The Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is not just a temporary food restriction, it is a certain type of food. Borrowing from the inhabitants of the Mediterranean principles of food intake, you can not only lose weight easily, but also to strengthen health, to become more resistant to many modern diseases.

The peculiarity of the food in the Mediterranean countries is the regular consumption of fish, cereals, olive oil, a large number of fresh vegetables and fruits. Most of the daily diet is carbohydrates.

The rules of the Mediterranean diet

Adhering to certain rules of nutrition, you can not lose weight quickly, but over time, the weight will come back to normal and correct the figure. It is impossible to single out one or more products that most affect weight loss. Many products rich in the Mediterranean contain vitamins, trace elements, nutrients that are indispensable for the human body. Only by using them in aggregate can we expect results.

Permitted products

  1. Do not limit the consumption of raw vegetables and fruits. But do not get carried away by very sweet fruits.
  2. In the morning, give preference to products containing carbohydrates: macaroni of solid varieties, cereals, bread from wholemeal flour.
  3. Use sour-milk products: low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese, various kinds of cheeses.
  4. Dress salads with olive oil.
  5. Nuts are perfect for snacks.
  6. Add fragrant spices to the dishes: marjoram, basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, tarragon, reel.
  7. You can pamper yourself with a glass of red wine.
  8. Drink plenty of still water.
  9. 2 – 3 once a week, cook sea fish, rabbit, poultry.

Prohibited products

  1. Preservatives.
  2. Sugar.
  3. Fat cheeses, butter.
  4. Red meat (allowed 2 – 3 times a month in small quantities).
  5. Fast food.
  6. A lot of salt.

Useful eating habits

  1. A hearty breakfast, containing carbohydrates, light protein supper.
  2. Vegetables with each meal. Fruits – for snacks.
  3. Natural sweets in a moderate amount (honey, jam, dried fruits).
  4. Use of fresh products, not semi-finished products.
  5. Combining a healthy diet with an active lifestyle.

How to quickly lose weight on the Mediterranean diet. Menu

Option 1

Breakfast: omelet from egg whites, yoghurt with fruit.

Lunch: pasta or boiled chicken, green salad.

Snack: salad from raw vegetables, nuts.

Dinner: fish steamed, vegetable salad.

Option 2

Breakfast: coarse bread, fresh fruit, green tea.

Lunch: baked pepper stuffed with rice and lean meat, vegetable salad, you can have a glass of red wine.

Afternoon snack: vegetable salad with tuna, seasoned with olive oil, fresh.

Dinner: low-fat cottage cheese with fruit, tea.

The benefits of the Mediterranean diet for weight loss

  1. Reducing the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system, cancer, hypertension, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease.
  2. A great chance to become a long-liver.
  3. Large selection of allowed products.
  4. A habit of proper nutrition is developed, which will permanently rid yourself of excess weight.
  5. The opportunity to eat freely in restaurants, as many establishments have on the menu dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.

The Mediterranean diet is a balanced diet that does not harm health. The combination of products and the rules for their intake strengthen the body, have a beneficial effect on metabolic processes, increase immunity.


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