Training program for young girls

7-day training cycle, including strength exercises and cardio loads, is designed specifically for women who want to improve functional training and raise muscle tone.

This 7-day training cycle for the development of general functional training will suit any girl who has never engaged in power training. It was with this program that I began my acquaintance with the power exercises. Also the program will be useful to those who do not want to go to the gym. All exercises can be performed at home with minimal equipment, and the simplest requirements for outfitting take into account your physical capabilities.

The training cycle is designed for seven days, but it is important to understand that you can start any day of the week, based on the schedule of its workload. The fact is that on the seventh day of the cycle, the only training is in the fresh air, although it can be done at home. Therefore, try to put the seventh training on the day of the week's most free day, so that you have the opportunity to work out in nature. Some people are fully satisfied with the Sabbath as the seventh day, others with Sunday, and the third with Tuesdays. Therefore, if you are planning 7 on Wednesday, start training on Thursday, because we are dealing with the 7-day cycle, and the first after the seventh day will be Thursday.

Why is the program designed for 7 days? Because, in essence, it is not intense, but it develops a useful habit to deal with every day. Even Day 7, an easy exercise in nature, which can be called an active rest, suggests some kind of physical activity. Otherwise, the schedule is flexible enough, and if you miss a day, just jump over it and continue to work on a pre-planned plan. You do not lose anything, because every strength training works out the whole body, so even after skipping a workout, you do not have to worry and blame yourself for what you did.

And further. I advise periodically to arrange to myself a full rest from trainings approximately for one week. Plan this holiday in advance for the periods of holidays, vacations, etc., but try to relax in total not more than 5 weeks per year. To keep yourself in shape, you need to stick to the plan, and too frequent breaks will not lead to anything good. But 5 weeks a year – this is normal, that is, on average you will rest every 8-10 weeks. You can immerse yourself in the training cycle for 8 weeks, and then take a break, and you can practice 12 consecutive weeks, make a week's pause on your birthday, work 2 more weeks, and dedicate an important week to your life again. The choice is yours. Rest is an important part of the training process, because you learn to plan, make decisions and adjust your training schedule, which in the end will help you stay on the chosen course.

  • A pair of dumbbells (or a set of dumbbells 2,5 kg, 3 kg, 4 kg, 5 kg, the choice depends on your level of preparation)

Note. When it says to do 3 approach and 20 repetitions, then you need to do 20 repetitions, then rest a bit, do 20 repetitions, short rest and the last 20 repetitions. If you can not perform the required number of repetitions, it does not matter. There are several ways to solve the problem: take less weight; do as much as you can, and gradually progress until you can perform the required number of repetitions; do short pauses for 5 seconds and continue the approach until you are tired or until you reach the required number of repetitions.

Extensions to the triceps lying down, pullovers and other similar exercises can be performed as with one dumbbell in two hands, and with a dumbbell in each hand. So you will have another way to vary the load.

Not all muscular groups use the same working weight – for some muscles weight will have to be reduced. The stronger the muscles, the higher the weight that a person should lift.

If you do not have access to the gym, you can flex the legs in the lying simulator with the weight held by the feet. One approach consists of 60 repetitions, since light weight is a weak load for the legs. However, by executing a succession of 60 repetitions, you will really feel it. Initially, exercise slowly with a weight of 3 kg; when you can easily make 60 repetitions, raise the weight to 4 kg, and then to five. If you can not perform all the 60 repetitions in one approach, take a short pause to take a breath and continue the exercise until you feel that you can no longer, or until you have completed all the 60 repetitions.

Before the start of training on the step-platform, choose a comfortable height. If the exercise is new to you, start small. If you are in good shape, set the average height. If you feel that you can cope with the maximum load, adjust the step-platform to the maximum height.

Carry out this exercise in a calm manner, otherwise you risk getting injured, and an ankle dislocation will nullify all your efforts. Adhere to the following plan:

Go for the first time while you have enough strength. After determining the starting point for yourself, add weekly to it for 5 minutes and increase the duration of the workout until it reaches 45 minutes. If you want, increase or decrease the tempo, stepping to your favorite music.

The same plan to adhere to the development of endurance and fitness, if you use a bicycle or an exercise bike. The same principle is observed in force training; Do the exercise to the best of your ability and gradually increase the load week after week.

I strongly recommend keeping a diary, because with its help you can see your achievements. But, most importantly, do not forget to get pleasure from training! As soon as you feel that this training cycle has outgrown, go to another program. When the time comes, you will understand this.

Author Barbara Green, who is it? Did not find anything about her, she's a coach, or even a fictitious name?

Oksana, mozho provided that you do not have excess weight, only perform jumps not long, they act strongly on the joints, ligaments

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