The program of fat burning from Laura Bailey

To get full access to Laura’s advice, find out about her personal fat burning regime.

When Laura Bailey needs to be in full tones for the most important competition, she increases the intensity of her training. She relies on her competitive spirit to keep the motivation on stage.

When the stakes are high, she must be completely physically and mentally disciplined to achieve a physical form that will lead her to the first place, which happens quite often. Over her shoulders more than 32 competitions and half of them are victories. Laura knows what success is worth.

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If you want to have the same success as Laura, find out about her mode of fat burning.

Third meal

When preparing for the competition, I tend to do the same exercises on the same days, as in the muscle building season, but I work with less weight and sometimes I do more repetitions, because I already have a lot of weight.

I prefer to lift less weight, but with more repetitions, because I realized that at this stage of training I look slimmer and not as athletic as when I work with large weights. The order and amount of exercises can vary.

There are times when I every day, and not every day, do cardio exercises.

A set of lean muscle mass and health promotion!

Increases muscle endurance and the duration of work of muscle fibers!

My philosophy about nutrition is very simple: “If it’s not tasty, I do not eat it!” I hear how many people say: “I can not eat lean kriz and oatmeal all my life.” Of course, they can not, otherwise they would always be in shape.

That’s why most people and refuse their food plan in about a week. This also explains why many participants of the competition are so poorly manifested in the season. Their eating plan puts them into a depression, they are irritated, they do not like what they eat.

I do not believe in eating. I believe in the reception of food, good food! And this is a big difference. “Food” can be fresh and boring, but “food” has a taste and life! I should enjoy what I eat, if I want these habits to be with me forever, and not just as a seasonal addiction.

The best investment I ever made is a nutritionist. He helped me to learn everything about food and completely changed my view of this issue.

I never liked to cook, but for life’s need I had to become almost a chef. I took my favorite foods and learned how to cook them with useful alternatives to allow myself to eat them even during the competition.

Among my favorite treats: lemon and poppy muffins, chocolate muffins, bread, zucchini, strawberry fritters, seven-layer bean dip, Mexican pizza, stuffed potatoes in a uniform, crab pies, chicken and fried rice with shrimps. Now this is healthy food! I always look forward to my next meal, and you should be the same!

Study in terms of nutrition, look for recipes, bring them to the kitchen and create! You have nothing to lose except your pounds!

I really believe that you must love and enjoy your training; otherwise you will not get anything done. Although my workouts were initially carefully planned, I found out that I do not like some specific exercises. Search for an alternative to such exercises, which will be equally useful, is normal.

Some people become fanatical when it comes to training. They try to do exactly the same thing every time. But the result will be only stagnation. After all, in the end, they begin to hate their workouts and very often are ready to do everything to make them run out as quickly as possible.

A couple of times, when I also fell into such a regime and lost all motivation to do. I’m starting to get bored very quickly, so I have to refresh my workouts and constantly change them.

I should always be interested, I should enjoy what I do. That’s why it’s so easy for me to be constant in my studies, and I’m really looking forward to the next workout.

However, if you do not want to go to the gym, then do not go! This is normal. Just go to the football field, for example, or get the skis and go to the ski slopes. Go to the treadmill, to the tennis court, volleyball court and do like crazy! Your body will enjoy the change in the pace of classes, just like you yourself.

I have always adhered to the principle of “less is better” when it comes to additives. Some people take on 7-8 different additives, change them, and then are dissatisfied with the result.

My theory is that when I stop taking supplements, my physical condition and my food should remain the same without these supplements. I do not believe that supplements will bring you success or failure, rather they will do what they should do – they will “supplement” your diet and physical condition.

I’m not a fan of taking tons of it all. It takes too much time, energy and money. I’d rather not take anything, but since it’s necessary, because I put my body in a condition higher than usual, then I prefer to take the smallest possible number of supplements.

The only thing I believe in is that everyone should take good multivitamins for energy and nutrients and quality proteins to replace food. These two things are always in my arsenal of extra food.

Phahaha !! This is a joke? Day One (Feet): Jumping with squats

5 approaches for 20 min. (1 hour + breaks), Alpinist stretching

3 approach for 30 min. (1,5 hours + breaks). And this is more than two hours. It’s probably half a day trench !!

Corrected, of course, there must be repetitions, not minutes 🙂

What should be the duration of the program?

This program is somewhere in 1,5 hours.

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