Triple assault: training triceps and biceps

Do you want to pump up muscular arms? This training program consisting of trisets will blow up your biceps and triceps!

Author: Roger Lockridge

What are your plans for today's training? If the biceps and triceps are on the agenda, you have come to the right place. This training is not for the faint-hearted, so it's better for your hands to get ready for pumping in order to cope with the assault.

Your desire to become a proud owner of really muscular arms will soon become a reality – use trisets. For beginners in the iron world, we explain that in trisets you perform three exercises in a row without rest. With proper execution of the triset – a great way to increase the intensity, save time and pump the maximum possible amount of blood into the muscles. Stay on course and you will leave the hall with the confidence that hard work will eventually lead to lasting results.

Each triset from this program includes an exercise with a barbell, an exercise with dumbbells and an exercise in a cable simulator. Each piece of equipment loads your muscles in a certain way. Use the bar to take the maximum weight, dumbbells – to make the hands work separately, and the thrusts – to isolate the target muscle and force it to perform a fixed movement.

Try to do all three triset exercises in one place. This will reduce the time it takes to move from one motion to the next. After completing the triset on the bicep, rest 90 seconds, and then go to the triset on the triceps. Each of these two trisets you have to perform 2-3 times.

The entire training will take no more than 25 minutes, but to the finish of the last repetition you will feel that it lasted much longer. So, drink your favorite pre-teens, razmomnites and mentally prepare for the crazy pumping that you have to experience.

If you want, you can use the EZ-finger. The main thing is to squeeze every muscle out of the muscles to the last drop and plug in each muscle fiber throughout the whole approach. It is important to smoothly lower the projectile in each repetition, and not just let it fall. After lowering the bar, immediately proceed to the next repetition and generate the maximum power. After completing 8 repetitions, drop the barbell and lift the dumbbells.

Performing this exercise with one hand makes you focus on each biceps muscle. One-sided training promotes harmonious development and does not allow one hand to become stronger than the other. Again, do not rush with the eccentric (decrease) phase of the movement.

On the way up, completely dry the brush so that your little finger is looking at the shoulder. Do not swing dumbbells. Get the biceps to do all the work yourself.

Bending the hammer on the block (in the rope simulator)

Exercises in the rope simulator maintain a stable tension in the working muscles, and no fiber is left without attention. Beginning the ascent, do not let elbows go sideways or forward. Shoulders should be pressed to the trunk. At the top point, dilute the ends of the rope and pause a second before the load is lowered. When the weight is at the bottom and the bicep is stretched, stop for a second before the next repetition begins.

Since you already exhausted the biceps in the first two exercises, you will most likely have to work with an unusually low weight. However, the biceps lifting competitions in the cable simulator have never been carried out, so concentrate on the quality of the repetitions, and not on the weight that you raise.

Triple assault. Triceps program

If there is no free bench, you can always perform this exercise on the floor; except for the limitation of the range of motion, there is practically no difference. Carrying out each repetition, keep your shoulders in a strictly vertical position.

If you raise and lower your hands, most of the work is done by the shoulders, not by the triceps. And if you want to complicate your life a bit, lower the bar by the head.

To save time, you can work with two hands at the same time, but a few extra minutes spent on careful elaboration of hands separately will help you in the long run. Fix the trunk, do not swing. Take a moment's pause at the top and bottom of each repetition.

This exercise will help you to properly stretch and cut all three of the triceps heads. Raise the ropes when the triceps are over your head and completely cut. On the way down, do not try to stretch the muscles at any cost. Your hands must pass through this movement without pain.

Due to the alternation of trisets for biceps and triceps, each muscle group receives a respite while the other works. This training format also allows you to work out each muscle with greater intensity, which should lead to an increase in the strength and volume of the hands.

Beginners should stop at two rounds; this means that you must execute each triset twice. If you train for more than a year and are confident in your abilities, try to overcome the 3 circle.

I advise you to train on this scheme once a week. However, if the hands are your weak point, and you need to raise the load to cause new growth, use the triset complex twice a week. In this case, divide the workouts by at least three days of rest.

You can in general, in principle, use any combination of exercises in trisets, but with the following principles: force is the mass of fire. For example, on the triceps: 1.pressing on the beams 3×5 2. Franz press the dumbbells 3×12 3. Triceps on the block 3×20

Should I add push-ups to the triceps on the uneven bars? Or the basic exercises are out of place here?

My personal opinion would be more purposeful in "The Third Exercise" as if "Two-headed arm muscle and Three-headed arm muscle", affect "Slowly contracting muscular volute". That is, the last exercise to execute right after the second is not on "10 repetitions" but on 20 – 30.

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