Top 10 diets for fast weight loss


Today, the fastest diet for weight loss is the most popular among the female population, which in a short time allows you to quickly lose those extra pounds and make the figure perfect. These diets are very often used by our stars and actors, because they always need to maintain their forms.

The principle of fast diets is based on excretion of the body's intercellular fluid and accumulated toxins and toxins. They are the most effective, the weight begins to go away very quickly to 1 kg per day.

However, if you relieve hated pounds with fast diets easily, then it will be very difficult to keep this weight later. Only 5% manage to do this, the others, unfortunately, are not able to keep the weight and begin to look for a new way to lose weight, a slower way that allows you to keep the results achieved for a long time.

On how to properly lose weight, you will learn from the following video:

Are fast diets safe for the body?

Extreme weight loss, although it allows you to quickly bring yourself into shape, but on the state of the body it affects the most negative way. Due to the excretion of the intercellular fluid, dehydration occurs, which slows the metabolism. As a result, the body is in a stressful state and the process of losing weight is decelerated.

In fact, such diets are a kind of starvation, which also negatively affects the work of internal organs and systems. It can cause the development of various diseases, including the nervous system, and exacerbation of chronic diseases. Also, fasting causes irritability and can lead to a depressed state. Therefore, before embarking on a transformation, you need to make sure that you have excellent health.

How easy is it to transfer a fast diet?

Top 10 diets for fast weight loss

As we said earlier, fast diets are essentially fasting, where one or several foods that burn fat cells are allowed. Naturally, it will be very difficult to stay on such food for about a week. Therefore, if you urgently need to lose a couple of extra pounds and you decide to "sit down" on a fast diet for weight loss, you need to know some rules:

  • First, choose a diet that allows the use of the product that you will be happy to use;
  • Secondly, drink plenty of water. It contributes to the dulling of hunger and the acceleration of metabolism;
  • Thirdly, in order not to fall off already on 3 day, you need to pre-set yourself on a diet;
  • Fourth, avoid temptations, do not spend much time in the kitchen or public places where you eat.

And most importantly, even if you manage to withstand an extreme diet and achieve the desired results, you can repeat this weight loss only after six months, and preferably a year. Frequent weight loss in this way will lead to a deterioration in health, as well as significantly slow down the process of metabolism in the body, which will lead to a decrease in results during diets.

Fast carbohydrate diet for 3 days

Top 10 diets for fast weight loss

Such a nutrition program will allow you to lose weight to 5 kg for 3 days. It completely excludes sweet, confectionery and flour products, alcohol, sugar and salt. And dinner is completely absent here. And the amount of water that should be consumed per day should not be less than 2 liters. Foods that are approved for consumption have a low protein content and a complete lack of carbohydrates.

The menu of a carbohydrate diet:

  • завтрак: 1 egg, boiled in a pouch;
  • lunch: 150 g skim curd and 1 cup of black tea;
  • lunch: again 150 g skim curd and 1 cup of black tea.

Low-carb diet for 7 days

This nutrition program is the "sister" of all known carbohydrate diets. However, this version is the most rigid and is allowed to reset to 6 kg per week. Here, as in all diets, banned confectionery and flour products, sugar and alcohol.

A sample menu of low-carb diets:

  • завтрак: 1 a cup of green tea, breads and 30 g cheese of a solid variety, naturally, not greasy;
  • lunch: 200 g skimmed cottage cheese, 100 g boiled beans, loaves and 1 cup of green tea;
  • dinner: cucumber, tomato, boiled breast 100 g and 1 cup of green tea.

Fast jockey diet for 3 days

This diet is the most effective, as for 3 days with it you can reset to 7 kg. However, sustaining it will not be so easy. Do not use salt and sugar.

  • On the first day you need to boil the whole chicken, and divide it into equal parts on 4 food intake.
  • On the second day allowed to eat only boiled vegetables, any, most importantly, that their number does not exceed 300. They also need to be consumed in equal parts at 4 meals.
  • The third day – starvation, literally this word. It is allowed for the whole day to drink only 3 cups of strong coffee without the addition of sugar.

Kefir-cucumber diet for 6 days

Adhering to all the rules of this kefir-cucumber diet for quick weight loss can be reset to 10 kg and more, it all depends on the metabolism of the body.

In a day it is allowed to eat only 1,5 l kefir, 1,5 kg fresh cucumber and a little greens. These products can be eaten either individually or by preparing salads and cocktails from them. The main rule: you can not add salt and sugar.

