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Thor Thunderer Training

When Chris Hemsworth got the role of Thor, he was surfing, not weightlifting. Find out how he scored 10 kg of lean muscle mass, and how you can achieve the same results!

Author: Brian Bullman

The first blow in the cinematic battle of superheroes was inflicted when the film company Marvel finally released one of its most significant projects on the screens – the first film in a series of films about the Torah. Sworn to defend the innocent Scandinavian god of thunder, he uses his mighty hammer, which serves the divine powers.

The physical form of Australian actor Chris Hemsworth suggests that before he took the legendary hammer of his screen hero into hand, he dragged and other iron.

This is so, and not so.

Before getting this role, Hemsworth hardly lifted anything heavier than his surfboard. As a sports training, he caught waves in California or performed the old school rugby (shuttle run, climbing stairs, etc.), wrestling – boxing and muaythai. There can always be some kind of scuffle. He after all all the same the Australian.

As his coach Steve Walsh from Limerick, a former professional rugby player, used to train Hemsworth to develop speed, agility and stamina. We must understand that Hemsworth had somehow developed muscles, and thank you for that.

However, having received the role of a superhero, the Australian actor, who had previously played mostly in TV shows, understood that he would have to increase muscle mass, and very quickly. But by training with a rope and a shuttle race, 10 kilograms of muscle will not build up, so the famous trainer Duffy Geever has developed, in addition to Walsh training, a training program for hypertrophy.

Prior to this Geiger helped to get the necessary athletic form Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Adam Sandler. This task was no less difficult.

Collecting 10 kg of dry muscle mass is not easy, especially for a beginner in bodybuilding. To have a body worthy of a superhero, Hemsworth adhered to the training program and followed a special diet.

Hemsworth's training for reincarnation in the Torah had to be simple, but effective. The hero needs not just to raise his sword, they also need to wave.

Hemsworth had to continue to engage in Muay Thai and boxing in order to be ready for the fights and to stay lean. But the increase in muscle mass required serious, time-tested workouts with weights.

Heavy compound exercises such as squats, bench press and deadlift are the basis of all serious programs aimed at increasing muscle mass, and Hemsworth's program was no exception.

Training split: 4 training days, 1 rest day, repetition.

Day 1: Chest / Shoulders / Box / Abdominal Press

  • Pear: 5 rounds in 3 minutes

If you do not have boxing equipment, perform 30 minutes of interval high-intensity cardio training (HIIT).

Circumferencing on the press: repeat 3 times

Day 2: Back / hands / box / abdominal press

  • Pear: 5 rounds in 3 minutes

If you do not have boxing equipment, perform 30 minutes of interval high-intensity cardio training (HIIT).

Circumferencing on the press: repeat 3 times

Perform 30 minutes of high-intensity interval cardio training

Circumferencing on the press: repeat 3 times

Proper nutrition to supply the body with energy is a key factor for any transformation of the body. The most important macroelement for muscle growth are proteins, so the first step was to increase their number in the daily diet of Hemsworth. Under Heyver's leadership, Hemsworth began to eat more egg whites, chicken meat, fish and steaks.

This type of diet requires choosing the right type of carbohydrates and the correct time for their intake. For Hemsworth, preference was given to carbohydrate foods rich in fiber, such as broccoli and spinach, as well as reduced consumption of starchy foods such as potatoes and white rice.

Hemsworth could not have formed a "divine" body without the help of modern achievements in sports science – protein supplements. The intake of amino acids before exercise creates an anabolic environment, both for superheroes and for mere mortals.

The intake of whey protein after exercise allows you to use an anabolic window for one hundred percent.

I have only one question. weight in the approaches is the same? or is it a pyramid?

I'm engaged with 14 years, could not dial Masu in any way. I came across this program, I started to study it, I typed 6 kg.

I'm very pleased with myself. Thank you!

I really like the site, there's nothing to complain about, everything is decorated at the highest level!)

Of all the workouts I chose this one, it is more suitable for me.

I have been practicing 2 for a year in the gym, for about a year I have been taking Protein (Whey) and Gainer. I would like to ask, before training and after, what should I take, protein + geyner or protein before training, after the geyner, or all mix and use with milk? And is it compatible together?

For 2, I only pumped up a little. Maybe I'm not right all the shakes . In general, I will start to practice this training 4 days a week. Then I'll write my results.

My weight at the moment 57 kg, the growth of 182 cm, it is very necessary to gain weight, tk. I have a weight deficit. With bench press I lift 70 kg.

At the moment, my weight is 59.6 kg. I bought Creatine BioTech and within 3 weeks I gained 1.6 kg. I take Protein (powder mix with milk) + Creatine BEFORE the workout, AFTER Gainer (I mix the powder with milk). I used Creatine with a load (during the week for 4 pcs per day), then from the second week on 1 pcs. in a day. Observed the regime of food, sleep, and felt that increased endurance and gained weight. So far everything has become in its place, we will continue to train and see how it will turn out)

PS Creatine tableted.

The main thing is to eat plenty regularly, that there would not be a calorie deficit, and a good rest is a dream) and everything works, no matter what program) if you really want with additives, after an hour of 1.5 before a drill, drink Gainer, and then mix with Geiner, and at night prot))

Good evening. Whether it is possible to be engaged in an exercise room and boxing in one day. First a simulator, then boxing. Break hour, one and a half. Before that, I was engaged in one day boxing, one day in the simulator. Now I want to study three days a week. Thank you

If you have enough strength, you can. Usually one exercise is conducted in the morning, the other in the evening.

Tell me, how do I increase the load then? How – every week probably add weight to try .. or how .. and how much time rest between approaches?

The site makes me happy!) Well done!

The program is interesting, the only thing that remains not very clear, for how much it has collected so much mass, because "very quickly" a very loose concept, someone will decide that for a couple of months: D, and someone – months for 5

Few? And how much you like, why do you kill muscles, if this involves blocking the reception of microtraumas and as a consequence of muscle growth. 3 approach, before 3 it's an approach still need to think whether you need it

Tell me, why are there so few approaches? only three

In general, three approaches are not small, but normal. But in his case, I think because of his training twice a day, you can not kill yourself

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