Tomato Diet

Diet on tomatoes – a modern method of weight loss, thanks to which you can throw off extra pounds and benefit the body.

Diet on tomato juice

With the tomato diet, the metabolism is accelerated, the cardiovascular system is normalized, and signs of hypertension are eliminated.

There are several types of tomato diet:

During the diet, it is allowed to use fresh tomatoes, stuffed, baked and stewed.

Advantages of tomato diet

The body is saturated with cellulose, protein, calcium, sodium, B vitamins, etc .;

  • tomatoes are recommended for gastritis with low acidity, anemia, cardiovascular diseases, weakening of memory and as a laxative;
  • the body is cleansed of toxins and toxins;
  • there is a preventive maintenance of oncological diseases;
  • improves the general condition of the body;
  • the work of the digestive tract is normalized;
  • strengthens immunity and bone tissue;
  • decreases the negative impact of radioactive rays;
  • improve metabolic processes at the cellular level;
  • recommended for the prevention of genital diseases in women and men.

Disadvantages of the diet

  • is contraindicated for those who are allergic to this product, ulcer of the duodenum and stomach, inflammation of the pancreas;
  • not recommended during poisoning;
  • because the process of losing weight is due to the loss of fluid, the extra pounds can return; at the end of the diet, salt is recommended to be introduced gradually into the diet;
  • tomatoes and its derivatives should not be mixed with food saturated with proteins: cottage cheese, eggs, meat, as the digestive system may be disrupted.

How to lose weight properly: the basic principles of a tomato diet

  • tomatoes are well absorbed with products such as garlic, olive oil, nuts, cheese;
  • tomato juice is recommended to drink freshly squeezed;
  • useful heat treatment, in this case in tomatoes organic acids are destroyed, which can harm the body;
  • during the diet should not use sugar and salt;
  • To add flavor to the juice, it is recommended to add chopped greens or a little garlic.

Proper nutrition on the tomato diet: menu

Tomato express diet

During the day, you need to eat 1,5 kg of tomatoes, dividing the products into 4 portions. This diet should not be more than 3-x days.

Diet on the juice of tomatoes

Duration of the diet is 14 days, during this period it is necessary to drink 200 g of fresh tomato juice before each meal. At the same time consumed portions should not be very large and include:

  • low-fat cottage cheese and cheese;
  • chicken breast;
  • roots;
  • rice;
  • boiled meat and fish;
  • ripe juicy fruit.

Tomato juice and rice: diet

Such a food system involves consumption during 3 days of exclusively tomato juice and boiled rice without the addition of salt.

Adhering to a diet, you can throw off 2-5 kg. If desired, low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt are allowed in the diet.

  • tomato juice can be added directly to rice;
  • Exclude the consumption of spices and herbs, except fresh greens.

Diet on tomato juice: reviews

It is easy enough to withstand the diet, it does not require enormous willpower. At the same time, the menu is saturated with all necessary vitamins and microelements.


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