The Mediterranean diet

This diet is a good example of a balanced diet. When it is observed, it is necessary to limit the consumption of fats, starch-containing food and sugar. Such a diet makes it possible to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The benefits of the Mediterranean diet do not end there: a large number of various and useful dishes are present on the table, a person develops a habit of healthy nutrition, eliminates excess weight, and health improves.

In the menu of the Mediterranean diet, the following products are present:

For breakfast it is advisable to eat cereals or a little fresh bread, in the afternoon, preference is given to raw or stewed vegetables. The place of refined products should be occupied by unpeeled cereals, beans and pasta from durum wheat. In addition to ready-made vegetables, raw vegetables are offered, for example, a fresh salad.

Recommended use of aromatic herbs, onions and garlic.

At least four times a week, you should eat fish. In the process of losing weight, smoked or fresh salmon, white halibut, trout, sardines, mackerel, tuna are great.

Up to five servings of lean meat per week are allowed. Portion by weight should not exceed 100.

To replenish the body of iron stores, you need to eat red meat – a week to three times.

Weekly rate of eggs – 2-4 pieces.

Necessarily should be present in the menu of dairy products. Instead of cottage cheese, sweet desserts and whole milk, it is better to use curdled milk, natural yoghurts and a piece of cheese a couple of times a day.

Every day it is advisable to eat three portions of fresh fruit.

During the evening and daily meals, a glass of good dry wine is allowed. Women are recommended not more than two glasses a day, men – no more than three.

Sample menu of the Mediterranean diet

Breakfast – water or fruit juice, several slices of white bread, fresh fruit.

The second breakfast is a couple of glasses of water, dressed with olive oil, a Greek salad or a salad of olives, anchovies and tuna.

Dinner – fresh bread, baked and poured with olive oil, sweet pepper stuffed with minced meat, tomatoes and rice. During lunch you can drink some red wine. Those who do not particularly like wine, you can use grape juice.

Try to make your menu as varied as possible, so that the Mediterranean diet does not become monotonous and does not bother. The dishes should be tasty and full.

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Recipes of the Mediterranean diet

Caesar with chicken (salad). Ingredients: chicken fillet – 100 g, half a tablespoon grated hard cheese, a teaspoon of olive oil, a teaspoon of mustard dining room, a little garlic, half a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, half a glass of low-fat chicken broth, lettuce leaves chopped, 8 pieces of cherry tomatoes, over taste pepper black and salt. Preheat the grill, oven or frying pan. Chicken fillet salt, pepper, fry on each side for 5 minutes (until cooked).

Separately cook the puree from 1 / 8 a glass of broth, cheese, mustard, oil, vinegar and garlic. Add the remaining amount of broth and mix well. Finished sauce to dress the leaves of the salad and mix. Cut the chicken fillets in thin pieces across and place them over the salad, along with the tomatoes cut into halves. Also sprinkle the salad with grated cheese.

Salad with shrimps and avocado. Ingredients: prawns boiled peeled – 125 g, 6 pieces of cherry tomatoes, 1 fruit avocado, 75 g arugula, two tablespoons olive oil, squeezed out half a lemon juice, 0,5 st. l. wine vinegar, taste black pepper and salt. It is good to wash and dry the rukola. Cut into half the washed tomatoes. Cut the avocado in half, remove the stone, peel it off, thinly slice and pour a little lemon juice.

Mix olive oil with black pepper, salt and vinegar for refueling. Mix tomatoes, avocados and shrimps in a bowl. To them, add the rukola, pour the dressing and mix thoroughly. Dispense the prepared salad over the plates.

Reviews about the Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is considered a balanced diet, many try to stick to it as long as possible or even completely rebuild their food for it. In particular, it is praised by those who are not averse to correcting the figure. The Mediterranean diet is fairly simple and affordable, it has almost no exotic components, which is also its plus.

Catherine: in fact, it's not even a diet, but a diet, you can stick to it all your life, of course, without much fanaticism. My friend used it, the diet does not give quick results, but the weight gradually decreases.

Valentina: I, when I rested in those parts, ate on the Mediterranean principle. Honestly speaking, I really liked it, I got rid of a few pounds and I felt great, but after leaving home I abandoned the matter.

Galina: a diet like normal, but it is quite expensive, at least for me.

There are universal methods of losing weight in the general plan, which do not require great feats for their implementation. The reverse side of the coin is in the low effectiveness of such diets. Only your intention will lead to the implementation of cardinal techniques that have proven effectiveness.

A diet lasting a week is a wonderful solution to the eternal problem! Scientists have proved that it is this term that the body needs to maximize the positive effect of experiments with weight loss. At first glance, this is not a long time, however, from the psychological point of view, it has a great deal.

As you know, the popularity of a diet depends on how quickly it helps to get rid of excess weight, because more often than not we remember this vital problem only on the eve of any important events or holidays. Naturally, in such situations almost all women are looking for the most.

To date, separate food is a fairly popular way to eliminate excess weight. Many popular people claim that they used this method to adjust their weight. Many nutritionists believe that it is easier to follow an established diet in the event that a person alternates foods in.

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