The Minus 60; Diet – Ekaterina Mirimanova – weight loss system


This system is based on the personal experience of its author – Ekaterina Mirimanova, who is not a professional nutritionist. She shared her results and the developed menu on the "Minus 60" nutrition system, which became very popular among those who lose weight. Feature diet is that it does not require a strict regime, even sweets are allowed. This is what many dream of – there is also slender.

The system "Minus 60" by Ekaterina Mirimanova

Magic Losing Ekaterina Mirimanova is based on a system of three meals, the menu of which excludes snacks.

The first reception meals – breakfast. It should be mandatory, as it helps the body to include metabolic processes. For breakfast this system is allowed to eat everything, including sweets, which makes many sweethearts followers of the "Minus 60" Diet.

Second reception food – lunch. The lunch menu is hearty, but less dense than breakfast. Sweet is already banned.

Third power supply – dinner. On the "Minus 60" System of Ekaterina Mirimanova, it should be no later than 18-20 hours. Dishes of the evening menu are light and low-calorie.

Important! Before lunch, any products are allowed – cakes, chocolate, fried potatoes, after 12-00 such food under strict prohibition.

power Principles

The book by Ekaterina Mirimanova "System Minus 60 or my magic weight loss", is based on her personal experience. The principles of nutrition according to the "60 Minus" System are the absence of strict prohibitions in the menu and food intake by time. Three meals are required. Snacks – excluded, their presence in the diet author Diets "Minus 60" considers the main cause of excess weight.

Proper nutrition according to Mirimanova suggests its own rules, however the essence of the diet is that morning calories are consumed per day, and fatty deposits are not processed. The system "Minus 60" assumes small exceptions to the menu, but allows you to eat certain foods that regular diets strictly prohibit. So, what can and can not be eaten with the "Minus 60" Diet?

The system of Ekaterina Mirimanova "Minus 60" allows the use of the following products:

  • Coffee Tea – allowed, but without sugar and cream. It is allowed to drink with milk;
  • Confection – they are an anchor-bait for many who choose this food system. All diets exclude sugar and sweet, but on the Power System "Minus 60", sweet can be included in the menu in the morning – up to 12 hours.
  • Bread – bread from white flour for breakfast is allowed, and rye – after 14-00. During dinner, it should be excluded from the menu, says the author of the "Minus 60" System;
  • Dinner – Mandatory, but low-fat and satisfying. Easy intake of food before bedtime, minimum for 3 hours.

Ekaterina Mirimanova in her food system "Minus 60" introduced such restrictions and rules:

  • Macaroni and potatoes Only in the morning;
  • Late dinner no later than 20 hours. Late intake of food just before bedtime leads to the fact that everything eaten during the night turns into fat;
  • Water – Mirimanova recommends drinking it moderately. In her opinion, a lot of fluid in losing weight does not help. You need to drink water when you are thirsty;
  • Sugar according to the "Minus 60" System it is necessary to replace with fructose or cane brown sugar;
  • Alcohol under strict prohibition, since it is caloric. It's not just about vodka, but also about fortified sweet wines and champagne. The system "Minus 60" allows only dry red wine in limited quantities.

List of allowed and prohibited products

The "Minus 60" mode, like any other diet, has an individual list of allowed products. Prohibited products in the diet menu "Minus 60" have also been indicated by the author.

The list of allowed and forbidden products for the "Minus 60" Diet:

  • Cereals: rice – wild, brown; buckwheat; corn; couscous; rice noodles; macaroni and spaghetti from durum wheat;
  • Fruits, berries, dried fruits and nuts – apples (no more than two), plums, citrus, pineapple, kiwi, avocado, melon, watermelon, prunes;
  • Vegetables – any and in unlimited quantities, except for canned corn and peas;
  • Meat products – low-fat varieties of meat, such as turkey, rabbit, chicken, veal, poultry without skin, except ducks; System "Minus 60" allows you to include in the menu boiled sausages, jelly, eggs;
  • Рыба – cod, pollock, hake; crab sticks and canned fish are rare;
  • Dairy produce – milk, sour cream, fermented milk, cottage cheese with fat content no more than 5%;
  • Beverages – Mineral water without gas, any kind of tea, coffee without sugar, dry red wine. Purchased sweet drinks, juices in the diet menu "Minus 60" are prohibited, as they contain a lot of sugar.

