Treatment of reflux esophagitis

It's no secret that treating any gastric disease requires dieting a sick person. This is the only way to normalize the full functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and eliminate many unpleasant symptoms. This rule applies to reflux esophagitis, an extremely common pathology of the digestive system. The main symptoms of reflux esophagitis are heartburn, eructation, pain and burning sensation in the sternum. Symptoms usually increase after eating or lying down.

Here is a list of products that must be excluded from the diet for people suffering from this unpleasant illness. First of all, it is fatty, spicy and fried food, chocolate, citrus and their juices, tomatoes, coffee and alcohol. It is also necessary to refuse spices (garlic, all kinds of pepper, cloves and cinnamon), vinegar, rich broths, turnips and cucumbers. All these products irritate the inflamed mucosa of the esophagus and stomach, causing heartburn and other unpleasant sensations.

How to eat people with reflux esophagitis? About this for certain you can find out on an individual consultation with a gastroenterologist. But you can give a few general tips that are sure to be useful and help to avoid heartburn.

1. Drinking a glass of boiled cold water before eating, you protect your esophagus, reducing the concentration of stomach acid.

2. To prevent excess production of acid in the stomach can be, using before eating a couple of slices of raw potatoes or drinking a quarter of a glass of potato juice. A small slice of white bread is also suitable.

3. Categorically it is contraindicated to drink alcohol before the start of the meal.

4. Forget about night hikes to the refrigerator – they will only provoke another burning sensation.

5. After eating, it is advisable to sit for a while or take a walk, but do not go to bed. This is due to the fact that in the supine state gastric juice is easier to get into the esophagus. If the reflux esophagitis passes with painful bouts of pain, you need to stand up and after that do not stay at least another three hours.

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6. Drink before bedtime infusion of chamomile pharmacy. A glass of this simple means (1 tablespoon per 250 ml of boiling water) will not only make your sleep stronger, but also have an anti-inflammatory effect on the esophagus and stomach.

7. Tight belts and belts during exacerbation of reflux esophagitis will not do you a good service: pressure on the stomach can cause the expelled gastric juice to enter the esophagus.

8. Food should be divided – up to six times a day. Small portions of food should be drunk with boiled water or mineral water without gas, weak tea or sweet juice.

9. The ideal drink for patients with reflux esophagitis is milk or an infusion of dog rose. Prepare the last in the home can everyone: in a liter thermos for six hours, brew a couple of tablespoons of dry hips. When the time comes, the medicine is prescribed and drunk as tea. It is also suitable apple compote or compote of dried fruits.

10. In the diet must include sour-milk products. Pay special attention to yogurts, low-fat kefir, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese. They will help to normalize the bowel motility, which will positively affect the state of your health.

11. Kashi needs to eat lean, giving preference to oatmeal and millet croup.

12. Cope with heartburn with reflux-esophagitis will help bananas, peaches, plums and pears. It is best to eat these sweet fruits in the morning – on an empty stomach or after breakfast.

Reflux-esophagitis can rightfully be considered one of the most common diseases of the esophagus. It arises because of the contact of the mucosa of the esophagus with the contents of the intestine. The latter, as is known, has an increased acidity and affects the lower part of the esophagus. As a result, a person feels pain, heartburn and other symptoms of digestive disorders.

Traditional medicine knows the recipes of herbal medicines, which can help in the treatment of reflux esophagitis. We introduce you to those that are easy to prepare at home. Remember: in order to defeat the disease, it is necessary to alternate the fees after a couple of weeks of their use. Usually the course of treatment is about two months.

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