The training program for the ectomorph to weight

The following training program for the ectomorph to weight is intended for representatives of the ectomorphic body type. Who is an ectomorph? A typical ectomorph is a thin, high-growthed young man with long and thin limbs, a narrow waist, and a thorax. Due to the rapid metabolism, the ectomorph differs by a very thin layer of subcutaneous fat. Representatives of this type of physique never had problems with being overweight. However, lean ones always have difficulties with recruiting mass. To achieve results, it is necessary to show perseverance and patience.

The main mistake of most ectomorphs is that they give their body such a load that it can not digest, which leads to stagnation of results and overtraining. The volume of the load should be increased gradually, not hurrying. And what happens in practice? A person with a large deficit of weight finds on the Internet a training program for some champion and begins to deal with it in the hope of obtaining the desired result. However, the result is not and will not be. Takes another program, even more stubbornly engaged in the gym, spending there for two hours a day. And again there is no result and can not be. Think about yourself, can a lean boy become like Marcus Ruhl doing his program? Of course not! Here the difference is not only in the genetic predisposition, but also in training, training experience, not to mention the fact that all professional athletes use anabolic steroids. Therefore, one should not blindly copy allegedly programs of any champions.

The training program for ectomorph to weight is designed for an average beginner athlete with an experience of regular training of at least 3-x months. Three workouts a week (every other day) optimally contribute to the recovery and increase of muscle mass. Rest between sets in an average of 2-3 minutes. This will allow you to use more weight and get the most from each approach. The rest time between exercises is 3-5 minutes. Now let's look at the three-day split for the mass for the ectomorph.

The training program for the ectomorph to weight

  1. Pulling the middle grip 3×8
  2. Classic deadlift 3×6-8
  3. Rod pull to the belt in slope 3×8
  4. Shunting with a bar 3×8-10
  5. Lifting the bar to the biceps 3×8
  1. Bench Pressing Bench 3×6-8
  2. Press of dumbbells on an incline bench 3×8
  3. Push-ups on the bars 3×6-8
  4. French bench press 3×8
  5. Twisting on an incline bench 4×20-25
  1. Squats with a bar 4×8-10
  2. Deadlift 3×8
  3. Pressing your feet in the 3×8-10 simulator
  4. Bench press standing 3×8-10
  5. Thrust rod to chin 3×6-8

Notes on the training program for the ectomorph

  • We use mostly only heavy basic exercises to increase muscle mass and strength. No simulators. Only free weights, only BASE, only HARDWOR!
  • Small muscle groups (Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders) are trained in conjunction with large MH (LEGS, SPIN, BREAST). Only in this way can we create the necessary hormonal response and start muscle growth.
  • Each muscular group works out once a week. This will allow the muscle fibers and nervous system to recover between training and avoid chronic overtraining on the background of under-recovery of the body.
  • We use a relatively small amount of load to avoid overtraining and stagnation in the results.
  • Relax about 2-3 minutes between sets and 3-5 minutes between exercises. This is the best rest interval for gaining weight and increasing strength.
  • Do not forget to eat according to your goal. To gain weight, you need to create a daily surplus (excess) of calories. That is, you need to consume more calories than you expend during the day. Eat 5-6 once a day, about every 2,5-3 hour, to avoid feeling hungry and provide the body with energy and the necessary nutrients for growth.

I hope you liked the provided a training program for the ectomorph to weight. And what program did you do? Share your experience in the comments. Heav a good day!


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