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Train like Duane "Rock" Johnson

Dwayne "Rock" Johnson knows how to conquer the peaks. Learn the secrets of his success and use them to crush your goals in life and in training!

Authors: Matthew Power and Andrew Jacobs

At four in the morning the sun is just beginning to rise above the luxurious Landmark Ranch Estate district, located west of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Most of the residents of this closed community – including the NFL Cornerback of Asante Samuel and the New York Jets receiver of Brandon Marshall – are in their homes worth tens of millions of dollars, lying in bed and trying to catch a few more hours of precious sleep.

While most residents of the area do not yet think to wake up, the Hollywood superstar and part-time professional wrestler Dwayne "Rock" Johnson is awake for at least half an hour. He stretches giant muscles and stretches sports clothes, preparing for the morning ritual. Going out on the porch of his mansion with an area of ​​1272 m², he takes a long deep breath to fill the lungs with the fresh air of Florida, and smiles.

When the street lights go out, the 43-year-old militant hero comes out onto the gray gravel path and starts jogging along tall palms, reminiscent of guards guarding the peace of the inhabitants of neighboring palaces. In the headphones, music is roaring. Someone will call Dwayne crazy, but he will first tell you that it is this dedication that helps him to keep himself in shape and to remain one of the most sought-after Hollywood actors.

Morning cardio is just one small cog in a well-oiled mechanism, which is the Rock's training schedule. To maintain the form, the creation of which he devoted most of his life, Johnson must rigorously follow a strict diet and training plan.

We followed each movement of this box office crusher for 24 hours to fully appreciate the amount of work required to maintain an ideal physical shape. Even just following him was very difficult.

Jonson's run is tin. To complete it, Duane's T-shirt was so saturated with sweat that it could be squeezed. But there was no talk of fatigue from the morning cardio session. On the contrary, he felt a surge of vigor and strength. Although one thought of an early rise and morning training may seem like a nightmare to many, Johnson believes that training with the first rays of the sun helps him tune in for the entire coming day.

"I like to practice well in the early morning to start the day with the right foot, psychologically and physically," he says. "Depending on the role I'm preparing for, my morning starts with a cup of coffee and runs on an elliptical simulator for 30-50 minutes, no matter whether I'm at home or at the hotel. Although, when I'm at home, I like to run down the street. And after cardio comes the turn of the breakfast. "

At the mention of the morning meal Johnson blurs in his trademark smile for a million dollars. If something gives him more pleasure than the training and entertainment of the audience – on the huge screen or in the wrestling ring – it's food, and he makes every effort to ensure that every meal helps his body to work at the limit of possibilities.

"As for the diet, I usually eat five times a day. I am very organized and always ready, every meal is planned in advance. All products are weighed, the portion size is determined by the upcoming role. I usually start the day with a piece of beef and oatmeal for breakfast, "explains Duane, sending an impressive portion into her mouth. "Among the basic products of my menu are chicken, steaks from tenderloin, egg whites, oatmeal, broccoli, halibut, rice, asparagus, baked potatoes, vegetable salads, peppers, mushrooms and onions, as well as casein protein."

Soon we find ourselves in a private gym in Florida. Johnson sits on a horizontal bench with two 45 kilogram dumbbells in each hand. With the exception of a few early birdies doing squats, stanovaya or plyometric exercises, the hall is almost empty. The only sound accompaniment is the music that pours from the huge columns arranged at the corners of the gym. When you live in such a dense and hectic schedule, as Duane Johnson, moments of calm are valued for the weight of gold. No one in the room does not bother him and does not ask for an autograph, and he can completely concentrate on his communication with iron. And according to Duane's words, this is what helps him to regulate the often insane life.

"Training is my psychotherapy, and it costs me less than brainstorming," he grins. – To be honest, I can not imagine life without training. If you want to get results, in any aspect of life, but especially in training, nothing will replace hard work. "

"After breakfast, I always have a good session in the gym – epic pain, epic results. I adhere to the principles of "together we will win" and "train for progress", and therefore I like to share this in social networks. Training I perceive as a model of life in miniature – selflessness, determination, dedication, attitude, successes and defeats – all this I endure in my life. "

Johnson sincerely believes in the truths that preaches, especially when it comes to the time spent in the gym. Instead of following numerous training programs, which in recent years have climbed out of all the cracks, he prefers a time-tested model of bodybuilding – lifting weights on a regular basis. She helps him to always achieve results and hang mountains of muscles on his two-meter frame.

"I train six days a week, usually in the morning. Although, depending on the schedule, I can also in the evening, – he says. "But I personally like it more in the morning." Communicating with iron, I divide the body into parts: legs, back of the shoulders, chest, biceps and triceps. I alternate dumbbells, cables, bars and simulators. "

"My training is constantly changing and correcting, but in most cases I perform the 4 approach for 12 repetitions with rest 60-90 seconds. I do not wander around the gym, but I always try to do my best. It is important for me to feel that, by raising the barbells with dumbbells, I'm working at the limit of opportunities. "

Working in the gym not only helps Johnson look cool without a T-shirt. He trains for wear to be able to perform as many tricks as he can physically sustain, and that these tricks look as realistic as possible.

