Therapeutic diet for pyelonephritis: how to eat right?

Pyelonephritis is a serious kidney disease that needs constant treatment and requires a certain diet. The diet for pyelonephritis in children and adults is the same. However, depending on what kind of disease (chronic or acute), it has its own characteristics. We'll talk about them today.

Diet for acute poselonephritis

In acute poononefret diet has strict limitations. The first few days a patient can not eat anything, except:

  • herbal decoctions;
  • weak tea;
  • freshly squeezed juices;
  • compotes prepared at home;
  • vegetables and fruits that have a diuretic effect (watermelon, zucchini, melon, etc.).

In the event that after a few days the patient feels better, the diet with pyelonephritis should contain other foods, but in limited quantities. It:

  • dairy products, including soups;
  • boiled vegetables;
  • flour and cereal products;
  • granulated sugar;
  • butter;
  • raisins;
  • dried apricots.

Strictly strongly forbidden for acute perelonephritis use:

  • salt (it can be added only to dishes when cooking in a minimal amount);
  • smoked meat and pickles;
  • all types of canned food;
  • mushrooms;
  • fatty meat soups and broths;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • cream;
  • cakes;
  • beans;
  • coffee;
  • spicy condiments and spices.

When the acute form of the disease is also required to eat foods with a low protein content. After all, it unnecessarily loads the kidneys and can lead to various complications.

With a diet with pyelonephritis per day, the patient should not consume more than 25 g protein. In the event that a person can not count the amount of protein eaten per day, for convenience, he can create an online diary, which will automatically count the proteins, fats and carbohydrates of everything eaten per day.

Such food should continue until full recovery. In addition, according to this principle, you need to eat a few more days to fix the result. The main thing is not to break the rules and eat according to the diet.

Diet for chronic posolonephritis

The diet for peronephritis chronic is somewhat similar to the above-described diet. The list of prohibited products remains the same, but the patient's menu significantly expands.

The diet for chronic pyelonephritis includes:

  • any dairy and sour-milk products (except for sharp and salty cheeses);
  • low-fat varieties of fish, poultry meat (eat them better in boiled or cooked steamed);
  • boiled chicken eggs (but not more than one per day);
  • vegetables in any form (except onions, garlic, cauliflower, radish);
  • pasta;
  • puddings;
  • black and white bread (but not fresh);
  • any cereals;
  • melons and melons;
  • honey and jam;
  • marshmallows and pastilles.

The diet with pyelonephritis allows to normalize metabolic processes in the body and improve kidney function, thereby contributing to a quick recovery. However, it should be remembered that to achieve the maximum result, you should adhere to this diet constantly and without any violations. Otherwise, it will not be of any use.

It is possible to cure peronephritis, if you make every effort. Nutrition is an important aspect in the treatment of this disease, so do not neglect diet and continue to lead a habitual way of life. All this can lead to sad consequences.

Conclusion and recommendations!

If you do not follow a diet with pyelonephritis, you can get a number of serious complications, ranging from inflammation of the tissues surrounding the kidney and ending with sepsis, with a malicious violation of the entire treatment regimen.

Observance of the therapeutic and dietary table normalizes blood pressure, promotes the removal of excess fluid from the body, accelerates the recovery process in a chronic process.

Diet in chronic pyelonephritis facilitates the work of the kidneys, alkalinizes urine, has an anti-allergic effect on all body systems. Eat right and stay healthy!

Video about pyelonephritis

Reviews of the medical diet for pyelonephritis

I had pyelonephritis, but I lost weight, no problem at 6 kg for the first month of the month and at 5 kg for the second month . In the morning I ate 2 eggs and half an orange. In the afternoon, chicken or fish with vegetables, for dinner kefir, egg and a few vegetables. Egg, if desired, you can eat without yolk. Potatoes, pasta, flour, sweet, alcohol excluded. The amount of protein should not exceed 25 grams per day. Fried can not be categorically, drink water 1-1.5 liters per day.

You know, my sister has this disease. We found together in

this diet for chronic pyelonephritis. She most approached at

her symptoms. Have started an online diary and clearly adhered to the recommended

products. Within a month we noticed a real result. She began to feel

yourself is much better. And the weight returned to her native 60 kilo.

