Therapeutic diet for varicose veins

The treatment of varicose veins should be approached with all responsibility. After all, this disease is much more dangerous than it seems at first glance. With its development, there is a disruption in the circulation of blood throughout the body, which primarily affects the work of the heart. To cure a varicose disease, you need not only to take medications, but also to monitor your diet every day. The correct diet for varicose veins will facilitate the early disappearance of the symptoms of the disease and improve the overall well-being of the person.

Varicose and Diet: Basic Principles

The diet with varicose veins is aimed at removing excess cholesterol from the body, which causes the appearance of atherosclerotic plaques and nodes on the inner walls of the vessels.

At the same time, it completely eliminates food that contributes to the accumulation of excess fluid in the body, which exerts strong pressure on the vessels and heart, forcing it to work in an accelerated mode.

But at the same time the diet with the expansion of the veins provides the body with all the necessary substances that have several actions on the vessels at once. First, they increase their tone, preventing brittleness and the appearance of internal bleeding. Secondly, these substances improve the composition of the blood, making it less viscous, which leads to its free movement through the veins.

To ensure that a diet with varicose veins is really effective, you need to stop smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages, because they contain substances that have an intoxicating effect on the body, which results in not only a worsening of blood circulation, but also a disruption of the work of all internal organs and systems.

Nutrition in such a disease must be saturated with products that have a beneficial effect on the blood and blood circulation in general. In the diet must necessarily be present foods rich in vitamin C (a powerful antioxidant that suppresses the effect of free radicals), animal protein and plant fibers.

How to eat with varicose veins?

Like any curative nutrition program, a diet with varicose veins on the legs requires the consumption of a large number of vegetables, fruits and whole grains. If you are confronted with this disease, then the main part of your diet should be fresh tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, bell peppers and greens.

These products can be consumed separately, and you can prepare vegetable salads from them. But at the same time it is impossible to use salt for improving taste. From her with varicose altogether should be discarded. Instead of salt, you can use freshly squeezed lemon juice, which, among other things, contains vitamin C (we already mentioned it above).

Also, with varicose veins, it is recommended to eat potatoes (but only boiled!), Sprouted oats, wheat or rye. Also allowed the use of rose hips (it should be prepared decoctions and drink them instead of regular tea), legumes, black currants, gooseberries and strawberries.

It is very useful for varicose veins. It is used for the purification of blood vessels. There is it can both in its pure form, and add to various dishes to improve their taste.

The diet with varicose veins also means consuming a large amount of citrus fruit. You can eat them all day, if, of course, you do not have allergies on them. They can also be eaten in their pure form, or they can be made from juices. But it should be remembered that the use of sugar in varicose veins should be minimized. Therefore, it is not necessary to add it to fruit juices. They contain a lot of natural sugar.

Honey and nuts should also become part of your diet. They contain substances that not only improve blood circulation, but also contribute to the elimination of swelling and pain in the legs.

As for drinking, then regular tea and coffee should be replaced with herbal decoctions. In addition, they should also drink up to 1,5 liters of clean water. It helps to cleanse blood vessels and improve blood quality.

Such a diet needs to be adhered to constantly. It is only worth "throwing" it for a month, as the disease will again make itself felt, and with a double force.

What products should I opt out of?

Diet with venous expansion of veins completely excludes the following foods from the diet:

  • salt and spicy spices;
  • sugar;
  • confectionery;
  • Coffee and tea;
  • spicy dishes;
  • meat;
  • fried food;
  • smoked products;
  • sausage;
  • canned food;
  • semi-finished products »
  • bread (only allowed whole-grain);
  • marinades;
  • jelly;
  • alcohol.

All these foods have a negative effect on blood circulation and vascular tone. But here there is one problem – some people can not live a day without meat. If you belong to this category of people, then you are allowed to eat meat only in boiled form and in an amount not exceeding 100 g per day. In this case, you can eat only low-fat varieties of meat, that is, chicken and turkey. About beef and pork should generally be forgotten.

But for those people who love seafood and fish, this diet for varicose veins of the legs will be to your liking. These products contain a minimum of fat, but they are rich in substances that are necessary for our body.

To adhere to such a diet must be very long – a year, or even two. At the same time, no indulgence is allowed. Remember that in 40% of cases, the development of varicose veins is facilitated by improper nutrition. Therefore, you only need to return to your previous lifestyle, as the first symptoms of varicose veins immediately return to you.

But do not hope that this diet will help you completely get rid of the disease. This requires a comprehensive approach, which includes not only proper nutrition, but also the intake of medications. And all this should be combined with therapeutic gymnastics and massages. Only in this way you can cure varicose veins and forget about its symptoms once and for all!


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