Exercise Program

Ekaterina Mirimanova also included in her program a set of exercises for effective weight loss. Exercises for the "Minus 60" System help you lose weight faster and prevent skin sagging. If you perform a set of exercises on the "Minus 60" System together with recommendations on diet, the results of weight loss will not be long in coming.

The complex of exercises for this system is designed for the main muscle groups. They are simple in execution and suitable for everyone. It is desirable to add the number of repetitions or approaches every 10 days.

Standing straight, we set our foot aside as high as possible, do not rush. If necessary, you can lean your hands on the back of the chair. After 8-20 repetitions, we return to the starting position and do an exercise on the "Minus 60" System on the other leg.

Confidently we get on all fours on the rug, hands are straight, knees – at right angles. On exhalation, the head is lowered, then "dive" the body down, the back is rounded almost pressing against the floor, then "emerging" on the right hands. Stretch in this position for 30 seconds. We return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise in the "Minus 60" mode 5-12 times, constantly straining the abdominal muscles.

Lifting the trunk from the prone position is complicated by the raising of the knees at a right angle. To ease the legs, you can put on a chair, and do the twisting just the upper part of the torso. Hands behind the head in the castle, elbows are divorced. Raise the trunk as high as possible and stay in this position for as long as possible. We return to the starting position and repeat the exercise from the "Minus 60" System 5-10 times.

From the standard position on all fours, we take each leg legally at a right angle. Exercise while observing the "Minus 60" System should be done slowly and thoughtfully. Make 10 repetitions for each leg.

Lay down on the carpet and slowly raise both feet at a right angle, then lower them and repeat the exercise 8-15 times.

Starting position: standing straight, hands along the body, legs together. In the jump we set our legs and raise our arms above our heads. We return to the starting position and repeat the exercise on the "Minus 60" System 5-15 times.

Power plan

The diet scheme for the "Minus 60" Slimming System has several characteristic features that must be observed when compiling a menu on this diet:

  • Method of preparation for the system "Minus 60" – cooking, baking. Under the ban is fried food;
  • Products – vegetables, except eggplant, pumpkin, canned peas and corn. Cereals, except for legumes and cereals. Meat include in the menu low-fat meat without skins, eggs, low-fat dairy products (up to 5%);
  • Fruits – apples, pineapple, avocado, plum, melon, watermelon, prunes;
  • Sauces – low-fat mayonnaise, but better system, vegetable oil quite a bit, sour cream, yogurt;
  • Drinks – coffee, tea, water, natural fresh juices, sweet and sour drinks, red, dry wine;
  • Observe the combination of products – the "Minus 60" System can not combine meat with cereals and bread;
  • Sweets in the lunch menu "Minus 60" are prohibited.
  • Method of cooking – cooking, baking, without fat and oil;
  • Combinations of products – fruits with dairy products, cereals, vegetables, cereals with vegetables, vegetables and dairy products, meat without garnish and vegetables, dairy products with cottage cheese;
  • Drinks – herbal, green teas, milk-sour drinks (yogurt unsweet, kefir, ayran), fresh juices, red, dry wine, water (gas and without);
  • Sweets are banned.

What kind of festive dishes can be?

For the holidays The power system "Minus 60" is not canceled. There are some indulgences in the menu, such as 40-50 g hard cheese. In fact, the system is such that even at the festive table you can find suitable dishes, the main thing is to observe the rules: Do not combine bread with meat and do not overeat. What kind of festive dishes can be on the "Minus 60" System? We offer several recipes for festive dishes, which must be included in the menu:

Chicken baked in foil with pineapple

  • chicken breast – 1 pcs .;
  • a can of canned pineapple;
  • system mayonnaise (unsweetened yogurt and soy sauce);
  • salt, pepper – to taste;
  • 1 tsp vegetable oil.

Peel the skin from the skin, season, cut, lubricate with mayonnaise, put pineapple slices on top. Prepared breast to bake in foil or sleeve, greasing it with oil beforehand. Bake at 180 from 20 minutes.

This recipe for the holiday menu on the "Minus 60" System will be relevant not only on special days, but also pleasantly brighten up everyday life.

  • systemic mayonnaise or 2 tsp. vegetable sauce;
  • salt to taste.

Leaves to break their hands into large pieces, or cut into medium cubes of Peking cabbage, eggs and avocados also cut into cubes. Season with sauce or vegetable oil to choose from.

