The most rigid diet for weight loss

Rigid diet for weight loss is a real test for the body, since it puts it in a state of stress, which negatively affects the functioning of all internal organs. Therefore, people who have decided to experience a tough diet, you need to be very careful.

Despite all the shortcomings, a tough diet is almost the only way to quickly lose weight, for example, before the upcoming holidays or some other important event. If you stick to a tough diet for several days, and do not make it a life credo, then it will not harm the body.

The principles that are typical for all without exception rigid diets:

Meals are meager, low in calories.

The diet is unbalanced, most often the emphasis is on protein products.

Portions have small volumes.

Snacks are often absent, the menu is based on 3 basic meals, the volume of which is equal to a handful.

The list of foods that can be eaten is very short, and the list of prohibited foods is very long.

For a short time, a maximum of excess weight will be lost.

To adhere to a diet is very difficult.

Changes in the diet have a negative impact on well-being and mood.

Rigid diets most often involve eating only one product, that is, they are mono-diets.

The list of contraindications is very long. It includes almost all diseases, except obesity.

No expert will be able to name the most severe diet in the world. After all, for someone it's just unbearable to do without salt, someone can not eat only one buckwheat, and others adore this rump. Nevertheless, the majority of slimming people and doctors agree in the common opinion that the most rigid diet is a hunger strike on the water.

Diet on the water has several options. We will consider the most popular of them – drinking. The drinking diet is not a hunger strike, but involves rather serious restrictions. The most important principle of this diet is a ban on chewing, so a person will need to completely eliminate solid food from his diet.

In this case, the body will receive the necessary amount of useful substances. Losing weight on a drinking diet is reduced to the fact that the load on the digestive tract becomes minimal. This will allow not only to get rid of excess weight, but also to put in order the digestive organs, and also to clean from toxins.

The mechanism of action of the drinking diet is as follows:

The first days of a drinking diet are becoming a real test for the body. He strongly resisted the introduction of unusual food for him, so a person experiences severe hunger, fatigue, his mood is reduced. The situation begins to change approximately from the third day from the beginning of the diet, when the adaptation processes are started and the restructuring takes place. Therefore, the feeling of hunger gradually muffled.

In the first week of the drinking diet, the processes of surface cleaning are started in the body.

In the second week, the toxins accumulated in them begin to be excreted from the liver and kidneys.

The third and fourth week is the time of general cleansing, which takes place at the cellular level.

In a complex, these processes allow not only to purify the body, but also to lose excess weight.

If you strictly adhere to all the recommendations, then for every week of a drinking diet you can lose up to 7 kg of excess weight.

The body will be cleaned qualitatively.

The energy that the body spent on digesting solid foods will now be free. Therefore, a person will begin to feel a surge of energy, he will have a feeling of unprecedented ease, the mood will rise.

The stomach during the drinking diet becomes smaller in size. This will allow you to consume and saturate in small portions even after the drinking diet is complete.

Extra pounds go away very quickly.

At the beginning of a person, he will always be haunted by a feeling of hunger and a desire to chew some solid food.

Sometimes it is not possible to wait for the tide of vivacity, and during the whole process of losing weight a person experiences fatigue.

It is necessary to get out of the diet according to the rules, since the digestive tract quickly re-adjusts to the use of liquid food.

Drinking diet has a significant list of contraindications, and is also capable of provoking a number of side effects.

To keep the achieved result will be rather problematic.

Throughout the process of losing weight the body will be in a state of stress.

The basic rules of a drinking diet:

During the diet, you can not chew. This rule applies not only to solid food, but also to chewing gum. The fact is that when a person commits chewing movements, he starts to develop gastric juice, which during a diet can seriously damage the half-empty stomach and digestive system as a whole.

Control of bowel movement. If diarrhea develops, or constipation is observed, then the diet should be discarded.

For 2 hours before night rest you need to stop using any liquid.

It is necessary to make the menu in such a way that it is balanced.

Before deciding on a drinking diet, you need to consult a specialist.

How to enter and exit from a rigid diet?

To enter the diet should be right, which will avoid problems with the digestive system. The first day of the diet will be the most difficult, at this time the body riots, requires hard food. However, if the qualitative preparation for the upcoming changes, the diet will be much easier.