Variegated diet for 7 days

This diet differs from others in that it is based on the alternation of carbohydrates and proteins, which contributes to the acceleration of the metabolic process. The result is up to 10 kg.

  • Monday: the use in unlimited quantity of boiled, baked or dried vegetables;
  • Tuesday: only boiled postneo meat, not more than 100 g;
  • Wednesday: only boiled eggs, not more than 6 pieces;
  • Thursday: only boiled beef, not more than 400 g;
  • Friday: only boiled fish, the amount of which does not exceed 400 g;
  • Saturday: only fresh fruit, not more than one kilogram;
  • Sunday: baked and fresh fruit, not more than one kilogram.

Meat and fish must be prepared without salt. You also need to use a lot of filtered or non-carbonated mineral water.

Vegetarian Extreme Diet on 2 Day

Top 10 diets for fast weight loss

This nutrition program is great for switching to healthy food and is the basis of all diets. For two days you can throw 1 – 2 kg. After each meal, it is allowed to drink an unsweetened tea from chamomile over 1. Consider the menu of a vegetarian diet

  • 1 meal: 300 g of fruit, most of them must be citrus;
  • 2 meal: fruit salad, prepared from grapefruit, kiwi and grapes;
  • 3 meal: fruit salad, as for lunch;
  • 4 meal: 1 banana.
  • 1 meal: 1 a glass of carrot juice with pepper and salt; 4 baked tomato;
  • 2 meal: vegetable salad, cooked from radishes, cucumbers and cabbage, dressed with olive oil;
  • 3 meal: steamed vegetables;
  • 4 meal: any vegetable juice.

Fast diet for 7 days

The result is up to 10 kg. The menu for each day is the same.

  • завтрак: 200 g any cereal with bran (semolina can not);
  • lunch: vegetable soup on chicken broth, 1 glass of yogurt and 1 green apple;
  • dinner: carrot salad or vinaigrette, 1 glass of yogurt.

If you feel a strong feeling of hunger before going to bed, you can eat some fruit or drink an 1 glass of kefir.

Diet Models

Top 10 diets for fast weight loss

This diet is quite effective. For three days you can reset to 4 kg. The main rules: do not use salt and sugar, drink plenty of water. Dinner is completely absent. The menu on the 3 day is the same:

  • завтрак: boiled egg 1 pcs;
  • lunch: 175 g skim curd and 1 cup unsweetened green tea;
  • afternoon snack: the same way at lunchtime – 175 g skim curd and 1 cup unsweetened green tea.

Protein-carbohydrate diet for 7 days

This variant of the protein-carbohydrate diet is a tough option for all known "protein-carbohydrate diet", which is calculated for two weeks.

  • Monday: you can eat only one boiled potato and drink about half a liter of kefir;
  • Tuesday: you can eat any boiled meat about a hundred grams and drink about half a liter of kefir;
  • Wednesday: it is allowed to eat 4 large green apples and drink about half a liter of kefir; the fourth day 500 ml kefir and 100 g skimmed cottage cheese;
  • Thursday: you can eat a little cottage cheese, about 150 gram, and drink 0,5 l kefir;
  • Friday: allowed about 100 g dried apricots and half a liter of kefir;
  • Saturday: you can eat 100 g sour cream and drink 0,5 l kefir;
  • Sunday: only kefir is allowed in unlimited quantities.

Rigid protein-carbohydrate diet allows you to lose more than 10 kg per week.

A salt-free fast diet for 4 days

Top 10 diets for fast weight loss

This food program implies the use of a limited number of products without the addition of salt. Allows you to reset to 5 kg of excess weight.

  • The first day: 1 kg boiled potatoes and 1 l unsweetened green tea;
  • Second day: 500 g of high-boiled pasta and 1 l unsweetened tea with lemon;
  • The third day: 1 kg of boiled chicken fillet and 2 l of still mineral water;
  • Fourth day: 1 kg boiled potatoes and 1 l unsweetened green tea.

Also quickly reduce the weight will help the apple diet, which you can learn from the following video:


All diets are very much reflected in the state of the body. First, there is a strong cleansing of the body; secondly, the body does not have time to get used to its new state, because the weight decreases very quickly.

After the end of the diet can not immediately lean on fatty foods, it can cause an upset digestive system and a quick return of lost pounds. The way out of fast diets should be gradual. First, for a few days, you need to eat low-calorie food, after which these calories should gradually increase every day to normal. And the norm for a healthy person is 1800 – 2000 kcal per day.

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