Training program "hellish hundred"

Primary goal: build muscle

Level of training: experienced

Number of workouts per week: 5

Necessary equipment: rod, bar with curved neck (EZ-neck), simulators

Does not leave the feeling that it is time for change? Then you have come to the right place. Weekly training program will break through a veil of melancholy and monotony and fill you with raging energy of muscle growth!

Did you miss the changes? Then you have come to the right place. Weekly training program will break through a veil of melancholy and monotony and fill you with raging energy of muscle growth!

Just this simple week will not be exactly: you will fall off your feet from fatigue, and in a few days you will want to send everything to the devil! But do not give in to the minute weakness, go through the "hellish hundred" to the end. The game is worth the candle.

This complex for muscle mass is great for a quiet, even a little "lazy" week, not too eventful, when you have nowhere to rush, and no one distracts you from the training process. And in order to achieve the maximum result and withstand all the atrocities of this hell complex, use three simple tips:

  • Sleep. Sleep, sleep, sleep again. And again to sleep. And if you do not sleep – rest, watch TV shows, movies or football.

Each exercise you must repeat a hundred times. Some specific sets and supersets will not have to be mastered, just the number of repetitions of each movement increases to a hundred. Rest as often as you think necessary, but the pauses should be short, do not let yourself cool down: we translate the spirit, come to, and then do a few more repetitions. Depending on the exercise, 100 reps can go from 20 to 45 minutes. And do not add anything to the training program, do not make silly mistakes.

Training program "hellish hundred"

Recommended sports nutrition for the hellish hundred

Good afternoon! Is it possible to work on this 2-3 program for a week? I plan to change exercises every week but with the same periodicity and breakdown into groups of muscles.

All of the 100 fire) was always a base, but it was boring and the mass did not grow, and when I started doing 100 again I gained weight 9 kg, then stopped making sets on 10-12 times. And a little bit changed the system of work on 100, at the moment of stopping I do another exercise with light weight, let's say 100kg stanovaya on 100, did 47 time, and at the moment of stopping I take a normal neck and I do the biceps 20 time, and then I continue to do the setup.

I did not understand how this is 50 percent. from a one-time maximum, or, 1 approach a hundred times, on 12-15 repetitions, it finally can like? then I have to take the weight on 12 – 15 repetitions and make it a hundred times? Explain, please

Nonsense, some, not a program. If only a little bit of justification was given to this "program".

Hello, such question, and whether it is possible to make this weekly program, and then somewhere in two months to repeat?

Yes, you can repeat once in 2-3 months.

3doction Please tell us what kind of exercise you can replace * bending your legs in a lying simulator *?

Alternate bending of the legs in the simulator standing. From personal experience: Previously I did exceptionally standing in turns, as doing * bending legs in the lying simulator * legs cramped literally after a couple of repetitions, and here the last half of the year again returned to this exercise. The problem is gone, it's very rare, and then in the refreshed repeats when I'm not able to do it.

Is it possible to change the exercises for yourself ?. For example, I do not lift on socks and fr.zhimzhim

For those who ask questions like "if I make 100 (50 . 25 ..), then what?": First, if you can do 100 times without rest, then increase the weight of the projectile to 15 PM. Secondly, there is a method for a long time known – "rest-pause". This program is from the same opera. You're just kicking the exercise a certain number of times for training. There is only one condition: pauses between approaches should be ASAP! It means, on so much short, on how much it in your forces. And how many repetitions you will make between pauses – your personal business. You can at least repeat 1, then groove 15 sec. then another and so on. You stupidly have to dial 100 times. As an option: you can hammer the same weight several workouts in a row, reducing the rest interval from 1 minutes to 15 seconds . or to increase the number of repetitions . though this is another program, but the system is the same – "rest-pause".

I am engaged in difficult and easy weeks, in which week is it better to do this program?

but tell me, if I approach 100 for an approach, then should I move on to the next exercise? and yet, for example, I made 50 repetitions, then in the next approach I can make 10 or 15?

and you can then do other exercises on this scheme, because only for a week?

Yes, the scheme is universal.

Well, what kind of exercises? or that you advise me to continue-me 38, the weight of 80, the growth of 172, the percentage of fat 15% approximately, I am engaged at home, before this in the hall, I have an amateur dumbbell, barbell, bar, bars. I work mainly to improve the figure, but you can would have added a lot of weight. I forgave a week, I liked it, I'll raise the weight, but what to do while these 3 weeks, what would not the indicators go? In advance, thanks

Good afternoon! I understand it for one approach you need to do a weaving once? Or split into a couple of approaches.

How many approaches, if only a hundred turned out in general. And the main thing is not to rest for a long time.

And what about warm-up approaches? If I understand correctly, the warm-up is not taken into account and needs to be supplemented?