Porridge, but it should be made more liquid than always

By the usual pattern

By the usual pattern

By the usual pattern

Vegetables in the form of puree

Broth based on fatty meat

Fruit in the form of puree

Broth based on chicken fillet

Broth based on vegetables

If you prepare the body in this way, then the diet will be less painful for him. Of course, such training prolongs the diet to 2-3 weeks, but you can ensure a reliable guarantee against failures.

Not only to enter, but to get out of the diet should be right. It is impossible to start eating solid food immediately after its completion, since the digestive tract can not cope with such a load. It should be taken into account that the longer the hunger strike lasted, the longer it would be to leave it.

These products are introduced only in the morning. Supper and dinner is necessary according to the scheme of drinking diet

Cheese of hard varieties

Fruits and vegetables that have not undergone heat treatment. Before eating, they must be finely chopped

These foods should be consumed during breakfast and during lunch. Supper is necessary according to the scheme of drinking diet

Meat, sliced ​​into small pieces

Fish cut into small pieces

During all three meals

Prohibited and Authorized Products

Juices pressed from fresh vegetables and fruits.

Frozen broths based on fish, chicken, beef, veal, or based on vegetables.

Creamy and puree soups.

Low-fat milk and milk drinks.

Cocoa, although some nutritionists do not recommend its use to their patients.

Juices from packets.

Substitutes of sugar and sugar itself.

Drinks with gases.

Fatty sour milk drinks and milk.

Bouillons based on mutton and pork.

Brines and marinades.

Vegetable and animal oils.

Ice cream, confectionery.

Broth on vegetables

Lime with the addition of other herbs

Mint with the addition of other herbs

Kissel with berries

Kissel with fruit

Kissel with apples

Dried fruits compote

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Menu on 2 a week of tight diet

Juice from apricots

Dried fruits compote

Broth based on chicken meat

Puree spinach soup

Broth based on beets

Kissel based on fruit

Compote based on apples

Broth based on potatoes

Juice from oranges

Puree soup based on celery

Kissel based on fruit

Compote based on fruits

Broth based on mushrooms

Compote based on apples

Bouillon on the calf meat

Longer than 7 days to adhere to the drinking diet should not. If you exceed this time, you can cause significant harm to your health.

Side effects can be as follows:

The appearance of a raid on the tongue.

Stool disorders: alternation of constipation and diarrhea.

Spots and flies before your eyes.

Overflow and rumbling in the intestines.

Impairment of the kidneys.

Puffiness, especially in the morning.

If the menu was made with disabilities, or a person moves too quickly to the usual food, the consequences of drinking a diet can be much more difficult. The gastrointestinal tract will last longer to adapt, protesting against solid food. It is not ruled out that anorexia and gastritis develop, which require qualified medical care.

The drinking diet has the following contraindications:

Weak immune system.

Fertility of the child and the period of breastfeeding.

Cystitis in chronic form.

Any diseases of the digestive system.

Increased or decreased blood pressure.

Propensity to edema.

Increased irritability, mental disorders.

It is not recommended to adhere to the drinking diet in adolescence. During this period the organism actively develops and grows, therefore it needs an abundance of nutrients and vitamins. If you sharply limit their intake, the consequences of such stress can be most unpredictable.

Beetroot soup with chickpeas

The consistency of the soup is very gentle, but incredibly satisfying.

For its preparation, the following products will be required:

450 is cured in canned food.

1,5 l vegetable broth.

Tablespoon of olive oil.

Three cloves of garlic.

A tablespoon of powdered cumin.

Three tablespoons of tahini pasta.

Pepper and salt are added to taste.

If desired, you can add cream to the soup.

Mix the cream and olive oil in a frying pan, fry the finely chopped onions in it, add the garlic passed through the press at the end of the frying, add cumin. After a couple of minutes, diced beetroot and washed chickpeas are introduced into the frying pan, poured with vegetable broth and stewed for half an hour. The finished soup is passed through a blender, poured into a thick-walled pan and boiled for another 10 minutes, at the end of the cooking salt and pepper are added. Before serving, you can add cream or tahini pasta to the soup.

For soup preparation the following grocery set will be required:

Half of onion bulb.

Four glasses of chicken broth.

To taste, add salt and pepper.

If the diet is not forbidden, then goat cheese, mint and yogurt are allowed.

Sliced ​​and boiled in a broth onion shallots and zucchini. To the vegetables, add salt, lemon, spinach and pass through a blender. Serve the soup with cheese, or yogurt, sprinkled with mint leaves.

