The program of footwork Art Atwood

For most beginners, after half a year of training in the gym, the upper part of the body begins to dominate, and the lower one, on the contrary, lags behind. It happens to everyone, but not with Art Atwood, who trained his feet from childhood. The thighs of this American athlete are simply amazing with their volumes and relief. So let's look at what Art did to develop such power.

Art, like all professional athletes, trains six times a week, and that's how he plans his studies:

  1. Monday / Thursday – development of pectoral muscles, back and biceps.

It would seem that there is nothing unusual in this program, but you simply do not know the basic principles that guide Art during their training. The champion is completely guided by the principle of easy and heavy training, only does it in a peculiar way. The fact that both his workouts are heavy include 12 repetitions of 8 approaches. The bottom line is this: the first workout takes place with 12 repetitions, and the second with 8 repetitions. Therefore, you can call such a principle "a hard and really hard day."

Is it worth mentioning that Art Atwood is a man of colossal will, but he was not always like that. As a child, this future athlete was engaged in football, so early began to attend the gym. He watched as a lot of guys clog their hands and chest, and only a few put emphasis on the legs, but with the forms they are practically the same. The main secret of Art is the will to win and an irresistible desire to outdo yourself. But one will is not enough, so let's analyze what exercises Atwood developed his legs.

  1. Working out the hamstrings. Bicep feet athlete works early in the morning, even before going to work in your favorite sports store. If he does not have time to do this in the morning, he performs the exercise in the evening in a super series with a quadriceps, although, as Art admits, he does not enjoy it.

After training, you should stretch, which is considered an indispensable element of the entire split.

The program of footwork Art Atwood

3 secret for better pumping thighs from Art

There are three small, but at the same time important secret, without which your legs will slow down in development.

  1. Stretching. The importance of stretching can not be underestimated, because it is thanks to him that you can increase the amplitude of movements, reduce the risk of injury during the performance of the set and of course relax the muscles after training. The full potential of the stretching will appear during the deadlift, because the lower you can bend, the better your biceps will be worked.

Thanks to these principles, you can develop mind-blowing hips that will hit your iron partners. Remember, the most crucial aspects of success are overcoming the pain and fear that will arise. Your best friend will be an iron will and determination. Know if one person has managed, then you also have a chance.

Collect the will into your fist and move towards the goal!

Tell me please, but how can you train your feet with Schlätter's disease? I know that squats, jogging and jumping are prohibited, but can there be any exercises?

With all due respect, Atrvud was not Mister Olympia. "2002 -13 place, 2003 – 12 place

Yes, you are right, I apologize for the incorrect information.

And it will be more correct to say that the hips of Art were amazed by their volumes and relief . he unfortunately died 11 September 2011 year at the age of 37 years

Nothing) Thanks for the effort!

Mr. Olympia. 2002 and 2003 years.

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