Transformation of the body: how I did it!

Due to his persistence, Zane received knowledge multiplied by decisiveness, to compose the equation I = MAY. He applied this formula to any difficulties, crossing over obstacles that previously seemed insurmountable.

In high school I did not have any special goals regarding my future. I planned to work with my father in our family business. After graduation I entered the nearest college, but after a while I dropped out of school, because I completely lacked self-confidence and motivation. In our family, no one has a higher education, so my departure from college did not become a disappointment for anyone. All I wanted was to live my life like an ordinary person.

After leaving college, I was frustrated and did not know what to do. Self-esteem was almost at zero. Hypoglycemia, which persecuted me since childhood, became acute. I ate as it were. Doctors said that if you do not improve the diet, then I have a direct path to diabetes. I needed support, I needed to give vent to emotions. And I decided that the new page in my life should be fitness and bodybuilding.

I began to regularly visit various Internet resources on fitness and bodybuilding, where I received all the information I needed – from proper nutrition and food supplements to correct technique of doing exercises.

It took several months to read the articles. Motivation has grown significantly. At that time, I did not know only one thing – that this "hobby" would radically change my whole life and make me an absolutely different person.

After one year of bodybuilding and development of strong-willed qualities, I felt the strength to make another major change in my life – to leave the family business and the first of our family to get a higher education.

I – a pioneer in this path – the teaching was not easy (especially, given the way I studied at school). Moreover, at that time my weight was somewhere 56 kg, which did not add to my confidence among my peers.

Over time, I developed the formula "I = I CAN" (where: I am an explicit result, M is methodical, O is hunting (strong desire), D is readiness for change and Y is perseverance), which I applied to any obstacle encountered on my way.

I wrote "I = CAN" on all my notes, and also installed similar wallpapers on my mobile phone. With this simple technique I was able to win and overcome difficulties. My simple formula allowed me to benefit from any difficult situations. Being armed with fundamental knowledge and the formula / outlook "I = I CAN", I succeeded both in studies and in training. And never looked back.

I received a diploma with honors, delivered a speech at the graduation ceremony on behalf of the whole stream, was awarded several awards and published several scientific papers. But that's not all – I went to post-graduate studies, where I demonstrated high academic achievement, having the right to work as a teacher in college. I developed as a person and as an athlete. When I started, my weight was 54 kg. At the peak of my achievements I weighed 81 kg. For all this time the fatty layer did not increase at all.

I used this approach not only in studies and training, but also in my personal life, which turned out to be very rich and interesting and resulted in a happy marriage. All this time I was a source of inspiration for friends, relatives and visitors of the gym, where I was engaged. Friends and relatives constantly called and wrote on e-mail to consult me ​​about training, nutrition or study.

The transformations that have taken place with me have had an impact on my wife, Amanda Garzio-Hedzik. The concept that I developed allowed Amanda to significantly improve her academic performance, strengthen her health and improve her fitness results. She graduated from college with a red diploma, won many awards, delivered a speech with me at graduation, she got the right to work as a teacher in college and published a number of scientific works. She was inspired by the effect that gives proper nutrition and a competent training program. Amanda feels much happier and better after those changes that have occurred.

My transformation radically changed my life and myself. In any life situations I use the formula "I = I CAN", trying to help other people in every possible way. The changes that have taken place with me have allowed me to become a happy, healthy, successful and optimistic person who makes a career in environmental studies – an area that I really like.

For many years I have been able to keep hypoglycemia under control. The state of my health has never been so good. I'm even afraid to imagine what would happen to me now if I had not once started to be interested in fitness and have not changed my life.

The key to the changes that changed my life was education, as well as my formula / worldview "I = I CAN" and my ability to surround myself with positive people. Bodybuilding opened a second wind in me and helped to develop self-reliance, self-discipline and a positive outlook on the world. Thanks to these qualities, I am always very enthusiastic about learning everything that can give me new perspectives in work or training.

Of course, there were days when doubts arose – I believe that in some people's life such periods sometimes come. It was the formula "I = I CAN" that enabled me to overcome any doubts, obstacles and difficulties. This may sound trite and silly, but it is this approach that allows you to derive maximum benefit from any complex situations, successfully overcoming them and moving forward. I strongly recommend that everyone use this technique.