In the blockbuster "Fast and the Furious 7" and the catastrophe catastrophe "The Rift of San Andreas," Johnson performed several incredibly spectacular, but physically exhausting tricks. Sipping coffee from a huge cup after the morning training, he explained that the cruel schedule of training for last year's "Hercules" helped him lay the foundation for subsequent roles.

"I was lucky that these films were shot after Hercules. For that role, I trained and worked harder than ever. I had to shake the iron for eight months in a row – he recalls. – During the filming of Hercules, I locked myself in Budapest and lived alone for six months, and then there was the seventh Fast and the Furious and San Andreas. "

For San Andreas, Johnson had to significantly change the structure of training to be able to physically meet the requirements for the role in the film about the devastating earthquake in California. The task was not easy.

"In San Andreas, I play a rescue officer at the Los Angeles Fire Department. It was very exciting to work with those guys and redraw my workouts and diet to match the character, he explains. – The role required a large body strength, so I practiced a lot on a rope, as well as in water and with my own weight. I really enjoyed the process, and my respect for the guys who chose this job grew several times. The real heroes of our time, in the true sense of the word. "

Before the Fast and the Furious 7, Johnson knew he would meet a worthy opponent in terms of physical strength when he came face to face with another cool Hollywood guy, Jason Statham. Although Johnson was used to the role of the biggest and steepest guy, he was happy to share this glory with Statham during their epic fight in the office.

"The fight with Jason Statham in the first scene – it was something. Everything was very, very cool and non-standard. Over the years, I had the opportunity to fight many actors with the reputation of "bad guys in Hollywood," the militant actors and action people, but Jason Statham surpassed them all. I want to say that with all due respect to the guys I fought with in the previous films, "Johnson says," Jason introduced an element of realism into the franchise. He does not just play during a fight, he's serious. Jason is a real tough son of a bitch, you can be sure. "

At sunset of the day, Johnson was driving a giant Ford F-150 truck, also known as the "Black Gorilla", and was returning to his residence along a long winding freeway. Despite the fact that Johnson is known for his contagious charisma, on the way home he was calm and thoughtful. After all, most people do not get a chance to realize their dreams of becoming a movie star or find the time to bring their body to shape, while Johnson at the expense of this has managed to build a dizzying career. This is his hobby and vocation, and he tries to become better for each of his roles.

Johnson again and again proves why no one can compete with him in the role of the hero of a tough action movie, and he would not want it to be otherwise. "I love it," he says with a broad smile on his face. – Creating and maintaining such a musculature requires attention to detail. Sometimes you have to remove cardio or add cardio. Periods you have to train twice a day, absorb calories or cut calorie menu. You are constantly in a state of transformation, and I like it, no doubt. "

Weekly program of rocking "Rocks"

Over the years, Dwyane Johnson has worked hard to create the body that men dream of, and to which women want to touch. However, the secret of his success is simple enough: lift a heavy weight, train often and to wear. We offer a week schedule for his training. Try it yourself, if the spirit is enough. Or adjust the schedule for yourself to get closer to your own training goals!

"Rock" is the first to tell you that exhausting lifting of weights is only half the case when it comes to building muscle. You must supply the body with the right foods. In preparation for the role of Hercules, Duane had to absorb seven meals each day with protein, but at the usual time he adhered to the schedule with five meals a day.

Fourth meal

My legs hurt once a week, all the rest is normal. It seems that your legs recover quickly. I'll try twice a week to do as Duane "Rock" Johnson.

I'm starting from Monday 31. 07.2017 I want to load myself for a month.

What kind of neck does he not train? I do not believe, why there is no exercise for the neck?

I can do trainings like this. Diets such nesmogu financially overpowered, a little expensive)))

Today I'm starting) I'm starting to diet only with 2 circle)

Today I'll try to start, but it seems to me that I can not walk))

Why 2 the days of the feet? For what?

I'll start next week. Now I'm doing 4 times, I do not really run much, but in general I can run both 5 km and 7 km, I always had a good run, I do not swim here at all. Prior to this, 6 weeks ago, 8X8 Gironde, 2 weeks resting doing "half the strength" or how to properly call it actively recovering.

With some breaks visit the simulator for years 6; In recent years 1.5 has increased the regularity of classes to 3 once a week; At the same time, I do not have the worst cardiovascular preparation – I run on the street regardless of the weather for 3 km, with the results of the voyage it is already possible to read the transfer of the GTO. Why am I doing this? Thought that working on this program would be easy. Wrong. I am engaged 2 weeks, up to 6 once a week has not reached, therefore as I die completely after high-grade day on Dwayne. Maybe I can really overcome my plateau)

Well, who drew the thread? unsubscribe))

Thanks for Dwayne!

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