Transformation: Andrew Clark

In January 2008, Andrew Clarke at the age of 21 weighed about 115 kg, and the body fat percentage was approaching the dangerous level of 30%. It was then that he decided to take matters into his own hands, get rid of excess weight and come to a better shape.

He fully adhered to the goal of transforming his body, nothing could stand in his way. Slowly, but surely he began to build muscle and get rid of fat. By the summer of 2011, Andrew dropped weight to 100 kg, while increasing a few kilograms of lean muscle mass. Now Andrew lives fitness and sets himself the next goal: to reduce weight to 90 kg.

Our body is a unique machine. I really consider diets a special science. Together with a friend we created our own diet program to achieve excellent results. The only way to guarantee results is to control food. STRICTLY follow the chosen meal plan! In advance, think about what you will eat during different meals.

By allowing your mind to take control and follow the goal, you can strengthen your motivation. Do not allow the stomach to make decisions. Nutrition plays a decisive role in losing weight.

The left was better, the man is so much a man. And he became .

I always say in such situations: "Get out of your mind." So I reacted to the seen photos of the transformation of this athlete. Indeed, changed so changed. I wonder how his relatives reacted to this transformation? Probably, the fans a lot appeared after changing the appearance? But first of all, all athletes lead a healthy lifestyle, and this is a big plus. Well done, that decided to go in for sports and does not leave the gym.


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