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To become slim and elegant will help the diet of ballerinas

The concept of "diet" became popular two hundred years ago, when everyone started to struggle with excessive weight. Slim and slender figure came into fashion from the beginning of the 20th century.

Almost every woman tried to get rid of extra pounds by any means.

Ballerinas watch the figure from the beginning of the appearance of the first professional ballet school in the 16-th century and during this time managed to develop a special diet.

The diet for ballet dancers has suffered many corrections and in our time this method of losing weight is suitable only for people who are active in life. The essence of the diet is to enrich the body with the necessary proteins and carbohydrates.

Pros: with its help you can quickly lose weight. Cons: the body is not sufficiently saturated with microelements. Therefore, you need to take vitamins during a diet.

Its use is contraindicated in nursing mothers and people with a sick stomach. Do not sit down on a diet and after the disease, because because of the reduced immunity, a new disease can develop.

Professional dancers have their own set of rules for the body to look taut, and the appearance radiates health and energy. Below is a list of products that are prohibited and that can be consumed by contributing to their diet.

Unloading days as a preparation for a diet

The body should be prepared before he stops getting his usual dose of calories. To do this, you need to do several days off.

  • for breakfast: a glass of tomato juice, better than natural;
  • for lunch: a few slices of bread plus 2 a glass of juice;
  • dinner is the same as breakfast.
  • breakfast: sour-milk non-fat drink;
  • Lunch: sour-milk drink – 2 glass, plus a few slices of black bread;
  • for dinner low-fat milk or yogurt.

If you pre-eat everything you want, and your active lifestyle is just beginning, then such a tough unloading day is not for you. In this case, you can increase the volume of liquid and add one or two pieces of black bread for breakfast.

By the way, if by evening you are not able to resist, then yogurt can be replaced with black bread. He will sate you with energy and you can at least briefly forget about hunger and fall asleep.

Small secrets of the famous diet for weight loss

Secrets of losing weight from the ballerina are revealed in the video.

To perform complex exercises and take grueling training, a ballerina must be able to discipline her ordinary diet.

There are small tricks for this.

  1. Portions. After eating, there should be a slight feeling of hunger, because dancing or playing sports will be hard with a full stomach. To make it easier to abandon the additive, you can replace the usual plate with a small cup.
  2. Drink. As already known, every person should drink two liters of water a day.

This rule is also followed by dancers, but it has its own peculiarity: it is strictly forbidden to drink water for half an hour after eating.

  • Complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates, on which almost the entire diet is based, require the consumption of bread and cereals.

    Such carbohydrates promote good muscle work in training.

  • Healthy digestion. The interval between the adoption of fish and meat dishes in food should be at least 18 hours.

    Fish, meat, eggs and sour-milk products should be divided. That is, do not drink meat with yogurt and make scrambled eggs with a steak.

    This method is called protein separation.

  • Dilute drinks. Sour-milk drinks should be diluted with water and one ice cube in the ratio 50: 50.
  • Mayonnaise. Its use in food is strictly prohibited. It contains different types of proteins and a large amount of fat.
  • Soups and salads. After the soup should not follow the second course. If you dine with one of these dishes, you can not seize them with bread and drink.
  • How to be without sweet. From sweet and salty food, ballerinas refuse with ease.

    You can substitute sugar for honey and sometimes please yourself with dark chocolate.

  • Slender legs and a tight belly are all the result of strict diets. Below are the most popular types of diet menu for dancers at different time intervals and the famous diet of Maya Plisetskaya.

    It is recommended to take plenty of water and reduce portions. The diet allows for "hungry moments" to drink tea with jasmine.

    So, for 4 days you can reset from 2 to 5 kg:

    1. On the first day you can drink only tomato juice (and you can not add salt, sugar, or any spices to it). The number is 1-1,5 liters.

    It is allowed to eat a couple of rye rusks.

  • The second day is milk. The whole day consists of the use of low-fat fermented milk products.

    They can be mixed, but without the addition of sugar. The quantity is again 1,5 liters and the crackers are again allowed.

  • Meat day or the most "well-fed". You can eat as many whole 5 portions of the soup, which is prepared from: no more than 50 grams of meat, 5 teaspoons boiled rice, 150 ml broth and a large carrot spoon, grated beforehand.

    As mentioned above, meat should be selected delicacy and low-fat.

  • The last day will fix the result of previous days. Only mineral water is allowed.

    Nothing else. However, if the famine overcomes, then you can drink some fat-free kefir.

  • Menu #2 – excellent result for 10 days

    This method of ballet dancers is designed for 10 days. The menu of one day is identical to the rest of the day.

    Do not forget about the unloading days before the start of the diet. Then it will fly unnoticed for your psychological state.

    1. Breakfast – cottage cheese is low-fat plus 200 g milk.
    2. Lunch – black bread with butter or honey.
    3. Lunch is soup. Spoon rice and carrots boil, and in the end pour in pre-cooked chicken broth.
    4. Dinner – a glass of milk with honey.

    During the diet, drinking water is welcome. For 10 days, you can reduce weight by 4-7 kg.

    "Do not eat" – as the famous ballerina Maya Plisetskaya said. Her diet allows you not only to lose weight, but also to detoxify the body (cleansing the body of toxic substances).

    She believed that every woman is capable of making herself a menu for losing weight:

    1. Breakfast: cereal without oil and sugar. Freshly squeezed juice and some fruit.
    2. Lunch: boiled fish or light soup with fruit salad.
    3. Dinner: rice, fish, vegetable stew, salad.

    Opinion and feedback from slimming people

    Any girl tried to go on a diet. Based on other people's recommendations, it's easier to set a goal, because when evaluating the action of a diet, visually you already imagine yourself shapely.

    Reviews about the diet of ballerinas are equally positive. Some people added their changes to the diet, based on their physiological characteristics. The results surprise and cause many to repeat the done way.

    Such a diet requires willpower and great patience. However, I decided to lose weight and did not stop half way. And I did it, I achieved a result, which I could not even dream about! For 10 days, it took 6 kilogram.

    -Vitalina, 45 years, Petropavlovsk

    When I needed to reset 7 kg of weight to participate in the room, I used a diet for 4 days. I did not manage to drop all the kilograms, and after the premiere I decided to repeat it. The second time everything turned out. Now a diet for me is a useful habit, which I find difficult to refuse.

    – a call from the ballerina Maria from Tomsk, 28 years

    So, if you are a professional ballerina or a girl who wants to feel beautiful, elegant and light, you should drink enough water, eat only the allowed foods and practice in the hall for at least five hours a day.

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    Untreated people should train muscles and the body before starting a diet.

    Then losing weight will bring you not only a sense of lightness, but also a benefit to the body.

    The plot of Eugenia Obraztsova about the diet of dancers:

    I liked the power system "3 age", In general, I respect Anna Belousova for her recipes and articles. They helped me to choose a diet and lose weight.

    A good drug, most importantly – do not overdo it with a dosage, which seems to have been a couple of times.

    Hey. I even did not know that there are such drugs for slimming, and it's very good to make them in syrups, pills, tablets.

    And women also 3-4 times a week doing exercises?

    Exercise for stretching is only for those who are professionally engaged in their body for example bodybuilders.