System "Minus 60" in pregnancy

The system "Minus 60" is suitable for expectant mothers, as it does not contain serious restrictions and prohibitions on the menu. Its main principle is not to overeat, eat on schedule, do not drink alcohol. However, you should consult a doctor who will tell you exactly whether this type of food is suitable for both mother and baby.

How much can you lose weight on the "Minus 60" System?

According to those who followed this diet, the results are already in the first week – 500-600 g weight minus. In a month, on a tasty menu you can reset from 3 to 5 kg. The system "Minus 60" gives an excellent result without serious restrictions in food.

According to the enthusiastic feedback of the supporters of the System "Minus 60", for six months you can reset to 20 kg. In this case, weight loss is calm, without sudden refusals of all foods and favorite foods, as according to the "Minus 60" System, You can eat all until 12 hours of the day. The average figure per month is minus 3 kg, if you include active sports, you can lose up to 5 kg per month.

Strong motivation is your photo at the beginning of the weight loss process, and comparing the results every month.

Diet on the basis of the "Minus 60" System

Menu for the week The "Minus 60" system does not require special expenses. This diet is attractive in that it is designed for ordinary people with a standard diet. It is enough to exclude from the menu some products and adhere to a diet and sports. Eating – strictly in time, playing sports – 2-3 times a week. The approximate menu of the Negative Weight Management System "Minus 60" by Ekaterina Mirimanova is described in more detail below.

What can I eat for breakfast?

As already mentioned, the morning menu does not contain any restrictions. Breakfast with the System of losing weight "Minus 60" allows you to include in the morning ration all that you so much wanted to eat in the evening. This trick is designed for the fact that in the morning the slimming person will not be able to eat everything he wanted in the evening, since the awakened organism is not yet ready for too much food. As a result – a person eats less not only in the evening, but also in the morning.

Undesirable at the Diet "Minus 60" the use of milk chocolate, it can be replaced in the menu with black chocolate or honey.

The Right Lunch

The main rule for the diet is "Minus 60" for lunch – Do not eat together any meat and fish products with potatoes, legumes and cereals (bread and pasta from soft wheat varieties) products. This rule applies to second courses – soups, for example, with chicken meat and potatoes. All dishes of the regime – steam, boiled, baked. Roasting is prohibited.

Ready-made meat and fish dishes – boiled sausages, canned food, crab sticks with the "Minus 60" Diet can be eaten no more often than once a week provided: do not combine them with potatoes, bread, spaghetti and pasta.

Meat is permissible, but not fat: chicken, rabbit, turkey, veal, beef. The bird should be separated from the skin before cooking.

Рыба – only low-fat varieties, such as cod, pike perch, pollock, carp.

Garnish Cereals are allowed on the "Minus 60" System, but not all. You can include buckwheat and wheat (not more often than once a week) cereals, pasta and spaghetti from durum wheat. An important point that must be observed! The amount of this carbohydrate meal, which saturates the body with energy, should be the same every day. Served portion should not exceed 200.

Pickles are allowed in small quantities, canned food also, but not later than 14 hours. It is better to eat fresh vegetables – they contain more useful substances, and do not contain a lot of salt, which delays the water in the body, usually leading to swelling.

Bread In the diet "Minus 60" you can include only rye in the menu, and eat it separately from meat dishes.

Low-fat dairy products is allowed in any number. Cheese is hard and fused, cottage cheese – no more than 50 g per day.

Dressings and sauces – mayonnaise, vegetable oil, sour cream to 14-00. It is better to replace sauce on the "Minus 60" System, mainly on unsweetened yogurt and soy sauce.

Spicy sauces – mustard, adzhika, ketchup can be before and after 14-00. But they are better to exclude, as they increase appetite and you will want to eat more.

Fruit: Unsweetened – apples, plums, avocados, citrus fruits, pineapple. From dried fruits you can include prunes in the menu.

Melons – melon and watermelon should be consumed separately from the rest of the food, no more than two pieces per day.

Drink better simple water. The exact amount of water per day Ekaterina Mirimanova does not prescribe. According to its system, water is consumed when thirst comes. Coffee and tea with sugar can be consumed only up to 12 hours.

Dietary dinner

Dinner on the "Minus 60" System should be no later than six o'clock in the evening and should not be fat or heavy. The diet menu allows a late dinner until eight o'clock in the evening for those who go to bed late. The Mirimanova system offers several combinations of products for dinner to choose from:

  • with buckwheat or rice porridge on the water;
  • Dairy products are not higher than 5% fat, and also with eggs.

