Training fitness model: Lais Deleon

Creating a physique body model is not only a reduction of carbohydrates and cardio-loading. Professional advice Lais Deleon will help you to pave the way to a slender and strong body!

Author: Shannon Clarke

Have you ever thought about how to create a fitness model body? If monotonous and boring cardio sessions occur in a company with restrictive diets, it's time to dispel the myths and start with a clean slate. Everything is much more interesting and dynamic!

Instead of rushing to the embrasure without a clear plan, use the advice of the professional fitness model of Lais Deleon in training, nutrition and recovery. Then try her weekly training plan to bring the body into an ideal shape, worthy of the cover of the magazine!

Many people think that the life of a fitness model is associated with a sharp restriction of calories and even a skipping of meals, but this is far from true! For example, Lais Deleon never misses breakfast and considers it a pledge of a successful day. She is very responsible for the morning meal, which charges her with energy for training and the whole coming day.

"I start the day with a glass of water and supplements of omega-3, and then refuel with a protein cocktail of my own preparation," says Lais. – For a portion of the morning cocktail, I take a cold natural coffee, unsweetened almond milk, two tablespoons of protein powder, a handful of oatmeal, a tablespoon of chia seeds, a tablespoon of natural peanut butter and ice. "

All this may seem like a strange set of ingredients, but, in fact, a balanced mixture of caffeine, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and protein is an ideal option for a morning refueling. First-class fuel prepares Deleon for training and ensures that she can train at maximum speed. "If you do not refuel in the morning, training will be far from ideal," she explains.

2. Eat fresh and nutritious dishes

When the morning meal is left behind, DeLeon continues to approach the diet with the mind. "Although I cook something beforehand that was something to eat on the go, I prefer to eat freshly cooked dishes as often as possible," she says. "I believe that fresh food is the most delicious, and if you like your food, it will be easier for you to stick to the nutrition plan."

Lais tries to eat more carbohydrates in the morning, and prefers vegetables for lunch. This gives her strength and energy at the beginning of the day, when this is most needed, and allows you to burn fat in periods of less activity. In terms of proteins and fats, Lais has no favorites. "I always try to make sure that all my dishes are a source of protein and, as a rule, contain some amount of healthy fats," she says.

Instead of dramatically reducing calories in trying to lose weight, eat like a fitness model. Make sure that your dishes contain 20-30 grams of high-grade protein from natural sources, such as chicken or fish. Include in the menu slow complex carbohydrates, such as brown rice and whole grains; Do not overlook the useful fats of fish, olive oil or nutrient-rich seeds.

3. Find the best products for your body

Certain foods can cause bloating, water retention and even allergic reactions. To solve the problem, Deleon recommends finding the foods that your body absorbs best. Although for this you will have to experiment or even visit an allergist, eventually you will be able to identify and remove from the menu products that deprive you of strength and prevent you from achieving your goals.

"I try to exclude dairy products from the diet," Deleon says, arguing that products of this category are not very suitable for her. "I also limit the amount of gluten and try to choose sources of carbohydrates like sweet potato and brown rice."

Although gluten and dairy products do not fit Lais Deleon, they can be good for you. Remember that each organism reacts differently to certain foods, and try to find the best options for yourself. Pay attention to your health after eating and remove from the diet dishes that can be a source of problems.

No matter how tight the schedule is, Lais Deleon, she always tries to find time to relax. "Let your beauty sleep," she says. "During sleep, the body regains itself after the hard work done in the gym, so a good night's sleep will guarantee that you will work on your next training session."

Deleon recommends sleeping eight or even nine hours. Although sometimes this advice is difficult to implement – especially in those days when it is forced to rise until dawn – it is ready to make these sacrifices in order to achieve its goals.

Too many people think that to create a body fitness model you need to go to the gym almost every day, but it's not. The body of the fitness model is created in the process of competent training, and not necessarily debilitating. "I truly believe that the time devoted to recovery is just as important as training, because recovery is the key to progress," she says.

If you constantly drive yourself to exhaustion, your body will not respond to the load properly. "It is important to understand that during training you are destroying the tissues of the body," says Deleon. "Without a full recovery, this can lead to overtraining."

In addition to at least one day of rest per week, Deleon recommends once in 4-6 weeks to plan one week of recovery, during which you reduce the amount (total number of approaches and repetitions) of the training load. This will allow you to progress and create the body of your dreams in the long run, and not short jerks.

6. Make variety in your workouts

When it comes to training, Deleon is not afraid of change. Strength training is necessary to create a silhouette and musculature fitness model, but this is not the only type of training in its plan. "Undoubtedly, to see outstanding results, you need to work with heavy weight," she says. "But do not be afraid to deviate from the plan from time to time."

Although she likes to work on the verge of a one-time maximum, Deleon also likes from time to time include plyometric exercises, an expander and a multi-repeat training. Flexibility in terms of training will help you stick to the plan regardless of the circumstances. "Some days my schedule is so tight that I can not get into the gym. Then I take an expander and train on the street or at home, "she says." There's no excuse for skipping a training session. "

Due to constant business trips, Deleon has to creatively approach training and affordable equipment. She has a strategy for all occasions. Very often, her training plan is reduced to time management. "Spend time planning the training schedule for the upcoming week, and you are more likely to do them all," she says.

Training fitness model Lais Deleon

Are you ready to get acquainted with the training program of Lais Deleon? Try a week to work out in her schedule! Note that when Lais is working hard to reduce the percentage of fat tissue, she adds 30-40 minutes of morning cardio every day, except on Sundays.

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