Therapeutic diet for hypertension – effective menu

Treatment of hypertension must be dealt with constantly. It is only necessary to refuse to take medications, as the disease almost immediately makes itself felt. To reduce your body's need for pharmacological agents, you must provide it with all the necessary substances on a daily basis, which will help normalize blood pressure. You can do this only if you follow a special diet for hypertension, which we will now talk about.

Power and pressure: where is the connection?

Human health directly depends on its nutrition. If he constantly uses unhealthy food, then the probability of developing various diseases increases several times. This also applies to hypertension.

The cause of its development is the appearance in the blood vessels of atherosclerotic and cholesteric plaques, which narrow their lumen, promote blood accumulation and increase intravascular pressure. Therefore, in the first place, a diet for hypertensive patients excludes from the diet all foods with a high content of cholesterol and fats.

Do not forget that with the development of hypertension, the heart suffers greatly, as a result of which the risk of developing a stroke and heart attack increases several times. In view of this nutrition of hypertensive patients should contain a lot of potassium and magnesium. It is these chemicals that help strengthen the heart muscle and improve blood composition.

There are a number of foods that are strictly contraindicated to hypertensive patients, as they irritate the nervous system, thereby causing rapid heartbeat and increased blood pressure. Therefore, if you constantly suffer from hypertension, you just need to reconsider your diet. And what should it include, and what is not, you will now find out.

Principles of Nutrition in Hypertension

Diet in hypertension requires to minimize the use of salt. It promotes the retention of water in the body, which provokes the acceleration of blood circulation. Hypertension should reduce the intake of salt to 14 g. At the same time, most of it must come from the usual foods.

It is not recommended to add extra food. If you can not eat unsalted dishes, then you need to remember about lemon juice and various condiments that contribute to improving taste.

Hypertonics should also discard drinks that contain alcohol, even in small amounts. Since they contain substances that cause vasospasm, reducing the lumen in them, thereby increasing the burden on the heart and causing increased blood pressure.

Also it is necessary to reduce to a minimum the consumption of food products, in which there are animal fats (sausages, butter, etc.). People suffering from hypertension should consume fats of vegetable origin. They are the most safe for the body and do not have such a negative effect on the circulatory system, like animal fats. If you fry products, then use only vegetable oils.

It should be noted that "harmful" fats, the intake of which is undesirable in the body and can provoke increased blood pressure, is also contained in cheeses, fat and confectionery.

Diet with arterial hypertension also excludes easily digestible carbohydrates from the diet, which lead to the appearance of excess weight. And in fact it often becomes the reason of the raised pressure as the excessive mass creates a greater loading on heart. Therefore, you will also have to give up cookies, sweets, ice cream, etc. if you want to eat something sweet, then you should eat dried fruits or fresh fruit. They contain much more useful substances than in those sweets that we are used to eating almost every day.

The main part of the diet for hypertensive patients should be vegetables. They contain a lot of fiber, which helps reduce cholesterol in the blood and improve its composition. At the same time, vegetables give a sense of satiety for a long time and allow you to normalize weight.

As for magnesium and potassium, which we mentioned above, they can be obtained from such food products as cabbage, carrots, beets, dried apricots, seafood, fish and sea kale. It is these foods and should be in the diet of hypertensive patients every day.

People who suffer from hypertension should eat a fraction. You need to eat small meals up to 6 once a day. In this case, do not overeat for the night. The best supper for hypertensive patients is a glass of low-fat kefir or some small fruit.

If you like meat, then you should pay more attention to his choice. When hypertension is allowed to eat only lean meat, in which there are no fats that promote the appearance of cholesterol plaques and blockage of blood vessels.

And the most important thing. To hypertensive persons in no event it is impossible to starve. This can adversely affect their condition. And of course, in order to normalize the pressure, it is necessary to abandon bad habits. It is now about smoking. Nicotine has a vasoconstrictive effect, which can lead to a sharp jump in blood pressure.

Menu for the week for hypertensive people

Menu for hypertension for a week you can compile independently, taking into account all the above recommendations on nutrition for hypertensive patients. But if you find it difficult to navigate, then you can stick to the following menu:

Remember that you must constantly fight hypertension. To adhere to this diet is necessary every day, not giving yourself indulgences and without making any breaks. In a couple of months you will notice improvements in your health. And if you continue to adhere to all the rules of nutrition in hypertension, then you will be able to completely stop taking medications in 3-5 months.

Video about useful products for hypertensives

Reviews about a medical diet for hypertension

For several years I have been suffering from hypertension. I'm already tired of drinking a lot of pills to normalize my health. The increased pressure does not allow to live and work normally, and even the excess weight interferes. Diet for hypertension should be mandatory, and competently matched. This menu I really liked – it's convenient to paint everything, when and what to cook. With pleasure I'll use it and start working on my own well-being.

When I started having problems with the state of health on the background of hypertension, I was very frightened. I used to perceive the pressure drop as something of a horror story, even though I was predisposed to it myself. The doctor said that a diet with arterial hypertension is strictly required! I tried your diet. What can I say, feel much better, and the dishes offered in the diet are delicious and healthy.

At me the very first displays of a hypertension – pressure in case of excitement or from overfatigue began to rise. I liked the menu for a week. I think this food can be recommended to any person who cares about their health or those girls who want to lose weight. I'll take a note.

Since adolescence, I began to worry about high blood pressure arising systematically without any special reason. Because of the poor tolerance of many drugs, I have long been looking for prescription medication except medications. And as they say, who is looking for that will always find. I found a method how to deal with my ailment, in this I was helped by a diet with arterial hypertension. The advantage of this diet is that the menu is so correctly selected that I personally did not feel any discomfort by sticking to it.

Diet in arterial hypertension is an integral element in the treatment, because everything in our body is directly dependent on nutrition. I have long since given up various pischenyushek and cakes, and if I really want to eat sweet stuff, then I prefer fresh fruit. I have already dropped 5 kg, as my doctor said – when hypertension is necessary to reduce weight to a minimum. And excessive obesity is the main provocateur of hypertension and in general of many other diseases. Therefore, in addition to medicines for pressure, you need to eat properly and clearly observe the amount and regime in your diet and necessarily go to the amendment.

I'm still a young man and I do not suffer from illnesses, but my father is suffering from hypertension. Last time having got in hospital on inpatient treatment, the doctor very much recommended all treatment to back up with a diet at a hypertonia. After a long conversation with the attending physician, he opened a menu for me in hypertension, advised me to follow my father to overdo it. After discharge and compliance with the diet, the father of course dropped half of his pounds, but the pressure is within normal limits, holds for half a year and the number of tablets taken decreased.


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