Three day kefir diet for weight loss

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For emergency weight loss, when you need to get rid of 2-5 extra pounds in a few days, you should try a kefir diet. This method of weight loss refers to the category of mono-diet and unloading days. Observe the kefir method of getting rid of excess weight is quite difficult, but the result justifies all the restrictions in nutrition with interest.

Kefir diet for 3 days

Kefir is rich in proteins, living bacteria, vitamins of group A, D, E, K, favorably affects the intestinal microflora and metabolism, removes toxins from the body. Losing weight on this useful product is universal, since kefir can always be taken with you in a bottle. Secondly, the kefir diet is economically priced and has a wide range of products, you can choose to your taste and with the necessary fat content. Due to fractional nutrition decreases in the size of the stomach, and the abundance of protein in kefir promotes rapid saturation. Depending on the initial weight, in just three days on a mono diet you can lose weight from 3 to 5 kilograms.

Advantages of a three-day kefir diet:

  • Effective weight loss on 2-5 kilograms;
  • Improve digestion;
  • Normalization of the microflora of the digestive tract;
  • Normalization of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Improving the condition of teeth, nails, hair, skin, due to the high calcium content in the sour-milk drink;
  • Strengthening of the nervous system;
  • Strengthening of immunity.
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Kefir diet on 3 days – contraindications:

  • Individual intolerance of dairy and fermented milk products;
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Increased acidity of the stomach, gastritis;
  • Diseases of the liver and kidneys;
  • Rheumatism, gout, rickets;
  • Renal failure;
  • During rehabilitation after abdominal surgery;
  • Pregnancy and lactation.

power Principles

Nutrition on the 3-day kefir diet should be fractional. When observing a strict diet, the diet of which includes exclusively kefir, it is necessary to drink an 1 glass of fermented milk every three hours.

The shown norm is = 1,5 liters of kefir 1%. If the product 0,1% fat, allowed to use a day before 2 liters, with 2,5% no more than 600 ml.

The average daily caloric intake of a diet with a diet = 600 calories.

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After 1-1,5 hours after using the sour-milk product, you can drink purified water. Drink at the same time kefir and water is strictly prohibited. With an acute sense of hunger during the observance of the kefir diet, it is allowed to add the finely chopped greens (dill, parsley) to the sour-milk product.

It is difficult to observe a strict diet of a diet consisting of one kefir, so it is possible to replace it with: fermented milk, curdled milk, natural yogurt with a minimum percentage of fat.

It is allowed to add sugar substitutes that do not contain calories. It is allowed to prepare dessert from kefir, sugar substitute and gelatin. You can add bran to the product, turning it into a useful cereal yogurt that promotes weight loss and cleansing of the intestines.

With a more sparing version of the kefir diet, fresh, boiled, baked vegetables, unsweetened fruits are allowed, but not more than 1 kg per day. It is also possible to use cheese of hard varieties, cottage cheese, toast from whole grain bread.

Product List

Products for kefir diet for 3 days:

  • Kefir 0,1-2,5% fat content;
  • Natural yoghurt;
  • Cottage cheese 1-1,5% fat content;
  • Ryazhenka, yogurt;
  • Serum, ayran, kumis;
  • Cheese of hard varieties;
  • Bran;
  • Unsweetened fruits (apple, kiwi, orange, grapefruit);
  • Do not starchy vegetables (cucumber, cabbage, carrots, spinach, celery);
  • Toast from whole grain bread.

Menu three-day kefir diet for weight loss in a strict version is the use of 1,5 l kefir 1% during the day. It is necessary to distribute the whole shown daily norm of the sour-milk drink on 5-6 meals. With a strong sense of hunger, you can add chopped greens to the product. The water needs a way an hour before meals or an hour after.

The second version of the menu for losing weight – the use of 1 l drink, distributed on 4 food intake. The fifth meal is replaced by another product, but only one of the ones shown (apples 1 kg, fat-free cottage cheese 500 gr, cucumber 1 kg, buckwheat porridge 200 gr).

Menu on 3 day for kefir diet – light variant (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner):

  • Licky 200 ml;
  • Kefir 1 glass;
  • Low-fat curd 200 gr;
  • Green apple;
  • Sour milk beverage 1 glass.
  • Ayran 1 glass;
  • Sour milk drink 1 glass;
  • Natural yogurt 200 ml;
  • Orange;
  • Sour milk drink with dill.
  • Kumis 1 glass;
  • Kiwi;
  • Sour milk drink 200 ml;
  • Low-fat curd 200 gr;
  • 1 a glass of sour-milk drink with strawberry 50 gr.

Correct exit

With the help of a three-day kefir diet, you can quickly lose weight, an average of 2-5 kilograms. At the same time, the net fat does not exceed 1 kg. Losing weight is due to a decrease in daily caloric intake, reduction in the volume of portions, purification of the intestine. You can repeat the kefir method of losing weight a week later.

“How to get out of the kefir diet correctly?” – this is the main issue that worries many of those who lose weight. In the first few days after the kefir diet should not attack fatty and sweet foods, and eat vegetable or chicken broth, raw or boiled vegetables, unsweetened fruits, greens, eggs. Then you can include in your diet lean meat, poultry, fish, but in a baked, boiled, stewed or grilled, steamed.

To maintain the achieved result of weight loss, it is necessary to revise their previous eating habits, which attracted excess weight to the set. It is necessary to exclude from the diet fatty, fried and smoked dishes, pastries, sweets. It is better to eat often, but in small portions. The last meal should be no later than 19: 00. During the day should continue to drink at least 1,5 liters of purified water without gas.

It is worth paying close attention to your physical activity. To begin with, you should abandon the elevator, take walks in the fresh air for long distances, do exercises. It is recommended that two to three times a week show intense physical activity, for example, swimming, yoga, pilates, training in the gym. Periodically, you can observe three-day unloading days on kefir to maintain its shape.

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Miriam Josey
Miriam Josey is an RD and expert in healthy diets and sustainable lifestyles. She has a B.S from Cal State (Nutritional Science) and an M.S. from the University of Southern California (Nutrition, Healthspan, and Longevity). Miriam’s professional chef certificate allows her to develop rich, non-restrictive diets for weight loss.


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