Necessarily, you need to warm up before any training – these are the basics.

Is the program only available for 1 a week? Or can I use 3-4 weeks in a row?

The program is only for one week.

After a week I added 4 kg

The complex is generally a bomb. only two exercises a little for training, I combined two into one even better became a complex

did make. 90 kg for 12 times in each approach. tin of course. 100 times. then the lower leg. tomorrow I'll see how it will be back and buttocks

Progue started yesterday

Bribed phrase: "Do not leave the feeling that it is time for change?" I have a period of ragged training, and then I came across this training. Today was the first day. So: I shook 100 times for 5 approaches. Weight 65 kg. Triceps for 6 approaches. Weight 30 kg. For myself, I decided to add a press. 3 approach to failure. The flight is normal.

It is written: "weight: on 12-15 repetitions". How can one do with it a hundred for 5 approaches?

Exactly. I did not finish reading)))) But for me how, the sense will not be much. Today he was doing his shoulders. It is a pity sitting 50 kg. 100 times made for 5 approaches. It took 15 minutes maximum. Shraga made it quicker. Weight 120 kg. for 6 approaches. I did a little more in the latter. Training took 30 minutes from strength

IMHO 5 approaches it at all about anything. I went out on 12-18 approaches to the exercise, and the whole training lasted almost an hour. And at the end the muscles just burned))) Try to find the right weight, the program is worth it.

can really in weight the problem. to pick up such weight, that hardly to do 12-15 time, or that it is confident?

I took the maximum weight with which I can make 14 time, i.e. almost to the point of rejection.

I finished the program muscles ache terribly but progress is felt still I think 1.5 months on this program are kept, the biceps increased and the chest how much by weight I added I do not know but the chest increased by 1.5 cm and the arm at 0.5 mm

but how many years can I make such a program?

people and in some places you can change the days?

It seems to me a bunch of all + mon + tv is somewhat harsh, doing three basic exercises and even with such intensity for three days in a row . I thought to swap places Mon and Tuesday, but eventually decided to try out as is, yesterday after traction moved mainly with the help of walls and hands , even thought about the handrails in the toilet, well, after I turned off the triceps today, I go with the help of xs

The program is only for a week, after Sundays it is better to rest for a few days and recover.

Where the function of printing this program on the printer, in the 4 table of the week is painted, it is very knocked down, advise something with similar intensity to finish off the remaining three weeks.

And, well, yes, this is the standard form of printing programs. It always goes for 4 weeks, regardless of the program. I have not met anything similar in intensity yet.

And if everything is done as in the program . but in the morning and in the evening? Does the effect increase?

"And do not add anything to the training program, do not make silly mistakes."

The program is very difficult to pass, and it is simply unrealistic to study it 2 times a day.

In fact, the program is only at the beginning of a heavy. Then the muscles get used to.

Today ended the last day. I really liked it. I think, every month, allocate a week for this program!

I agree. Today I also finished the last day, it was already easier than at the beginning. The hardest were the first two days. Bench press after 50 repetitions I could not do and 4 times, even wanted to throw everything. As a result, I spent more than 20 approaches on it.

In general, the program is super, very simple and effective.

I started the program. I finished 2 days. This tin) muscles are happy!

There are very few

"Infernal hundred" passed. + 1kg to the mass. Went to 2-th week of "hell."

If you followed the advice to receive at least 4000 kilocalories per day, then there is nothing surprising)

Only I'm afraid that this is not 1 kg of muscles.

Powerful prog. Today, Wednesday is a rest. I think it would be more correct to replace the French bench press by lifting the bar to the biceps standing – that is, the second exercise on Tuesday and Thursday to swap, because after the bench press, the trio is heavily staggered, and then another hundred yards of French press is somewhat problematic, at least for me it was so. IMHO.

Waiting for the next training. Everything hurts

An interesting program I want to try. But I'm interested in two questions. This program assumes only the 1 cycle? And whether the 1 cycle can be stretched for two weeks. those. train not 5 once a week, but 3 times. And if it is possible (training 3 times a week), is there any sense to increase the load by adding an 1 exercise every day?

Weekly program. If you stretch it for 2 weeks – the effect is not the same as I think. And if you also add exercises – this is a completely different program will be, and it will be hard to be. It's because it's called "Hell's Hundred", because 5 once a week to train it is necessary and with high intensity.

the next day the kachek died

100 repetitions ?! I did not get it ?!

Read a little more carefully, any exercises you do not zazmesh 100 repetitions, it says (weight: 50% of a single maximum) or (weight: 12-15 repetitions), I did 20 repetitions and rest 10-15 sec. then further into the battle, for a week added so that my monthly program did not give such results.

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