difficult for those people who are not used to cooking on their own. Nevertheless, if you want to lose weight, you need to learn how to do it. Otherwise, you will not be able to lose weight. I recommend this method of losing weight to all my clients, making certain corrections that depend on the individual characteristics of the organism of each person "

Writes Svetlana (37 years): "I decided to sit on the express diet Dyukan on the recommendation of a nutritionist. Weight began to decline only during the second phase. It was possible to achieve impressive results. I already lost weight on 7 kg. I continue to feed on this technique and I hope that the weight will go further "

Writes Julia (31 year): "I learned about Dyukan's diet from the Internet. At first, I was skeptical about this weight loss program, but I was inspired by photos of people "before and after." In addition, with the help of Dukan's diet, my close friend was losing weight, and she managed to achieve amazing results.

When I started to lose weight, I expected that I would not lose more than 5 kg, but in the end I managed to lose weight by 24 kg. My initial weight was 98 kg, and now I weigh 74 kg. Now I am absolutely happy and happy with life "

Writes Eugene (20 years): "I advise everyone to express the diet Dyukana. At my rather young age, I weighed 112 kg. Sometimes I was visited by the thought that ordinary women's happiness (family and children) is not available to me. The fact is that before the "meeting" with the Ducane diet, I tried many weight loss programs on my own, and they did not bring any result.

About "Stairs" I learned from my friend and decided to try. However, I first visited the doctor to make sure there were no contraindications. I did not have them, and I began to lose weight.

At the moment I'm at the 3 stage of the diet. For all time I managed to reset 35 kg. Every day I go to the mirror and admire my reflection. I want to say that life began to improve. Therefore, I advise everyone to try. The main thing is to believe in yourself and gather strength. The result will not keep you waiting! "

Writes Lyudmila (33 years): "Ducan's classic diet did not suit me, I stayed on it for 30 days, but throughout this time I felt bad. Even now I can not think of chicken without a feeling of nausea. For a month then I managed to lose weight only for 2,5 kg. A few weeks later, these pounds returned.

Now I started to follow the "Ladder" diet, and everything suits me. Weight goes away gradually, not very fast and not very slow. I feel good"

Writes Irina (26 years): "On the" Ladder "I lasted 2 weeks. I had to drop kilograms collected for the New Year holidays. For 14 full days, it took 2,5 kg. This is an amazing result »

The author of the article: Diet Doctor, Kuzmina Vera Valerievna, specially for the site

Low Carbohydrate Protein Diet Pierre Ducane's diet is a good opportunity not only to lose weight, but also to maintain it in the future within normal limits. The system does not impose restrictions on the amount of food eaten during the day, so the feeling of hunger or guilt for every extra piece will not pursue a person using this diet.

The "attack" phase is characterized by the maximum weight reduction. This is possible due to the fact that people use mainly products containing protein. Weight not only does not increase, but it also begins to decrease. Cells do not get carbohydrates, but they need energy. Her body takes from fat stores, in the end, the extra pounds go.

Dukan Diet is one of the most popular author's weight loss programs to date. Adhering to this system of weight loss, you can get rid of 10-20 kg in a short time. "Cruise" refers to the longest stage of the diet. During this period it is allowed to alternate protein foods with vegetables and a number of other food products.

The third phase of the Ducane diet is called "fixing", or "consolidation." The person who entered this stage has already achieved the result that he needs, which must be consolidated. Another goal of the third phase is fixing the results, that is, it is necessary to make sure that the new weight remains on a stable mark on a permanent basis.

The fourth phase of the Ducane diet is the last. However, one must understand that it is not limited in time. After all, it is important not only to get rid of excess weight, but also to continue to eat properly, so that the kilograms are not returned back. The fourth phase is called "stabilization".

Ducane diet – a technique for weight loss is extremely effective. This is confirmed by numerous reviews of people who tried it on themselves. Diet allows you to get rid of extra pounds, to become slimmer. She often gives results where other methods of losing weight could not cope. Dukan's diet allows you to lose weight systematically, weight goes away.

The "attack" phase is rightfully considered to be the most difficult among all stages of weight loss in the Ducane diet. At this time, you have to part with your favorite foods and completely revise your diet. To prepare dishes correctly, with benefit for the figure and health, you need to use special recipes for this phase.

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