Training program for the mesomorph

Training program for the mesomorph is designed for experienced athletes with an experience of regular training at least one a year and can be used for both muscle mass gain and weight loss. Achievement of this or that purpose occurs mainly due to the adjustment of the diet of the bodybuilder, and not the training program. More details on how to eat correctly to lose weight or gain muscle mass are described in the relevant articles of the section “Nutrition.”

training programs for the mesomorphGenetically gifted mesomorphs are ideally predisposed to power sports. Exceptionally well, the mesomorphic type of physique is combined with bodybuilding training. They by nature have an athletic body that responds well to weight training and is able not only to build muscle mass and strength rapidly but also effectively burn excess fat deposits.

Training for the mesomorph often leads to a set of impressive muscle mass with a relatively low percentage of body fat. Thanks to the good metabolic response of the organism to the load and adaptation to it, which is expressed in the rapid growth of strength and muscle mass, many believe that any training program will suit the representatives of the mesomorphic body type and do not need any special training program for the mesomorph. This is partly true, but there are some features of the training of the mesomorph, which maximally effectively contribute to the rapid achievement of the goals set.

Features of the training of the mesomorph

Before proceeding to consider training programs for the mesomorph, let’s find the critical elements of training. As I mentioned above, representatives of this type of physique respond well to strength training and progress relatively quickly regarding increasing strength and muscle mass. Due to this, the exercise of the mesomorph can and should be more voluminous than the exercise of the ectomorph.

In practice, this is expressed by the fact that, unlike the training program for the ectomorph, which should consist exclusively of basic exercises, the training program for the mesomorph includes also isolating activities for aiming the target groups of muscles.

The mesomorphs progress best by performing the 3-4 approach in the 8-12 exercise — the optimal number of tasks for training 6-7. Rest between sets is about 2 minutes. The duration of the training is 60-90 minutes, including a warm-up and a hitch.

Such an increased amount of training for the mesomorph and contributes to faster and more clear progress. However, it will take more time to restore the body after practice. Therefore, the training program three once a week (three-day split) with an interval between training sessions in one day is the ideal solution for a mesomorph.


  1. Lifting with a weight of 3-4×8-12
  2. Deadlift (in a week) 3-4×8-12
  3. Thrust rod/dumbbell to the waist in the slope of the back grip 3×8-12
  4. Press the barbell/dumbbells upside-down 3×8-12
  5. Thrust rod/dumbbell to the chin 3×8-12
  6. Mahi dumbbells in the sides 3×8-12
  1. Bench Pressing Bench 3-4×8-12
  2. Dumbbell bench press lying on an incline bench 3×8-12
  3. The cultivation of hands with dumbbells on an incline bench 3×8-12
  4. Lifting the bar to the biceps 3×8-12
  5. Exercise the hammer on the biceps 3×8-12
  6. Bench press laying with a narrow grip 3×8-12
  7. French bench press 3×8-12


  1. Squats with a bar 4×8-12
  2. Deadlift with dumbbell 3×8-12
  3. Pressing your feet in the 3×8-12 simulator
  4. Rise to the socks standing 3×12-20
  5. Ascending to the socks sitting 3×12-20
  6. Lifting the legs in the vise/twist 3-4 to failure.


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