Therapeutic fasting for weight loss

With the help of curative fasting, you can significantly improve your health. Full people are interested in another side of hunger therapy – the ability to lose weight quickly and without harm to the body. It is important to observe all the rules of entry and exit from hungry days, otherwise you risk seriously harm yourself.

The rules of therapeutic fasting for weight loss

  1. For 1-2 weeks (ideally in a few months), before entering the first fast, stick to the principles of healthy eating as best as possible. Minimize the consumption of fat, sweet, semi-finished products, ready-made sauces, marinades, carbonated drinks. Eat natural products: vegetables, fruits, cereals, cereals, meat, fish, dairy products.
  2. For a start, practice the unloading days 1-2 times a week.
  3. Begin hungry therapy only on the purified intestine. To achieve its purification it is possible by means of natural means, such as regular use of kefir, dried fruit, special cleansing salads. Such salads include, for example, "Brush" according to the recipe of Elena Malysheva.
  4. Begin the practice of treating hunger gradually. You can not immediately arrange a few hungry days in a row. Only after a few months of weekly fasting can you try to increase the duration of the session from 24 hours to 36.

Medical starvation at home for weight loss

Classical fasting, which is most often practiced at home, is fasting on the water.

Your entire daily diet will consist of a liquid – ordinary drinking water without gas. Take care that it is natural and purified moisture. After all, during the time of starvation the organism must be cleansed, and even the artesian natural water is much more pleasant to drink than the tap water.

There should not be any solid food in the menu. In addition, other types of liquid are prohibited – broths, fruit and vegetable juices, compotes, etc.

To endure a whole day without food is quite difficult. Experts recommend to be distracted from thoughts about the meal, avoid eating places, more time to walk on the street. Intensive physical activity is prohibited, since the body on a hungry day does not receive enough nutrients for sports.

It's best if you schedule a session on a day off and spend it in a relaxed environment. Try not to succumb to stressful situations. It will be optimal to do your favorite things, so think about your hobbies or about the things that you have long delayed "for later."

Day of fasting is also an excellent opportunity to practice meditation, aromatherapy, relaxing baths. Fasting itself is a way not only to cleanse, improve the body, but also to clarify thoughts. And along with additional activities, you will achieve maximum effect.

"Wet" starvation will be even more effective if you hold water procedures – contrast showers, cleansing enemas, underwater massage, etc.

The way out of starvation begins with breakfast the next day. Start the day with a light vegetable salad and a cup of unsweetened green or herbal tea. All day eat moderately, give up heavy, fatty, sweet food.

Therapeutic fasting for losing weight on 7 days

Week fasting is a serious step, which should be taken only after months of practice of one-day, three-day and five-day sessions. Before starting fasting, always consult a doctor. It is even better to undergo seven-day therapy under the supervision of a doctor in a special clinic.

The rules and course of weekly therapy do not differ from the principles of one-day fasting. Preparatory phase and daily cleansing enemas are mandatory.

During 7 days, you will notice that the body emits an unpleasant smell, and the tongue is covered with a white coating. These are normal phenomena that should disappear by the end of the event. Perhaps exacerbation of chronic diseases, which is also a natural consequence – the body receives stress, due to which the recovery also takes place.

Therapeutic fasting for weight loss: reviews

The result of regular one-day starvations or periodic sessions for 7 days will be the strengthening of nails and hair, skin renewal, rejuvenation of the whole body. During the hunger sessions, slags and toxins leave the body, which are accumulated in the cells for years. The digestive system is cleared and renewed.

With regard to weight loss, fasting at a frequency of 1 once a week will keep weight in place, and evenly and gently reduce the fat layer at 1-2 kg per month. Seven-day fasting allows you to get rid of 4-5 kg in one session.


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