The training program for endomorf on weight loss

The training program for endomorphs is designed for people who suffer from excessive weight. Representatives of the endomorphic body type differ in their genetic propensity to fullness and slow metabolism. In this regard, they do not have problems with mass recruitment. However, almost always endomorphs are concerned about how to lose weight and improve the relief of muscles. To successfully cope with the task set you will be helped by proper nutrition and program of training for endomorphs for weight loss.

The main mistake of most endomorphs, who are trying to lose weight, is not in training, but in non-observance of the main principles of proper nutrition for weight loss. As a rule, representatives of this type of physique train hard in the gym, but as a reward for the spilled sweat you can afford to eat excess after training. I said I did a good work today and this piece will not go to me in fat. This is a gross mistake that will level out all your efforts.

Remember, proper nutrition is 70% success, that's why it's necessary to put the emphasis on it. If you really want to lose weight and improve the relief of your muscles, then you just need to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition for weight loss. Otherwise, you will never achieve the desired result, quit training and swim with fat even more.

No excuses, no encouragement in the form of sweets. You must avoid sweet as fire. Weigh yourself every week. If you did not reset 600-800 gram, then you need to adjust the diet. Remove from your diet all the excess to create a calorie deficit. Only then, in combination with proper nutrition, will you begin to lose weight and gradually approach your goal. Now let's look at an example of a training program for an endomorph to weight loss.

I recommend to practice the standard scheme of a three-day split, on which the training program for endomorph for weight loss is built. On Monday we work out the muscles of the back and biceps, on Tuesday the muscles of the chest and triceps, on Friday the muscles of the legs and shoulders. We use predominantly multi-joint (BASIC) exercises, which involve a large number of muscles, so burn more calories, which significantly increases the effectiveness of your workouts.

In each exercise, we do 1-2 warm-up and 3-4 workflows. Rest between sets of 1-2 minutes, depending on the complexity of the exercise and well-being. We use the average working weight to not reach failure, but it was not too easy. Do not forget to warm up thoroughly before exercising. Proper warm-up before training will increase your efficiency and protect you from injuries!


  1. Deadlift 4×8-10
  2. Thrust of the upper block behind the head 3×10-12
  3. Rod pull to the belt in the slope 3×10-12
  4. Lifting the bar to the biceps 3×10-12
  5. Hand bending with dumbbells 3×10-12
  1. Horizontal bench press 4×10-12
  2. Press of dumbbells on inclined 3×10-12
  3. Dumbbell cultivation lying on an inclined 3×12
  4. Press lying narrow grip 3×10-12
  5. Extension of hands on the block 3×12
  6. Twisting on an incline bench 3-4×20-25
  1. Squats with a bar 4×12-15
  2. Pressing your feet in the 3×10-12 simulator
  3. Leg extension in the 3×12
  4. Bending of legs in the simulator 3×8-10
  5. Bench press standing 3×10-12
  6. Thrust rod to chin 3×8-10


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