Transformation of the body: how Heather became a beauty

I had to decide to change and change my appearance, because because of my body I did not like myself as a person. I did not respect myself, although I understood that people around me would not treat me with respect until I began to love myself.

For many years I was engaged in fitness, but I did not like my appearance – I always compared myself to other girls and wanted to look like them. I suffered from low self-esteem, what compliments to me would say. I decided to set a goal. I had an old dream – to become a fitness model, so that my photos could be found in magazines or on the covers.

In February 2012, I turned for help and advice to my friend Brandan Foucken. After talking with him, I decided that I want to train under his leadership and eventually perform at a bikini contest. Brandan immediately announced that I have a long way to go, but all my efforts will be rewarded a hundredfold and my life will change for the better. If I work hard and believe in myself, then eventually my dream will come true and my photos will go to beauty magazines.

9 June 2012 year, I first performed at the competition – "Minnesota State Championship" (Minneapolis). Despite the fact that I did not manage to take the prize, this contest gave me more than I could have dreamed of – self-respect.

From that moment on, I started to train hard and eat right; my life turned to 180 degrees. Today I love myself as a person, I like my appearance. I am sure that even greater achievements await me. I began to respect myself, people began to respect me. Now I lead a healthy lifestyle, I drink less alcoholic beverages (at one time it was for this reason that I gained extra pounds and had an understated self-esteem).

I rejoice when my example serves as an inspiration for others. When I published my new photos on Facebook and read the comments, then from some of them tears literally drew on my eyes.

When I went to my first contest, the last 16 weeks that changed my life came to mind. I remembered how my friends thanked me for inspiring them to change, and how people close to me were proud of what I could achieve. I wanted to hide the tears behind sunglasses, but these were tears of happiness. In my life everything fell into place. For nothing in the world, I would not trade these moments of happiness.

My transformation began 19 February 2012 year, and my goal was achieved 8 June 2012 year. To change myself, it took me 111 days.

In September 2009, my best friend and her boyfriend decided to move from Sioux Falls (South Dakota) to Scottsdale (Arkansas). We once went on an excursion to this city and fell in love with it. We did not have anything in South Dakota, and we decided to move. In Scottsdale, I worked as a waitress and lived from salary to salary.

I hardly made ends meet, and I was drawn home. Almost every month my father gave me money for a ticket to Iowa. In Arizona, I had great friends, but I felt lonely. The time has come when I realized that in my life there is no happiness and that I drink too much alcohol and too often go to parties. In the end, I returned to the Midwest.

In September 2010, I moved back to Iowa, where my parents lived, and settled in for an old job. At that time my weight was somewhere 59-61 kg. I had a slender figure, since in Arizona I watched myself to please other people (not because I wanted to like myself). I think there was another reason why I was not happy. I did not like myself the way I was. I tried to be like everyone else, not what I was.

For the next year and a half, I slowly gained weight. Every weekend I went to parties where I ate food that was not useful. I did not give a damn. I was in a depressed state and with the help of food I was in a good mood. Because of this, I even went to see a doctor and take medications. Thanks to the medicines, I again felt the taste of life and began to do my favorite things, for example, to go to the gym.

In our large family there is a tradition – every year to make a calendar. It is a collage of 12 photos of members of our family. In 2011, we all gathered for Christmas. I took the calendar and began to flip it. And then I opened the page with my photo in a bikini. I was deprived of the gift of speech: first, the photo was used without my consent; Secondly, I was like a cow.

I went home all in tears, I was ill. Seeing that photo, I realized how much I recovered after moving home from Arizona. And this only had to blame itself. Only I myself could change anything.

When I started preparing for the contest in February, the first few weeks went by quite easily. To the training program, compiled by the coach, I added three more cross-trainings. In a week I had a total of three cross-training sessions, six cardio training and five weight training.

Once a week I was weighed. To improve the organization, I took photos of my results and kept a nutrition diary. Every two weeks I changed my diet and increased the intensity / duration of training.

The biggest problem for me was not to drop my hands when there were no results. There were days when I fell from my legs with fatigue. And when the numbers on the scales did not drop, as I wanted, I was ready to give up everything. Then I reminded myself that in the photos the result is noticeable and that there is improvement. I convinced myself that everything would turn out. Weights did not show the dynamics in full.

I was inspired by friends, relatives and even strangers. You would know how many inspirational stories you can read on Pinterest, Facebook and other social sites. As soon as I lost motivation, I picked up the phone or turned on the computer.

I would also like to note that before the beginning of my transformation, I never really met with guys and had no serious relationship. In February, I met Brian Metz. Literally at the very beginning of the preparation for the competition. More precisely, the first week at the weekend.

Since then, he has always been with me – both in difficult moments, and in moments of joy. He loves me the way I am, and treats me with great respect – I would never have thought that a guy can so strongly respect a girl. In those moments when I was ill or did not want to go to training, he reminded me why I should not give up; very often we went to the gym together.

I'm absolutely sure that nothing in the world happens for no reason. Otherwise, I could not achieve what I achieved.

What sports nutrition do I use?

Strengthens health and improves metabolism!

Energy complex with amino acids for reception at any time!

Strengthens health and improves metabolism!

What kind of food plan do I follow?

I eat every 2,5 – 3 hours and drink enough water.

5 pcs (or whey protein portion)

1 pcs (or banana)

100 g (or lean beef)

100 g (or lean beef)

In a week, I have two cardio workouts per hour, three workouts per stepper for 40 minutes, and one HIIT workout.

Circuit training. Each exercise is performed one after the other by one approach without interruption. Then you should rest for several minutes and repeat the workout. And so until the necessary number of approaches for each exercise is achieved.

What factors were the most difficult to overcome

The most difficult thing for me was to combine diet and exercise. Sometimes I needed motivation in the training. I told myself that my body is stronger than it seems to me.

With the observance of the diet, no special difficulties arose, since I never had forbidden foods in my house. In terms of nutrition, it was most difficult not to disturb the meal schedule.

I do not have a fixed working day. I work on a floating schedule and I never know when I can go out to dinner. I always need to be "in the ranks", even if for this I have to eat dry.

I plan to continue to improve – in the gym, on the podium, in friendship, in relationships and in life in general. I want to continue to be happy.

Now I do what I always wanted: to compete and work as a personal trainer. I am sure that my dreams will come true and my photo will appear on the cover of the fitness magazine.

  • Set a goal and tell everyone about it. This will give you some responsibility. If you put a realistic goal and wholeheartedly believe in its achievement, then you will succeed.

And how about the fact that the girl needs to work through all the muscle groups in one workout?

When to do cardio?

How to get such a thin waist? I worked quite actively, but with the waist did not work out. Muscles in the waist have strengthened, but "thinner" almost did not.

Reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat. If genetically the waist is not very thin, then you can try to pump your back, shoulders and hips – this will visually narrow it.

How to save and sweat your chest when training? And so that it does not become smaller?

Insert implants like Heather.

It immediately shows that the back is inflated and it seems, she was still able to pump pectoral muscles! And how she managed it! It is necessary so to try, have patience to do all these exercises, go to training. I'm simply amazed. But I'm not interested in her rib cage, namely, how a woman can transform an inflated back. The first time I think about it. It's not for nothing that this article was written)

cool! It's hard to adapt to yourself!

A cup is how many in grams?

It depends on what to measure. A cup of vegetables is about 150 g, and a cup of rice is about 180, a cup of dry oat flakes 120

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