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Training "Strength Hypertrophy Upper Bottom"

Primary goal: musculature development

Level of training: average

Number of workouts per week: 4

Necessary equipment: barbells, dumbbells, exercisers

Audience: men and women

Author: Brandon Campbell

Increase the strength and mass with the 4-day split, built around the basic compound motions. Take the best from the world of bodybuilding and the universe of powerlifting!

Training "Strength Hypertrophy Upper Bottom" is based on the fundamental principles of work on strength and weight. 4-day program will allow you to achieve maximum success on two fronts. This convenient and flexible split is constructed on the following principles:

Frequency. The experiments showed that the rise in the synthesis of muscle protein (SMP) is maintained up to 48 hours after the training. Therefore, ideally, you need to work with each muscle more often than standard 1 times a week. This is the purpose of the split PHUL – you will train each muscle group twice a week.

Compounds. At the heart of the split "Force Hypertrophy Upper Bottom" are the basic compound motions, which allow to achieve maximum progress. Although the isolation movements are also included in the training, its main goal is to raise the indices in the main force exercises and gain kilograms of muscle mass.

Force. Two of the four trainings are entirely devoted to training in the best traditions of weightlifting. Keys to a muscular and strong body are progressive overload and time under load. Thanks to two force days, you will learn to take more weight during hypertrophy days.

Hypertrophy. In addition to 2-x power days, you are waiting for two training in the style of bodybuilding, aimed at muscle hypertrophy. A comprehensive approach will allow you not only to raise strength indicators, but also to achieve a noticeable increase in the volume of muscles.

  1. Approaches and repetitions. When starting training, start with a smaller training volume and gradually adapt to the loads.

Full of delirium, only down will do a squat and then stall

This program suits those who are in natures?

No. Without pharma, you will not have time to recover. Or you need a break 3-4 day and eat guzzle

How much rest are the approaches to the day of power and the day of hypertrophy?

I think that in both days it will be optimal from two minutes. It is even better to look at the pulse rate when it decreases after approaching at least to 117. With hypertrophy, it is lower, then it's better to focus on time.

what difference in weights should be on days of strength and hepertrophy

Stanovaya and squat in one day does not affect the body, muscles or joints, in the negative sense of the word?

It all depends on the technique of execution

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