Tips and Tricks

Injury of the back is not a joke, and no one is immune from it. However, this is not an excuse to stop training. These 7 rules will help you train with a damaged back.

Want to know why your results are lame on both legs? Begin to develop muscle mass and strength at the maximum rate with the help of 4 training tips.

Are you an ectomorph, an endomorph or a mesomorph? The body type with which you were born can greatly affect the effectiveness of training. Develop a program that fits your type of constitution, and get ready for great results!

Trained after 50 should be the same as you train (or practice) in 20 years. You just need to understand how your strengths and your nutritional needs change.

You can not progress by making mistakes. Here are the main mistakes, typical for shoulder training, along with tips on how to avoid them!

A slight pain in the muscles after a good workout is normal, but when it gets in the way of your progress, it's time to take action!

From beginners, you have moved to the category of mid-level lifters, which means that you will have to work harder. To maintain the earned status, you need to train differently – and think differently!

A sleep deficit can destroy your exercise. But did you know that lack of sleep can also worsen the composition of the body? Read the article, and immediately go to bed!

With the advent of summer, the desire to quickly melt excess fat is exacerbated. Learn how to raise your fat burning potential with 8 tips from Kayla Ford!

Do you think you mastered the press above your head? This 6 advice will help you hone the technique of exercise to perfection and improve your powerful physique.


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