The training program for strength and weight

As you know, for the growth of muscles in the natural, a progression of the load is necessary. Therefore, increasing strength is an integral part of weight training. This a training program for strength and weight, which is based on the principle of "pyramid", will allow you to simultaneously develop strength and increase muscle mass as much as possible. That is, thanks to this program for strength and mass, you will be able to reveal your genetic potential.

The training program for strength and weight

As mentioned above, the training program provided below for increasing muscle strength and muscle growth is based on the so-called "pyramid" principle, according to which in each working approach you will increase weights and reduce the number of repetitions. Thus, in the latest working approaches, you will perform exercises with circumferential weights. Thanks to this, you can rapidly increase not only strength, but also muscle mass.

We will be engaged three times a week for a three-day split training program, working out each muscle group once a week to allow the muscles to fully recover to the next workout. The working weight must be selected in such a way that in the first approach to do 8 repetitions, then add the weight and in the second perform 6 repetitions, add the weight again and make 6 repetitions, then increase the weight and make 4 repetitions and finally add the weight in the last approach on the bar and perform only 2 repetition. This is an example of a traditional "pyramid", when in each approach we gradually increase the working weight and reduce the number of repetitions.

For example, if your maximum in bench press is 100 kg, then you can try this exercise in this way:

As you know, this is a conditional example and you need to calculate the working weight yourself, depending on your fitness and restorative abilities of the organism. Now let's go directly to the training program for strength and weight.


  1. Deadlift
  2. Draft in slope
  3. Lifting with weights
  4. Push-ups on uneven bars
  5. Press lying narrow grip
  1. The bench press
  2. Bench press on an incline bench
  3. Raising the bar on the biceps
  4. Hammers with dumbbells
  5. Press 3-4х20
  1. Squat
  2. Deadlift
  3. Rise to socks 3-4×12-20
  4. Bench Press Rod
  5. Thrust rod to chin


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