The following products are required for soup preparation:

Two glasses of Greek yogurt.

A glass of vegetable broth.

Four stalks of green onions.

For two tablespoons chopped parsley and dill.

Four tablespoons of lemon juice.

Two teaspoons of salt.

Radish to decorate the soup.

Olive oil to taste.

Yogurt is mixed with vegetable broth. Cucumber, dill, parsley and green onions are passed through the blender. Introduce this mixture to yogurt. The soup is ready, it is served cold, pre-seasoned with olive oil and decorated with parsley.

The following products are required for preparation of the drink:

Juice of one lemon.

Sugar and mint to taste.

The fruit is cut with slices and injected into boiling water, the sugar is poured and mixed. Brewed for 10 minutes. Before turning off the gas, add mint and lemon juice to the compote.

For its preparation, the following products will be required:

5 buds of cloves.

Juice of one lemon.

To taste add sugar, cinnamon, ginger, lemon zest.

In a saucepan boil water with sugar, carrots cut into circles and pour boiling water, boil until cooked, remove from heat. Enter the lemon juice, zest and spices, insist for several hours.

Uzvar from the dog rose

To prepare the drink you will need the following set of products:

0,5 kg fresh hips.

Wash the dog rose, cleanse it of seeds. Fill berries with syrup, boil until cooked. After cooling in the compote add honey and insist for several hours. To taste the nectar was brighter, you can add dried fruits to it.

To prepare smoothies, you will need the following products:

One boiled beet.

Half a glass of frozen raspberries.

50 ml of soy milk.

All the products are covered in the blender bowl, ground to a puree state. Pour smoothies into a glass, decorate with raspberries.

Banana smoothie with oatmeal

For its preparation, the following products will be required:

Two tablespoons of oatmeal.

Two tablespoons of boiled water.

A glass of almond milk.

Half a teaspoon of vanilla extract.

A tablespoon of chia seeds and almond oil.

A teaspoon of agave syrup.

In oat flakes add water, insist for 15 minutes, then pass them through the blender along with the rest of the products. Smoothie is ready.

Sonia writes: in my opinion, drinking a diet is a great way to get rid of excess weight. With the growth of 1m 55 cm, I weighed 51 kg. Deciding to lose some more weight, I completely refused to eat. The first two days were difficult for me, but then it became better, the body appeared light. I feel very good, I am at the exit stage. I stayed on the diet for 12 days. My current weight is 46 kg, which I'm very happy with.

Writes Oksana: I a year ago sat drinking a diet. Then I managed to lose 9 kg for 10 days. I drank water, sometimes yoghurt with cereals and juices. The result is simply excellent. I want to repeat my experience again.

Eve writes: I was very much afraid of how my body would react to the refusal of solid food. It was hard for me only on the first day, because I was hungry to eat, but I literally poured water into myself. Then it became easier. I drank different broths, juices, green tea. For a week, we managed to lose 4 kg, and for 30 days it took 11 kilo.

Yesenia writes: I stayed on the diet for 10 days. During this time, my sides became slightly smaller, although in weight I lost only 2 kg. But every day I feel a surge of vivacity. It seems that even became younger.

Tatyana writes: I lasted on a diet all 30 days. During the first few days I really wanted to chew something, especially sausages. Then I started to prepare for myself different cocktails, smoothies and other goodies. The diet immediately began to be much easier to bear. Still, it's hard to get out of it. The stomach did not want to start digesting solid food, but I helped him with taking pills that improve digestion. But the size of the stomach became much smaller, and now I'm saturated with very small portions.

Many people who are overweight are asking about the possibility of losing weight without using diets. In fact, it is quite possible to lose weight without dieting. And, if you follow a competently formulated algorithm of actions, in which there are no exhausting trainings and strict restrictions in the menu, then it is possible not only.

Unloading days are not just a way to lose weight, they can be used to improve the body, to get rid of various diseases, to treat hypertension. Determined with a specific weight loss program, it is necessary to take into account personal preferences in food. So, if the rice is disgusting, then do not "sit down" on the rice diet.

Only 5 days are enough to lose weight to 5 kilograms, following the principles of express diet and not excruciating oneself with limitations. This is an excellent way for those who want to return a slender figure after a festive culinary excess or a gastronomic tour.

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