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Looking for a fitness program in the style of a fitness bikini, in which you can be sure of one hundred percent? This training, aimed at burning fat, combines cardio-loads and strength exercises, which will lead your figure into a tonus.

Author: Courtney Prater

Each woman has problem areas, the appearance of which I would like to improve. The purpose of training can be elastic buttocks, a flat stomach or tightened arm muscles. But not everyone understands that the key to modeling anatomical zones is to work out the whole body. Exercises all over the body involve all the muscles and burn more calories than the movements for one muscle group, which means that you burn fat faster. After reading the article, you will see that this circular training for the whole body can be performed anywhere. You do not need smart devices of the gym or a lot of time. Just get ready to sweat!

Deadlift on one leg with a raised knee

Bleed the gluteal muscles and strengthen the muscles of the body with a movement that requires good coordination.

Stand upright, lift one leg over the floor. Tilt the body in the hip joints forward, while lifting and straightening the leg behind you. Keep your back straight. Go down until you feel a stretch on the back surface of your feet, or until your hands touch the floor. Return to the starting position. Complete 10 repetitions, then repeat the exercise on the other leg.

This uneasy plyometric movement burns a lot of calories, so give it all the strength!

The starting position, as in the lowest point of the attacks: the legs are staggered, the knees are bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Jump and land, changing your legs in places. The legs should be bent, the knee of the hindleg should be slightly above the floor. The abdomen is strained, keep the body upright. Continue to jump, each time changing feet in places. Exercise for 60 seconds.

Council. Cardio effect is manifested after 60 seconds. If you feel you need to, after a minute go into the mode of alternate attacks (without jumping) and continue the exercise.

Raising a straight leg in a crab pose

Let's talk about the exercise for the whole body! This movement works on the abdominal muscles, triceps, buttocks and hips.

Take a crab pose: palms on the floor, fingers look in the direction of the feet, buttocks are slightly in front of the brushes. The body mass is distributed between the arms and foot of one leg, the second leg is raised and stretched parallel to the floor. Push the foot that is standing on the ground, stretch the press and lift the buttocks up, while lifting the straight leg high up perpendicular to the floor. Do the exercise 30 seconds, then change your legs in places and repeat.

It's time to raise the pulse rate and pump up the elastic buttocks.

Take the pose of the sprinter: the weight of the body is transferred to the front leg, which is bent at the knee at 90 degrees. Hold the chest high, touch the floor with your fingers on the sides of the front foot, the second leg is bent behind. Starting from the floor with the heel of the front leg, jump up and in the jump take the second leg far ahead in a controlled movement. After landing, return to the starting position, sliding with your foot back, and touching the floor with your hands. Again, jump and repeat the exercise on the same side 30 seconds, then change your legs in places.

The dog snouts down and the knee strap

Do not be scared of the long name. The yoga-inspired movement will help you create strong relief muscles by participating in the whole body and including elements in the training to develop flexibility.

Take the yoga pose "dog face down". Lift one leg up, raise the hips until you feel the stretch in the front thigh. With one smooth movement, lower the hips to the shoulder line and go to the position of the bar. Pull the knee of the raised leg to the chest. Include the muscles of the abdomen. Return to the starting position, straightening and lifting up the same leg. Perform 10 repetitions on one side, then change your legs and repeat all over again.

Check your abilities with this variant of jumping-squats with widely spaced legs. The exercise is aimed at the buttocks and the back of the thigh.

The starting position is standing, the legs are wider than the shoulders. The stops are turned out at an angle of 45 degrees. Lean forward, put your hands on the floor, with one jump go to the position of the bar. Immediately make a return jump and tear your hands off the floor, taking the starting position for a squat of sumo. Straining the buttock muscles, straighten and raise your arms above your head. Keep your back tense and smooth from start to finish. Do the exercise at the maximum rate for 60 seconds.

Plank on forearms with alternate lifting of legs

Let's add to the effective exercise for the press – the bar – the movement that pumps the gluteal muscles.

Take the pose of the bar with forearms and elbow joints directly under the shoulders. Tighten the press, do not forget to breathe and fix the head in a neutral position. Slowly lift one leg above the floor, keep it straight, actively connect the gluteal muscles. Lower your foot in a controlled motion and repeat the exercise with the second leg. Continue 60 seconds.

It's time to spice the cardio again with plyometric exercise for the lower body. By this time your feet can already burn in the fire, but do not give up! By forcing the body out of the comfort zone, you can change it.

The starting position is standing, legs together, knees slightly bent. Jump, spread your legs wide and sit down, touching the right hand of your left foot. Again jump and draw your feet together, straighten and repeat the exercise, this time touching the floor with the other hand. The back should be flat during the entire movement, and the knees – in front of the feet in the lower phase of the squat. Work 60 seconds.

This exercise will work around the waist and help you approach the beach season with a flat belly!

In the initial position, pull over the floor, distributing the weight between the tips of the toes and the forearms. The elbows are directly under the shoulders, the body is stretched to the string from head to toe. While holding the body straight, turn to the side, lifting your arm vertically upwards during the rotation. Pause, go back to the starting position and repeat the rotation to the other side. The muscles of the abdomen should be strained. You must fully control the movement. Do 10 repetitions on each side.

The last portion of the cardio is an exercise skater, which is aimed at the buttocks and thighs.

In the initial position of the foot on the width of the shoulders. Bending to the right, bend the right leg in the knee and transfer the weight of the body to it. Simultaneously, shift the left leg diagonally back behind the right leg, put your hands behind your right thigh. Without pause, jump to the left, changing hands and feet to complete one repetition. Exercise for 60 seconds.

So, you have a training program for modeling a figure in the style of a fitness bikini, which will help you prepare for the beach season faster than you notice. Depending on the initial level of preparation, perform the 1-3 circle and lift the load when you feel you are ready for it. Train this plan 1-2 times a week if you already have a training program and you want to do it more efficiently, or 2-3 times a week in combination with 30-minute cardio sessions if you want to create your own training plan. Since you train the entire body, you can not think about how to work out different muscle groups. It's enough to make sure that you have at least one day of rest between training sessions. See you at the beach!

Are you already training to prepare for the summer? Are you going to integrate the proposed training into your current program? What in the past helped you prepare for the summer season? What exercises for the whole body were your favorites, did they help to quickly bring the body into tone? Leave comments and share your thoughts!

Without proper nutrition, all these exercises to one place))))

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