Three-day split by weight

Three-day split by weight or in other words, a three-day training program is one of the most popular and common training systems not only among beginners, but also among advanced athletes. What is a three-day training program or, in other words, a three-day split for the masses and how to create a training program on your own?

Three-day split – A separate system of training, according to which you divide all the muscles of the body into three separate groups and work out each muscle group, usually once a week. For example, on Monday you train your back and biceps, on Wednesday your chest and triceps, and on Friday your legs and shoulders.

It is due to the huge popularity and prevalence of the three-day split programs, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in all gyms, many people. The truth is most of them beginners who are intuitively engaged, not adhering to a specific pattern of training. Of course, this is the way to nowhere, trampling on the spot. Therefore, I always say that you need to adhere to the training program and conduct a training diary.

How to create a three-day training program

There are many options for compiling three-day split programs. Most often, muscle groups are divided on the principle of "pull-push", working on one training pulling, and on the other pushing groups of muscles. Legs, as a rule, train on a single day.

Some options for a three-day split:

As I said above, there are many options for compiling a three-day split. Frankly, I like the first option the most. On the first workout, I work out the back muscles and biceps. On the second training pectoral muscles and triceps. On the third training the muscles of the legs and shoulders. Personally, I prefer this separation of muscles by the day, although each option has its own disadvantages and advantages.

The advantage of this variant of the three-day split I see is that each muscle group is worked out once a week. During training, the backs are always included in the work of the biceps, so it makes sense to "finish off" at the end of the workout. The same goes for the pectoral muscles and triceps. After training the legs, I work on the muscles of the shoulders. The fact that training legs gives a powerful anabolic response, so deltoid muscles get the best stimulus to growth.

1. Pulling up a wide grip 3×8-10

2. Deadlift with rod 3×6-10

3. Traction to the belt in the slope of 3×8-10


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