Training program for relief

Primary goal: muscular relief

A type: split top / bottom

Level of training: average

Number of workouts per week: 4

Necessary equipment: dumbbells, simulators, treadmill or step-simulator

Audience: men and women

Dynamic and energy-intensive 40-minute sessions will help you cremate the subcutaneous fat and display a fantastic relief by combining interval training and muscle mass training.

Author: Al Jay Walker, Bachelor of Human Physiology

This training program for relief is designed specifically to help you get the most out of every minute you spend in the gym. Short, intensive and energy-intensive training sessions will make you bleed later.

You will come to the gym, warm up and explode. In aerobic exercise will not be necessary. Burn fat you will be simultaneously with the growth of muscles or the preservation of existing muscle tissue.

This is how this training program works. Each 40-minute session is made up of the following blocks:

This is an 8-minute chronometric approach using two basic exercises. This block will test your muscles for strength, activate hypertrophy (muscle growth), and also accelerate your heartbeat and cause your body to incinerate calories.

For the first block, you should choose the weight of the dumbbells, which requires considerable effort in each of the proposed exercises. Ideally, you should choose a weight that will allow you to perform 10-12 repetitions in each approach.

Switching between exercises, try to reduce rest between approaches to an absolute minimum. If between sets you need a few seconds to restore breathing, stop for a couple of moments, but no more!

Quickly switch back and forth between the two exercises included in this block. In each exercise, do as many repetitions as you can, and stop the approach one instant. Adhere to this pattern of alternation of exercises and do the maximum possible number of repetitions, until the minutes allocated for the first block of 8 expire. If possible, use a mobile phone timer.

After the first unit, rest exactly 2 minutes. This time is enough to prepare for a treadmill or step-simulator in the second block.

The second block is 8-minute time-honored VIIT (high-intensity interval training) cardio unit, in which we will use dumbbells or own weight in tandem with a treadmill or step simulator. During this block, you will get a powerful fat burning effect from VIIT cardio in combination with an additional strength training element that tests the strength of the upper and lower body muscles and helps you look your best.

In the second block, you will alternate 30-second fast running / fast step on the step-simulator with 30-second power training. The sample before you:

  • 30-second fast running on the track / fast walking on the step-simulator

As you can see, this 8-minute block is built on the rotation of four exercises. All the exercises are listed below when describing the training program for relief.

After this unit, rest exactly 2 minutes. Drink water and prepare dumbbells for the third block.

Block 3 goes by analogy with the block 2, the only difference is that now we will use isolating exercises. By this point, you are already expiring afterwards and are halfway to the finish line. This unit will continue to load the main muscle groups and at the same time will support heart palpitations. After the third block, rest exactly 2 minutes, then go back to the step-simulator or treadmill for the block number 4.

Do the same as in the block 2, only with other exercises. This is the final block, followed by a two minute hitch consisting of walking at the usual pace.

Example of a training program for relief

Below is an approximate training scheme, based on well exercises with dumbbells. You can change the exercises for yourself and for the available equipment.

I did not understand it. and why it is written that it is on the treadmill and on the photo of the exercise. and how then to work 2 to the maximum and 30 sec of rest where. confused

You can find out how this is an average level.

Hey. You can use this program not as shown in the example (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri.), And every other day (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun)?

And you can replace the exercises on the hands of exercises on the press? Bust with hands for the girl turns out. Although maybe I'm wrong .

Of course, you can adjust the program for you.

And how about food? You can not simultaneously grow and dry

And why is that? Have you read the stereotypes of fat powerlifters?

and if in some exercises where I can replace dumbbells with a bar so you can?

Naturally, you can, your body reacts to any load.

Hello, and whether it is possible to replace run / step / fast step on jumping rope. Since it is not very convenient to run and wait for the path. Thank you

You can, the rope is perfect.

The day is a kind fire program .. barely got home. (Alternate 30-second fast running / fast step on the step-simulator with 30-second power training.) Explain this here. )) thanks in advance!! And so the program is just a class

Hello! and it is possible to replace the exercises for slow cardio during the VIVI? that is, 30 seconds of fast running, 30 – slow, etc.?

Is it possible for this program to gain muscle mass, or only be a relief?

This program is for those who already have muscle mass and want to find relief.

Tell me, but you can for example do this: On Monday and Thursday do: chest and hands, and on Friday and Tuesday: do legs and back?

You can try, but I would not advise. On Thursday, for example, you will get 40-50 intensive approaches to your hands, how do you imagine it?

What exercises in this program will there be a relief press?

The relief appears due to the reduction of the fat layer.

The program is good, but there are some questions: 1. Why are there so few approaches? 2. Why little exercise on the triceps, chest, back and press? Can I add my own exercises? 3. How much of this program can I use?

1. 4 block for 16 approaches without interruption – not so little. 2. This is a feature of the top / bottom split. Exercises can be replaced. 3. The program is on 4-8 weeks.

And one more question: part A and part B should be present in training both, or only one of them?

That is, part A and part B are done on 1 day?

No, in different, as in the sample program

I liked the program very much! The huge minus is that the simulators are only elliptical = (Tell me, can exercises with simulators be replaced with dumbbells or without equipment?

Yes, you can safely change the exercises for yourself.

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