Three day rice diet: food specialties

Sometimes there are situations where you just need to reset 2-3 extra pounds, for example, in order to climb into your favorite dress or sparkle with your ideal flat tummy on the beach. And in such cases, express diets help, which are designed for only a few days, but at the same time help to get rid of unnecessary couples a kilogram.

One such diet is a rice diet on 3 days. It is low-calorie and promises a loss in weight up to 3 kg. Let's see what a person should eat these days in order to lose weight in such a short time.

Rice diet menu on 3 days

To maintain a rice diet, you need rice, which you will use for the next three days. But rice must be properly cooked. There are several ways to do this:

  • one glass of rice pour two cups of boiled water and leave overnight;
  • one glass of rice pour two glasses of water and cook 10 minutes under the closed lid, after letting it infuse another 20-30 minutes.

When preparing rice, you can not use salt and any spices. And ready-to-eat rice should be divided into 4-5 equal parts and eat all day long.

Together with rice it is allowed:

  • on the first day: breakfast green apple, lunch and dinner vegetable broth, in rice it is allowed to add lemon zest or chopped greens;
  • on the second day: for breakfast one orange, for lunch vegetable broth, for dinner, steamed vegetables;
  • the third day: for breakfast grapefruit, for lunch stewed mushrooms and vegetable broth, for dinner boiled broccoli.

It should be noted that the weight of one portion should not exceed 150 grams! Otherwise, you will significantly increase the daily calorie content, which will not lead to the desired result.

Reviews thin

There is a huge amount of feedback on the rice diet, both positive and negative. Many note the fact that weight loss does occur, and most importantly, the belly decreases, which, strictly speaking, women want to achieve from this diet.

But with all this they note a strong weakness, dizziness and decreased concentration of attention, which badly affects the ability to work. Therefore, many people do not recommend using the rice diet on working days.

Part of the reviews claim that at the end of the diet, you need to use the output, otherwise the weight returns very quickly.

What do doctors think about the rice diet for 3 days?

Rice diet for losing weight 3 days – this is another deception itself. After all for such a short period of time, it's just not really possible to lose 3 kg of fat! Due to this diet, weight loss occurs due to three main aspects:

  • evacuation of the intestine;
  • depletion of glycogen;
  • loss of excess fluid.

The loss of fat is about 0,4 kg. At the same time, they very quickly return back when a return to the usual way of life occurs. Just imagine the taste of unsalted rice. Naturally, at the end of the diet, people just throw themselves on ordinary food, and some do not survive 3 days at all.

In addition, there are legends on the Internet that due to the rice diet, it is possible to completely purify the intestine from toxins and toxins. Such a thing as "slag" does not exist at all in medicine and it is simply impossible to get rid of what is essentially not.

In addition, rice is usually shown to people who suffer from diarrhea. Therefore, if you use it for several days you can face a problem such as constipation, which can lead to the development of various complications with health.

So, the rice diet 3 of the day is another deceit of women who simply do not value their health, so doctors can not be "for" returning weight in this way. And apply it to yourself or not, a purely personal decision.


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