The most effective exercises for weight loss of the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and hands

To date, the problem of overweight is very relevant for many people. The modern rhythm of life leaves its imprint on the bodies in the form of extra pounds.

Every day thousands of men and women begin to fight against the hated quantities. Often losing weight begins with diets, which are not always effective.

The reason that weight is in place, even when dieting, is not obvious to everyone. The main goal in losing weight is not to starve.

Complex of the most effective exercises for losing weight

Cardio exercises are most effective for rapid fat burning. Local body weight loss, that is, weight loss of specific areas (buttocks, stomach, arms, legs) is a fairly long process.

Cardio also gives a more qualitative decrease in body weight – global, that is, weight loss of the whole body.

So what is cardio? These are kinds of loads, in which the heart rate is increased.

These kinds of loads include:

The length of the jogging should be about an hour.

If this is an interval run, in which light running and running alternate at maximum speed, then the duration of the training is reduced to twenty-five minutes.

It is worth noting that running is contraindicated for people with knees, as it has a serious strain on the knee joints.

This type of cardio excludes the load on the knee joints, which means it perfectly replaces running.

In the winter, you can replace it with standard ski walks.

  • Swimming – easy and pleasant form of cardio loads.

    In water, the body becomes lighter, and you almost do not feel a load, but the heart starts to beat more often, which means that the fat that has been bored is burnt.

  • Dancing – this is also one of the most popular types of cardio loads.

    Here you can give vent to your imagination and choose the style of dance that suits you best.

    Be engaged and have fun, but the result will not keep you waiting.

  • It is worth remembering that moderate loads strengthen the heart muscle, and excessive ones can harm the health. Do not overstrain your body, just a small increase in heart rate in order to start the processes of burning subcutaneous fat.

    How to lose weight without diets will tell our site.

    On effective unloading days for weight loss in the article. How to navigate and menu options.

    Recipes with ginger for weight loss here.

    Local weight loss (specific body parts)

    1. Slimming belly and sides. For this type of local weight loss exercises on the press will be very useful.

    The standard press training from the prone position is complemented by twists.

    For this, lying on your back, you need to bend your knees, and your hands to close on the back of your head.

    Further, the upper part of the body is lifted and the body is twisted.

    When lifting, it is necessary to get the right elbow to the left knee and vice versa, the left elbow to the right knee.

    Exercise repeat until the sensation of burning in the muscles, then stop, make a five-minute break and repeat two more times.

  • Slimming thighs and buttocks. In order for the thighs to decrease in the volume, a special set of exercises is needed, which includes legs, pushing, squats.

    Makhi legs are made at an active pace, each foot, alternately, according to 20 mahov.

    The straight leg goes up to the maximum height, then goes down.

    The same is done with the other leg.

    Afterwards, with minimal rest after the first exercise, expulsions are performed.

    For this exercise, you need to take a pose on all fours, resting on the floor with the palms and knees.

    Without lifting your hands from the floor, you need to lift one leg, bent at the knee at the highest possible height for you.

    First, the exercise is done 20 times on one leg, then the leg changes.

    Rest three minutes and the exercise is repeated two more times.

    Ends with the squat exercise.

    Thirty squats are done with a straight back and without lifting the heels off the floor.

    Since this exercise is quite difficult for an unprepared person, you can start it by kneeling.

    Push-ups from the knees reduce the burden on the hands, allowing you to perform the exercise more than once.

    You can also do reverse push-ups, resting your hands behind your back on the bench, and legs stretching forward.

    Hands slowly and smoothly bend and unbend at the elbows, lifting the body.

    Also for slimming hands will help pull-ups.

    They will help not only remove excess fat from the hands and shoulders, but also strengthen the muscles of the back.

  • Usually the training ends with an extension. This is done in order to improve the flexibility of the body and help restore tired muscles.

    First you need to stand up straight and slowly tilt the body forward as low as possible, and then stay in this position for a few seconds. Straighten, bend your back back and repeat the exercise several more times.

    The next exercise is done sitting on the floor.

    The legs are maximally bred in the sides, and then the slopes to each leg are performed in turn. The slopes are performed slowly, very smoothly and neatly, so as not to damage the back.

    Further in the same position, the legs come together and the slopes continue forward.

    After that, we finish the stretching exercise with a tourniquet and twine.

    Female exercises for elastic buttocks and slimming in the thighs look in the video.

    Recommendations for proper nutrition for more effective weight loss

    The most effective weight loss is achieved with a comprehensive approach, which means performing physical exercises and adherence to a special diet.

    It should be noted that the diet does not imply the need to starve yourself. On the contrary, fasting is harmful.

    Take food in small portions as the onset of hunger, most importantly, do not overeat. It is highly desirable to divide your diet into five or six meals: three main meals and snacks.

    The main meals should consist of meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, rice and buckwheat. Snacks can be in the form of low-fat yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese or fruit.

    To burn fat more rapidly, you should abandon the fast carbohydrates, that is, flour products, including bread, sugar and beverages containing it, pasta, potatoes, sweets.

    Proteins are necessary for muscle growth, and carbohydrates are deposited on the body in the form of fat.

    By refusing foods containing carbohydrates, you accelerate the fat burning processes triggered by physical exercise.

    Observing the right diet and exercise, you will quickly get rid of unwanted amounts and hated kilograms.

    Exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and thighs can be seen in the video.

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