The program of training for weight

This weight training program based on a three-day split. Therefore, we will study three times a week, every other day. This amount of training is optimal for gaining weight and increasing strength indicators, since it allows the muscles to be fully restored between training sessions. Unlike the standard training scheme, when you perform the same number of repetitions in each lesson, this weight training program assumes a weekly change in training intensity, by changing the number of repetitions.

The program for weight training for the straight

In the first week of the weight training program, we perform the 3 approach for 15 repetitions with a light weight in each exercise. In the second week we slightly increase the working weights and perform the 3 approach for 10 repetitions. And in the third week we increase working weights in such a way as to perform 5 approaches on 5 repetitions in each exercise. Then we repeat the whole circle again, but we add a few kilograms to the starting working weights. That is, if in the first week you did squats with a weight of 100 kg 3×15, then in the fourth week you need to increase the working weight slightly and perform 3×15 with the weight of 105 or 102,5 kg, for example.

Such a weekly change in intensity of training is nothing more than microperiodization in bodybuilding. What does it give us? Firstly, it contributes to the full restoration of muscles between training sessions, which in turn allows gradually increasing the working weight gradually over a long period of time, that is, to observe the principle of the progression of the load, which is one of the key conditions for the growth of the muscle in the straight. Secondly, changing the intensity of training by changing the number of repetitions allows us to train different muscle structures to provide greater functionality and potential for subsequent growth.

As you know, variability is one of the key principles in bodybuilding and other power sports. Monotonous training quickly depletes the body and leads to stagnation and overtraining. However, this weight training program will allow you to progress gradually for many months not only in terms of mass gain, but also increase in power indicators.

  • Squat
  • Deadlift
  • Foot Press
  • Bench Press Rod
  • Thrust rod to chin
  • Bench Press Bench Press
  • Press of dumbbells on an incline bench
  • Lifting the bar to the bicep
  • Hammers with dumbbells
  • Press
  • Deadlift
  • Pull-ups
  • Draft in slope
  • Press lying narrow grip
  • French Press

WEEK 4 (3X15) + WEIGHT WEIGHT, etc.


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