Meat and fish dishes – without garnish.

Vegetables – Any, except for starchy (potato, Jerusalem artichoke), legumes, pumpkin, corn, mushrooms, eggplant. Mushrooms are also better to exclude. Despite the fact that the mushrooms are low-calorie, they are heavily digested, and the dinner according to the "Minus 60" system should be easy.

Fruit – from the general list, with the exception of avocados.

From drinks: mineral water without gas, herbal teas, infusions and decoctions.

System "Minus 60" – menu for the week

The "Minus 60" system is a tasty and healthy food. Here is an approximate menu for every day:

  • oat porridge on the water with fresh fruit, boiled egg, coffee, croissant;
  • Vegetarian soup, spaghetti with seafood, vegetable seasonal salad;
  • boiled chicken fillet in garlic-orange sauce, buckwheat porridge, fresh vegetables, herbal tea.
  • fresh cottage cheese with dried fruits and honey, egg-poached, green tea;
  • cream-soup of pumpkin, carrots and potatoes, pilaf on low-fat meat, green salad leaves with seafood;
  • mashed potatoes, lean fish with vegetables baked in foil, berry juice.
  • semolina porridge with butter, fruit salad with dressing from dietary ice cream, coffee;
  • beetroot, vegetable ragout with chicken meat, apple jelly;
  • mashed potatoes, carrots and broccoli, turkey meatballs in tomato sauce, tea.
  • buckwheat on milk with honey, fruit jelly, coffee;
  • salmon broth, baked potatoes with garlic and herbs in sour cream, seasonal vegetables;
  • lavash baked with curd filling, buckwheat porridge with caramelized onions and grated carrots, tea;
  • omelet steam with tomatoes, curd pudding with fresh fruit, compote;
  • crepe-soup chicken, boiled pasta, shrimp in garlic creamy sauce;
  • zucchini baked with chicken fillet and cheese, rice, lettuce "summer".
  • oatmeal on the water, biscuit with berries, green tea;
  • vegetable soup, curd pasta, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers;
  • rice boiled with baked fish in soy sauce, jelly.
  • cottage cheese with strawberry-banana puree, hard-boiled egg, coffee;
  • Soup of sago with vegetables, potato casserole, cucumber salad;
  • pasta from durum wheat with seafood, summer salad.

Recipes for the "Minus 60" System

The power system "Minus 60" is based on simple and affordable products, so you can experiment with recipes yourself, given the rules of this diet.

Here are examples of diet recipes for the "Minus 60" Diet:

Milk boil, add flakes and sugar. Cook until done. You can add frozen or fresh berries to the finished porridge. If flakes are instant, you can pour over them with kefir for the night and leave them in the fridge. In the morning, add honey, nuts, fruit.

A very useful and satisfying recipe that can be modified every day, making the menu system diverse.

  • Courgettes long – 2 pcs;
  • Rice – 100 g;
  • Carrot – 1 pcs;
  • Onion – 1 pcs;
  • Mushrooms – 50 g;
  • Spices to taste – salt, pepper, Provencal herbs;
  • Vegetable oil – 1 st. l .;
  • Sour cream is low-fat – 2 st. l.

Zucchini cut along the plate, scald or dip into boiling water for softness. Prepare the filling: boil the rice on water, discard it in a colander. Carrots, onions, mushrooms – to pass, add spices, mix with rice. The filling should be put on zucchini and twisted into a roll, fixed with a wooden skewer. Put in a pan, pour the sour cream, bake in the oven at a temperature of 180-200 ° C for about 20 minutes.

A useful and aesthetic recipe that will be relevant in the menu system not only on weekdays, but also on holidays.

My apples, cut the top, bake in the oven until cooked. Pour the top with honey and add cinnamon. Cinnamon – useful in losing weight spice, which helps burn fat and accelerate metabolism. If desired, you can decorate apples with fresh fruits and nuts.

An eternal recipe for all the standards of proper nutrition, which also suits the "Minus 60" System.

  • chicken eggs – 2 pcs;
  • milk or water – 2 tablespoons;
  • vegetables – Bulgarian pepper, tomatoes, greens;
  • salt, pepper – to taste.

Eggs whisk, add milk or water, pour spices. Cut the vegetables into cubes. Mix and send to the steamer.

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