Therapeutic diet for diabetes mellitus 1 type

Diabetes mellitus every year is gaining new and new scale circulation of distribution, what you need to know about proper nutrition during this disease.

  1. The first type is insulin-dependent, when the body does not produce insulin alone. Unfortunately, many children and adolescents have this ailment, the area of ​​the virus is pancreas.
  2. Among the causes of the disease are genetic predispositions and severe stressful situations that cause the onset of diabetes. The first time the fetus takes place in a closed form and it is impossible to determine the cause and source immediately.

Common Symptoms

  • Low blood sugar, which causes severe headaches, dizziness, drowsiness, general malaise, increased thirst, which is very difficult to quench with water.
  • Violation of proper sleep, decreased efficiency, frequent urge to go to the toilet, a strong loss in weight.

At the first signs or suspicions of the disease – you need to immediately consult a doctor, in order to avoid diabetic coma and death.

The right diet for patients with diabetes mellitus 1 type is an important part of the treatment process.

  1. Strict account of consumed carbohydrates, which affect the level of sugar in the blood.
  2. Serious restrictions and the exclusion of a huge number of products will not be required.
  3. All carbon-containing foods are divided into 5 groups:
    • easily digestible carbohydrates (sugar and sweets)
    • dairy products
    • berries and fruits
    • non-starchy vegetables
    • cereals and cereals.

During meals, you must correctly dose the above products throughout the day. When excess weight should be limited to fatty and fried ways of cooking.

The basic postulates of a diet at a diabetes

  • Fractional meals (5-6 once a day)
  • Distribution of carbohydrates depending on the number of injections of insulin
  • High content of dietary fiber in the diet
  • Control of carbohydrate units according to a special table
  • Physical moderate loads.

Each patient with diabetes should study the carbohydrate value of foodstuffs well, maintain a personal diary in which to note all the indicators of diet and blood sugar levels.

A feature of the 1 type diet is the increased protein content in food. This requirement is most relevant to those who have infectious complications and trophic disorders of the limbs.

What is the diet for diabetes mellitus 1 type? Are there any restrictions on nutrition?

Nutritionists are advised to adhere to such simple rules during cooking and eating dishes.

  1. Less pasta, semolina, puff and salted dough. Products from rye and wheat flour, oat bran are allowed.
  2. Meat and fish of low-fat varieties should be in the diet of the patient. After all, vitamins and trace elements, which are contained in protein foods, are simply necessary for the proper functioning of the pancreas.
  3. The exception applies to smoked products, sausage, salted and canned products.
  4. From vegetables it is necessary to give preference to cucumber, tomatoes, zucchini, pumpkin, eggplant. Less to eat potatoes, corn, beets, carrots.
  5. Low-fat dairy products are allowed without restrictions, but sweet yoghurts, fruit curd mass are banned.
  6. Sour cream and cream strictly according to the dietary menu.
  7. If you really want to pamper yourself with sweet foods, you should choose them exclusively from sugar substitutes, so as not to harm your health.

Diabetes mellitus for a week includes legumes and starchy vegetables, brown rice, rye bread cakes, crackers, unsweetened muffins, pita bread, spinach, broccoli, Bulgarian pepper without salt and vegetable oil, you can fill salads with lemon juice, low-fat milk and kefir, lean meat without fat, turkey, chicken, beef, game. In a diet not to enter alcohol and sweets with a high fat ratio.

Diabetics reviews about nutrition 1 type

Katerina Vasilyeva For a long time I could not believe that I had become a hostage to such a terrible disease. But the doctors calmed her down and said that there was nothing wrong with that, the main thing was to balance the menu, to find the right ingredients so that the disease would not provoke or complicate it.

"I started to study literature and watch videos according to the first type diet, tried not to think about the bad consequences and set myself up for the best. Made for itself a special table of the indicator of the level of carbohydrates in each product. Began to take notes, what products work well on my body, and after which the condition becomes worse. Soon, even the doctors took note of my food system, the daily ration I planned for every 2 hours. What you can eat and what not. I began to prepare individual dishes according to my recipe, without adding salt, spices, seasonings, spices. It was difficult at first without sweet, but when my condition improved, the doctor allowed me to eat a little products from sugar substitutes, and there were a lot of them, especially in special confectionery shops, so I calmed down and began to treat the disease as a second breath in my life . At the moment, nothing threatens me, I live a full life, I eat deliciously and correctly, I try not to gain weight, so I prefer fruit-free days.

I advise all those who have learned about this disease – do not despair, develop their own line of balanced nutrition and live happily and calmly. I wish you happiness and a speedy recovery! "

Specialists and nutritionists insist that diabetes is not a sentence, but simply an individual food system that allows you to live fully and without harm to health.

Pay close attention to your body, and then you will be able to protect yourself from the neglected form of diabetes, and at the first symptoms of the disease be sure to contact the professionals.


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