The use of corn flakes with weight loss

For a long time, fast breakfasts from cereals have become universal favorites among children and adults. Such breakfasts are constantly advertised on television. Their advertising is very bright and cheerful, which is what attracts the audience.

These breakfasts are made from cereal flakes. Corn flakes are the most common and the most loved. For their preparation, no special effort is required. A beautiful half of the population pours them with juice, or kefir, so that it contributes to weight loss.

Moms for their favorite children pour flakes with warm milk and add a couple drops of honey. It is believed that this combination strengthens the immune system and gives vitality to the whole day.

Useful factors for corn flakes

Corn flakes are considered the most caloric of all existing now. But even along with this drawback they are very useful. Flakes are rich in such vitamins and minerals:

Also, flakes are rich in amino acids, which when synthesized in the body are converted into useful acids, which are involved in the digestion process.

Others, for example, serotonin, which is obtained as a result of the synthesis of tryptophan, which helps improve mood. In the flakes, there is also acid, which contributes to better brain activity.

The main component that is included in the flakes is corn starch. It is a structural component of nerve cells, muscles. It perfectly removes harmful substances from the body, plays a fundamental role in losing weight on corn.

Harmful aspects of cornflakes

Along with all the positive factors, there are also disadvantages. The brightest minus is the allergic reaction of the body. They are very caloric. In the composition of these flakes, half the daily dose of sugar.

If you do not take into account this fact, then over time, obesity occurs internal organs. The second important fact is that after consumption of flakes, a feeling of hunger quickly sets in.

This provokes the process of overeating, which leads to excess weight, respectively. Frequent cases of allergic reactions, due to the fact that the composition of flakes is rich in flavors and various food additives.

Since it has already been decided to use cereal for breakfast, or even to go on a diet, you need to eat flakes without fruit additives and honey glaze. Net flakes are much more useful and less caloric than with glaze and dried fruits.

Diets with corn flakes

Most nutritionists in the world believe that cereal-based diets are considered to be most effective than any other. Doctors believe that such a mono diet is effective for very rapid weight loss.

There are many kinds of diets and developed nutrition schemes. The biggest advantage of simple and effective diets is that the main food is flakes.

They are very quickly prepared and do not require special conditions for cooking. Since they have a sweetish taste, it helps to reduce the dose of sweet consumption.

To date, there are two main types of diets: cereals from whole grains or cereals. Duration of diets is so different. When dieting on cereals, the diet should last no longer than 7 days. When dieting on cereal from whole grains, the duration should last no longer than 20 days.

Consider an approximate menu for a couple of days with a diet on corn flakes

  • salad of fresh vegetables and olive oil -200 grams;
  • 3 st. Spoons of cereal mixed with 150 grams of yogurt or low-fat milk;
  • green tea without sugar (sugar can be replaced with honey).

  • chicken bouillon;
  • a couple of loaves;
  • apple or any other fruit.
  • 3 st. spoons of corn flakes with milk or kefir.
  • 3 st. spoon flakes with 150 grams of yogurt;
  • fruit salad.

In any diet, the last two days should be done in a special way. The penultimate day should be made unloading. And the last one is the entrance to the usual food. On this day, it is recommended to eat from 5 once a day in very small portions, but a variety of foods.

Observing strictly such a diet for 7 days can lose from 5 to 8 kg of excess weight.

To summarize

Corn flakes with weight loss are not harmful, but rather very useful. The most important thing is not to abuse them, make up a daily diet and keep a close eye on your well-being!


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