The program of fat burning Scott Dorn

When Scott Dorn needs to get in shape before the upcoming fitness event, he changes his strict training plan and nutrition plan to quickly give relief to his body.

Increasing intensity in the gym and reducing the consumption of calories, Scott for a couple of weeks comes in an excellent shape.

To see how he makes his body work, like a well-oiled mechanism, find out about his regime of losing weight.

1,5 measuring spoons

Eating 4: before training

1,5 measuring spoons

1,5 measuring spoons

Training program

I use whey protein, because it is easily absorbed by the body. I consume it with the first meal, as well as before and after training.

Casein is digested much more slowly than whey protein. I take casein before bed and in those periods when I know that I can not eat for a long time.

I use fish oil and linseed oil to get essential fatty acids, because the food I eat does not always contain them.

I accept ON Amono Energy as a source of additional energy.

I take HMB for muscle recovery.

Energy complex with amino acids for reception at any time!

Strengthening the cardiovascular system and health in general!

The buildup of dry muscle mass quickly, safely and effectively!

24 gram of casein in each serving!

Regardless of your fitness goals, it is very important to find time for self-study on nutrition. Nutrition is the basic part of every person's life. All that is done as often as eating food should be understood at a high level. Find some time to find out what you eat; in the end, you are what you eat.

I would recommend looking at one of the many documentary films about the current state of the food industry and its future. Personally, I like to choose natural, non-processed foods. I do not know of any person who, after switching to high-quality foodstuffs, would not regret that he did not make this transition earlier.

Do not get me wrong, creating a quality nutrition plan that works for you is not an easy task. However, this is a necessary aspect of any successful exercise program. I break meals into 6-8 small portions with a break of 2-3 hours.

Each meal contains proteins, carbohydrates and a source of fat. The ratio is determined by the body weight and goals in a given period. Now there are many assumptions about what is the correct ratio, but I take 2-3 g protein per kilogram of body weight, carbohydrates are about 1,6-3,6 g per kilogram of body weight, and fats are about 0,4-0,7 g per kilogram of body weight.

I like to periodically change the amount of carbohydrate intake. If I build muscle, then I reduce the amount of protein and fat and increase the amount of carbohydrates. I have five days with a high intake of carbohydrates and two days – with a small amount of carbohydrates. Ideally, a small amount of carbohydrates should be present on days when there are no workouts.

When I reduce weight or go through a drying period, I increase the intake of proteins and fats and reduce the proportion of carbohydrates. Five days go with low carbohydrate intake and two days with high intake.

There is one way to determine which ratio is best for you – this is the path of trial and error. Determine your goal, check which nutrients you receive and adapt the ratio to yourself.

Yes, at first, it can confuse you, but, as always, the more you do something, the easier it becomes.

My training strategy is based on the principle of progressive overload. Simply put, progressive overload is the principle that, in order to force muscles to grow, requires a constant increase in the level of muscle strain in each training.

If the level of exercise does not increase, your muscles will not grow. Increasing the level of muscle load can be done in several ways. Below are my most favorite ways to increase the load:

  • Raising more weight with the same number of repetitions

I prefer to work at the beginning of the week on muscle groups that are weakened or work on which is a priority. Every day I work on one group of muscles, except for work on the muscles of the legs.

I realized that this allows me to concentrate my efforts; get the most from each workout. Each training begins with complex exercises to use the maximum amount of force, while the muscles are still full of strength and energy.

Then I choose isolated exercises to work on each muscle. It seems to me that it is extremely important to focus on the head of each muscle in order to develop this muscle as much as possible.

My philosophy regarding additives is very simple. I use supplements to fill in the gaps that my food plan leaves.

I explained what supplements I take and how to take them in the section above.

Is there enough exercise for the legs? Or should a couple add.

And is it possible to combine 4 and 7 day into one?

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