The first stage of the Dukan diet and its features

The diet of the French doctor Dukan allowed losing weight to millions of people. Among them, there are famous singers, actors, top models, sportsmen. Many choose this diet for weight loss due to its lightness and safety. The diet allows you to lose weight effectively, but softly enough, without unnecessary stress for the body. The very first and important stage is called “Attack”. About it and it is necessary to talk in more detail.

The main features of the “Attack” stage

“Attack” – the shortest and most effective stage of the diet. At this time, you only have to use products from the Dukan list. The list is quite large and varied. It has as many as 72 positions. Nevertheless, a complete rejection of carbohydrate food is already a good shake for the body. To soften the blow bran will help. They will be needed at every stage of weight loss.

The duration of the stage is from two to seven days, depending on the age, state of health and the exact number of excess weight. The calculation system is on the official website of Dr. Dukan, as well as in his book. It is during this period that there is a sharp loss of extra pounds. The amount of food consumed, as well as the frequency of snacks, is not regulated. The main thing is to completely abandon all carbohydrates and eat foods from the list. Also, do not forget about the water.

The main products of the first stage

As already mentioned, the list of products consists of 72 positions. Many of them are seasonal or rather exotic for the Slavic latitudes. The optimal option is a diet that includes such positions:

  • Meat: beef, horse meat, veal, rabbit. It is worth giving up fatty parts – the abdomen (in the case of horse meat) or entrecote (in the case of beef).
  • Bird: all species except goose or duck meat. The last two options are too greasy.
  • A fish. You can use both red and white in a fresh form. Among the canned foods, variants without oil are allowed. In small quantities, the use of smoked fish is permitted.
  • Seafood, including crab meat.
  • By-products without fatty sauce.
  • Dairy products without fat. Low-fat milk, kefir, and fermented baked milk can replace the usual yogurt with sweet additives.
  • Eggs. The quantity is not limited, but it is worth using no more than two yolks per day.

As for drinks, tea, coffee, non-carbonated mineral water, as well as chicory or any herbal infusions are allowed.


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