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The program of training for losing weight at home

Everyone wants to be slim and attractive. To do this, you need to eat right and exercise regularly. Nevertheless, many people drop their hands because they do not have the opportunity to attend the gym. In fact, in order to lose weight, there is absolutely no need to visit the gym, because you can get a similar result by doing at home. For this purpose it is intended slimming program at home.

First of all, in most cases, training at home differs only in a limited number of sports equipment. However, this is not a problem. After all, your goal is to lose weight, and not increase strength and muscle mass. And for weight loss, as you know, you need to eat right and exercise regularly to create a daily calorie deficit in the body. Of course, this is only a plus if you have a pair of collapsible dumbbells and other sports equipment. In an extreme case, if you do not have anything, you can achieve the result of performing a set of exercises for losing weight at home with the weight of your own body.

We will be engaged three times a week, in a day, that the organism could restore itself. In non-training days, if there is a desire and opportunity, you can run for 20-30 minutes a day. Exercise at a fast pace, one after another, almost without rest. When you do all the exercises on the list in a given number of repetitions, it will be one round. For one workout, you have to perform 3-5 circles. After every lap, relax 2-3 minutes. The duration of each workout should be at least 30-40 minutes, since in the first 20-25 minutes glycogen stores in muscles and liver are burned, and only then the body begins to burn fat deposits to obtain energy. Now let's go directly to the complex of exercises for losing weight at home.

The program of training for losing weight at home

  • Squats with or without dumbbells (20-30 repetitions)
  • Dumbbell presses lying on the bench or push-ups from the floor (15-25)
  • Twisting lying (20-30)
  • Falls forward with dumbbells or without (15-20)
  • Pulling or pulling dumbbell to the waist in the slope (12-15)
  • Press dumbbell up standing (12-15)
  • Squats with jumping (15-20)
  • Raising the legs in the vise or lay (15-20)
  • Push-ups from the floor with a narrow setting of hands (15-20)
  • Pulling up with a back grip or bending of hands with dumbbells (10-15)
  • Dumbbells with or without dumbbells (15-20)
  • Push-ups from the floor with a high setting of the legs (15-25)
  • Pulling on the head or pulling dumbbells in the slope (10-15)
  • Twisting lying (20-30)
  • Pullover with a dumbbell (15-20)

The duration of the training program is 8-10 weeks, after which you want to change the set of exercises and the number of repetitions to avoid addiction. Good luck, friends!

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The program of training for weight loss can be realized and using additional items. For the next exercise, you need a fitball. Sit on the fitball, fix the feet and back, the body must be stationary. Move the ball to the left and to the right with the buttocks. Check that the casing does not tilt back and forth. Thanks to this exercise, you can use the oblique abdominal muscles.