Tom Hardy's training program

Level of training: average

Number of workouts per week: 4

Necessary equipment: barbells, dumbbells, simulators, own weight

Audience: men and women

Author: Brad Borland

Become insane, like Bane, Batman's sworn enemy: include the unique exercises and techniques of high-intensity training of Tom Hardy in your next workout!

Description of the training program

To play the role of Bain in the movie "The Dark Knight: the rebirth of the legend," Tom Hardy had to collect about 14 kg of muscle mass. In the scenario, Bane was a bright negative character with a frightening superhuman strength; A worthy opponent, physically superior to the Dark Knight himself. Strong, powerful and powerful, inspiring terror with one of its kind. But is there not even a place in our life for increasing strength and power? Are you sure that your usual training program does not need an easy kick in the ass? And maybe it's time to learn new exercises, implement advanced techniques and use hints, with which you will return to the path of rapid growth in volume and strength indicators?

Master the following techniques of high-intensity training, destroying any training plateau, and you will become like the Mad Bane!

Below is an example of a program with training on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and Wednesday and weekends are given to rest and recovery.

The program shows only working approaches, do not forget before them to do 1-2 warm-up approach for 10 repetitions with light weight.

Gainer, creatine, casein, or all together

and not a word about the sports that he used.

In one of the interviews, Tom was very verbose about this. – They took BCAA for 10 r before, during and after the workout. – Creatine monohydrate 10 g after exercise. In intensive days, it's also from the morning. – Each 2 hours of drinking protein shakes (most likely a geyner). As it could be combined with a constant intake of food, it is difficult to imagine. But all his interviews.

Great program! For a month and a half I scored 4 kg. I highly recommend, but do not forget about warm-up approaches

Mach, did you do warm-up approaches in one approach or two?

How much time to rest between exercises?

The question on Tuesday, namely, raising to the socks with dumbbells, tried to take two dumbbells and make a lift with one foot, but in that case it would be unbalanced to keep the balance, or did I just take a lot of weight?

Corrected the description. It will be more correct to perform exercises with one dumbbell, and hold the support with your free hand.

Why so little exercise on the biceps? Or it should not be rocked ??

biceps pump drills and tourniquets. if not up to date, the biceps is only 30% of the elbow to the shoulder. the meaning of his swing is only when there is a large worked mass. and so is masturbation.

I think the question is in the description of the program itself, but it goes to mass recruitment, and you can not get a lot from her hands, so many exercises on your feet, several variants of the station and squats. Correct if I'm wrong.

Edik, no, not for beginners, in 1-x as above Danja wrote, 1-2 warm-up approach, and 2-x do not forget the program for mass, but for mass a little repetitions well with a lot of weight, for example bench 1-approach one bar, 10 repetitions, 2-approach 40kg. 10 repetitions, 3 approach 60kg (here already depending on your strength) 6 repetitions, 4 approach 80 kg 6 repetitions.

In no case so do not warm up. You exhaust the muscles and spend glycogen, not even having started to load (just load, and not exhaust and burn) the muscles with the main work. For such weights that you wrote: 2 approach with an empty bar on 10 repetitions, rest 1, 5 minutes. Here we fill the muscles with blood, then the 1 approach 50 kg on the 2 repetition. 1, 5 minutes. Then 1 approach 70 kg on the 2 repetition. 1,5 minutes. Here we are acclimating to weight. And then 3 (maximum 4) working approach with 80 kg on 4-6 repetitions. 2 minutes. If you can do more 6 repetitions without achieving a reasonable muscle failure in the approach – increase the weight. That's the work for the masses.

The program shows only working approaches, do not forget before them to do 1-2 warm-up approach for 10 repetitions with light weight.

Is this training for beginners calculated? Everywhere in the 2 approach and 6 times.

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