Training program for drying the body: 6-day split

Primary goal: burning fat

Level of training: average

Number of workouts per week: 6

Necessary equipment: training apparatus, dumbbells, barbell, EZ-bar

Audience: men and women

Author: Doug Lawrenson

This intensive training program is aimed specifically at drying the body. Use it to burn fat and regain muscle.

The training program for body drying is primarily designed for people who want to bring their body in order to the beach season and lose a couple of kilograms. But it can also be useful for athletes preparing for competitions.

In this program, each muscle group is studied twice a week according to the scheme: 3 training days, 1 day of rest. For effective drying, you must burn the maximum number of calories for each workout. For this, the program uses approaches to 12-15 repetitions and a short rest in 30 seconds. The first approach takes the maximum weight with which you can perform a specified number of repetitions. In further approaches, you may have to reduce the working weight by a few pounds. But do not get carried away too much, training should go to the limit of possibilities, only in this way you will be able to achieve the desired drawing of muscles.

An important component of each slimming program is cardio. Optimal are light aerobic workouts twice a day: morning and evening. Perform them better for 30 minutes in the morning before breakfast and for 2-3 hours before sleep, but not before the main strength training, as this will significantly reduce its effectiveness.

It's not a secret that there is not enough training to effectively burn fat, you will also need a well-designed nutrition plan and effective sports supplements.

First of all, limit the intake of calories. Fat burning occurs only when the body spends more calories than it receives. Most men for weight loss need to use 2000-2300 kcal per day. If in doubt, use the calorie calculator and subtract 10% from the obtained value. So you get the approximate amount of calories needed for drying.

Watch for the timely intake of proteins in the body. Without them, you run the risk of losing not only fat deposits, but also muscular mass gained by overwork. Try to eat foods rich in protein as often as possible. Daily intake of protein should be of the order of 2 g per kilogram of body weight (or 30% of total caloric intake). Thus, the reception of 30-40 g protein every 2-3 hours will be considered optimal. To meet the body's protein requirements, it is recommended to use whey protein, such as Gold Standard 100% Whey or Syntha-6.

Try to reduce carbohydrate intake to 40-60 g per day (10-20% of the total calorie content of food). This will cause the body to use fat deposits as fuel throughout the day. Having learned to effectively use fat as the main source of fuel, the body is aware of the abundant reserves of such fuel inside itself. This will also reduce the loss of clean muscle mass.

The remainder of the diet is the fat. The use of sufficient amounts of fat, plus a reduction in the intake of carbohydrates, will force the body to produce the necessary enzymes and optimize the biochemical processes for the use of fat (and not carbohydrates) as fuel. Use different sources of fat and do not forget to take healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

To help the body cope with the high load from such an intense exercise program with food, a large amount of vitamins and minerals must be supplied. What is very difficult to achieve with a limited diet. Therefore, it is highly recommended to take a vitamin complex for athletes, such as Opti-Men.

In addition to the armament it is possible to take a pre-training complex, for example, NO-Xplode. It increases your stamina and strength, which will help you train much more effectively. And for recovery after training, it is better to use glutamine preparations, like CellMass.

  • The program is designed for classes 6 once a week and one day of rest.

Recommended sports nutrition for drying time

Everything that does not kill us makes us stronger!

And you, excuse me, are going to die?

I think that without a pharma it will be difficult every day to pull such a program. I would advise at least a day to study, and the main diet.

A week of training, everything is fine. The program is excellent, but you need to understand that everything is written for an example. And count in repetitions, weight all this should you choose for yourself. The program is no more than 4 weeks, then the transition to a circular set. Nobody can push anyone forward with their feet. Are there any moderators? clean the records are not adequate!

Training is wonderful! But do not forget that you have to somersault all your life, stop, you will be disabled. It's like addiction. With the result in 0 Do not go against yourself-this is the time, the second rest after training one session and transfer to the other for at least 20 minutes. And try to drink more water-for massive, do not hesitate to write more often! You will be healthier if you separate the slags during and the muscles do not, will be clogged. After all, eat what's horrible. And shish kebabs with soot, and many other delights of the sea. We die from what we eat, and not because there are many drills.

Here is the moment with the fact that 1-2-3 day rest 1-2-3, then again or again a day of rest?

Absolutely normal program. It is transferred easily. 12 weeks and return to the usual rhythm. Very good results.

took a note, change a little for myself and be gud) thank you

when I tried to rest a little and do more work, I earned myself the pressure. now if a strong load without a break, then immediately the head hurts, and the nose goes from the nose ((((((

The people are who worked under this program? How is it?

After a week of such training, how many breaks do you need and then start again?

Are you driving ?! So in general you can make yourself into a grave! Better three days a week and do cardio after tricking! Do not be stupid, you will only kill yourself with such training!

I agree, this number of exercises .

It is better to turn on the cardio 1 a day later! Then the pharma is not needed)))))))))))

Get a rest after every three days of training!

Mom mya, what a stupid thing. Without pharma from such a program, the legs can be stretched

totally agree with you

And at any time you can exercise? in 20: 00 is right?

And for women, this training is suitable.

How correctly to combine use BSN Hyper FX and BSN Hyper Shred if in structure of both кофен, search will not be.

nothing is terrible if the day off is done not on Thursday, but on Sunday. after 6 lessons in a row?

30 seconds a lot. I think rest should be only when from one to another exercise you go. Then the training itself will last less, and the approaches will be done until the muscles fail completely. I like to train like this.

During drying, the rest time between the approaches should be no more than 1 minutes. During this time the person normalizes breathing / palpitation / dyspnea. If you do in a circular without interruption – will stand with your feet forward.

In general, there should not be any pauses, the whole complex is round-robin! and the time of training will be reduced, and the muscles will be hammered. There is nothing to regret! SSS will work fine! if after such training we do not die, then we will become stronger.

Why at once then to exclude approaches and at once to not begin to do one exercise 100 repetitions.

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