Hello, I'm 24 years old. I work as watches in the north in (YaNAO). A year ago I caught a severe cold, after which I often went to the toilet. Until the last pulled with a hike to the doctor, but when it became unbearable to suffer to go to the doctor. He gave me a disappointing diagnosis – chronic pyelonephritis. He said that without a serious approach to treatment, it will be ineffective. The doctor advised me to sit down on a special medical diet that will speed up my recovery. After a month of such a diet, I began to feel much better, often the urge to go to the toilet passed, the mood grew, I began to feel vigorous and full of energy. However, I did not expect such a diet to solve my problem with being overweight. After a month of diet, I lost weight by 7,5 kg. I will continue to adhere to this therapeutic diet, as for me it is like a panacea. This diet is useful not only for those who have pyelonephritis, so I advise it to everyone who wants to part with excess weight and rejuvenate.

, All my life I suffer from chronic pyelonephritis. Constantly suffered from problems with urination, ending with pain in the lower back – and no doctor could explain to me clearly what exactly my problem is. 20July I read this article (the first thoughts were – something like that would help, for it was tried very, very much), but my stereotypes collapsed in scores. I started small, gradually canceling my favorite foods (pickles, smoked products and other harmful products) and ended up eating a full-fledged diet from this diet. The most important thing that is important to me is that I stopped waking up at night from the wild desire to go to the toilet. Watch your health guys! Be vigilant and listen to your body. And you will be all right!

I do not want anyone to survive pyelonephritis, I myself was lying with him in the hospital for 2 times. In the end, she earned a chronic illness. Well at least a good doctor is caught, messing with me, constantly what kind of examination appoints. But he did not tell me about the diet, only the salt said to exclude and not drink a lot of liquid, since the last time my pyelonephritis also had hydronephrosis.

Also, as a young man, he suffered from this disease, and such a diet with pyelonephritis is mandatory. It is better to really keep a diary and strictly follow the recommendations, otherwise there may be an exacerbation.

The diagnosis of pyelonephritis with me since adolescence, and the imposed restrictions did not give a chance at all to lose weight. But here I came across this diet and for a month minus 4 kg as from a bush. And with all this, the diet is satisfying enough, did not feel hungry. Moreover, it is even useful, I have improved skin, hair and nails, they look healthier. I advise, definitely.

For a long time I was engaged in football. But because of a knee injury, I had to quit sports. Overweight appeared. I began to eat unhealthy food and there was a fever. Back to the form I was helped by a diet with pyelonephritis. And the disease receded.

He was treated in a hospital, so the doctor prescribed a diet with pyelonephritis. Had you want do not want to comply. Now I do not regret that I had to suffer some inconveniences, to refuse the usual products. At first, I really wanted to eat, because I was used to eating a lot of meat, but here some teas and compotes at first, then got used to, got involved, fell in love with milk, now I constantly use. The course of treatment was successful, I think the diet with pyelonephritis helped a lot.

After giving birth heavily gained weight (from 58 to 80 kg) very much wanted to lose weight, because. it was very hard and not comfortable. But with chronic pyelonephritis it was very difficult to find a good diet and not to ruin your health. Found this diet, consulted and a doctor and for 3 months returned to its original weight)

With pyelonephritis is not familiar by hearsay, last year she was in hospital with acute pyelonephritis, the temperature was under forty, although it was strange, but nothing hurt, only according to the analyzes determined. Have put on a diet, observed very strictly, therefore as complications serious. I thought I could not stand it, I love spicy food, well, smoked meat. But nothing, I even liked it. She boiled turkey, ate salads from vegetables, but preferred baked more. The condition really improved, so this diet with pyelonephritis is very effective. In addition, I managed to lose weight per month in 6 kg. So I think I'm used to it, I like it, maybe I should not leave it at all. And that the products are all useful, and it became easier to feel, and there are three extra pounds.

Adhered to this diet with pyelonephritis for three months. The result at first did not make itself felt, but already through I noticed progress. Started to drop on 1 kg per week. I am pleased.

The diet for chronic pyelonephritis is important. I have this disease since my youth, so I constantly adhere to it. I do not allow anything sharp and salty to myself. And even when exacerbated I sit only on zucchini and herbal diuretics.

In September, I arrange for myself a day of unloading on watermelons. It is useful for the kidneys and the figure becomes slimmer.

Diet is necessary, but you also need not forget about the treatment of pyelonephritis. I when was treated, not only applied that treatment which to me the doctor has appointed or nominated, but also much took from here signs-pyelonephritis. Thus it was possible to cure this disease.


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