I was greatly supported by my wife, relatives and friends. That's why I believe that in life you need to surround yourself with good people. I was lucky to visit all 50 states and work with athletes in many gyms across the country.

My success is largely due to my beloved wife. She helped me find gyms in different cities, as well as coming up with recipes for healthy snacks, so as not to violate the diet!

The nutrition plan that underlies my changes

My diet is constantly changing. Despite the fact that I regularly vary the composition of products, my food plan is as follows. About 41% of calories I get from carbohydrates, 36% – from proteins and 23% – from fats. Periodically, I alternate sources of protein production. Chicken meat is replaced with turkey meat, salmon, tuna, eggs and sometimes beef or pork.

I always pay attention to where these or other food products come from. Working in the field of environmental studies, I have a very clear idea of ​​the environment; therefore, I prefer to buy products (meat, eggs, milk, vegetables and fruits) locally produced. At the initial stage of my new life, I was generally a vegetarian for almost five years.

Fourth meal

Sixth meal: after workout

50-60 g (I use carbohydrate cocktails)

The training program with which I succeeded

My training program, like diet, is constantly changing. Below is an example of the current training program. I also do cardiovascular 3-5 once a week. Aerobic loads consist of running, basketball, rowing training, or orbiting. Changing the training program occurs quite often.

I regularly alternate exercises, the number of approaches / reps and the duration of breaks between them. I am convinced that only a diverse training provides constant progress. The number of days of rest between training depends on my state of health.

What factors were the most difficult to overcome

The most difficult thing for me at the time when I just opened the door to the world of bodybuilding. I did not understand what results can be expected, in what direction to move and what is going on; I was frightened and confused.

Overcoming these obstacles helped me to focus on long-term goals and help those around me. In my studies I applied for advice to teachers, and in training – to the guys from the gym and Internet sites. It's amazing how teachers like to talk about their subject, and visitors to gyms are helping newcomers.

It is very important to be able to step over your ego and repeat yourself: "I = I CAN!". Both in school and in bodybuilding, difficulties arise at every step. In certain periods, you may get worse results in the gym, you will be hard to take exams, diet can be violated. The main thing is to do your best, keep yourself in hand and never give up!

I seriously consider the possibility of my performance at the competitions in the future. At this stage, I sincerely would like to help other people achieve their goals both in bodybuilding and in education. I went through this stage and understand perfectly how difficult it is to overcome it alone. I am happy to share tips and secrets with people who are in a similar situation.

As I move to the older age category, I plan to keep the current physical form (now, for example, I can jump to a height of 115 cm or run 35 m for 4,5 s). Also, I would like to return the result in bench press – 135 kg at a time. And finally, in the next few years I want to gain even more lean muscle mass.

You can not become a champion, but you can defeat yourself. Each person has strengths and weaknesses. It is necessary to be able to determine them in order to correct deficiencies and develop virtues.

My most important advice is not to get hung up on the little things. Often I have to hear or read how a person panics because they missed a workout or broke a diet. Forgive yourself and move on. I call to focus attention on the great achievements and not forget about the formula "I = I CAN". Patience and perseverance are the key to success. Labor and effort will certainly bring results!

For those who are already at the stage of change, "Accept congratulations, continue to work hard and never give up." Bodybuilding is a cycle with positive feedback. That's why I love him. The more you give your best, the better the results and the higher the motivation.

Always analyze your actions, overestimate your values. In any field – whether in study, or in bodybuilding – there will always be opportunities for finding new solutions. As a student, I experimentally determined which of the teaching methods brings the best result. In bodybuilding, I constantly include new exercises in the training and experiment with various combinations of repetitions and weights to find the most effective options.

I hang 75. what weight should I take?

What kind of rest are you talking about? This split system, each group of muscles resting for about three days.

I understand that here without pharma in any way! 5 heavy workouts a week, without steroids will recover before you have time.

5 days of training 2 day of rest, of course you need to rest, I have 2 days of training 1 day of rest

I do not understand the training program. Can you please explain (when the rest)?

178 height and weight 54kg? Yes it should be generally only bones and skin .

whether it is possible to engage in 2 through 2. 2 days to deal with and 2 days to rest.

Rest day should be yes?

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