Unique 90 Daily Diet

90 daily diet will be a real godsend for those who have normal metabolism, there are more than 20 extra pounds, and previous attempts to lose weight were unsuccessful.

The power system is designed for a quick discharge of excess weight by removing excess fluid and harmful substances from the body.

The first time to withstand the diet is very difficult, but after the body gets used to such a separate diet, the amount of stomach narrows, and the remaining days of dietary nutrition are more confident.

Since the diet lasts 90 days, so you should set your body in advance to drive change. It is necessary not only to prepare the digestive system for the future "stress", but also to direct all thoughts and experiences in a positive direction. Retreat from the diet is not recommended, to break even more so.

If you decide – forward, but if in doubt – then do not start!

To the diet are applied special physical activities, pre-plan the action plan, make a menu and allocate yourself time for easy jogging, gymnastics, yoga or swimming.

The basic principles of the 90 diet

There are 4 cycles of separate nutrition according to diet

  1. Protein. From this cycle, the diet begins. The menu is rich in protein products, meat, fish, milk, eggs, vegetables.
  2. Starchy. On this day, you can eat foods that are extremely high in starch. These are cereals, potatoes, legumes and grain bread.
  3. Carbohydrate. Accordingly, all foods that have a high glycemic index. You can even pamper yourself with chocolate bar and sweet dessert.
  4. Fruit. The diet is rich, contains fresh fruits, dried fruits, seeds, nuts, freshly squeezed fruit cocktails. Keep fruits low in calories, bananas, avocados, peaches and grapes.

Every last day of the cycle, you should spend a hungry day of relief, after which you can start the next level of 90 daily diet.

Nutritionists recommend:

  • Have breakfast only with fruit cocktails
  • Dine should not be before noon, and if you are suffering from a fit of hunger – you can eat fresh fruit
  • Break between meals should be at least 3-4 hours
  • After eight o'clock in the evening no longer eat, before going to bed you need to drink a glass of water
  • The lunch portion should be the most satisfying, and in the evening the dosage should be reduced to half
  • Only fresh vegetables and fruits are welcome, preferably homemade, without nitrates and chemical additives
  • During cooking, vegetable oil and salt should be limited, salads can be seasoned with lemon juice, and the ingredients can be steamed, boiled or grilled
  • Fried, smoked, canned, salted, fatty and sweet is better to remove from the diet for 90 days, and it is possible for life, these are harmful products that will not benefit the body
  • Abundant drink, clean water, non-carbonated drinks, dried fruit compotes, herbal infusions and decoctions are allowed
  • Follow the calorie content of food, you can make a table for yourself, where the number of units in each product will be painted
  • Regular physical activity.

These rules will help you to adequately withstand a diet and lose the annoying extra pounds.

The diet of the protein cycle is as follows:

For breakfast: any two fruits.

Lunch: low-fat stew -200g, 2 boiled eggs, 150 grams of cottage cheese, fresh salad and one slice of granular bread.

Dinner is easier: half of the luncheon portions. Pure water.

You can enter into the diet all kinds of sour-milk products, various dishes from eggs, lean rabbit meat, chicken, turkey, cottage cheese, low-fat cheese. Bread for dinner should be excluded from the menu, only a slice is allowed for lunch.

The diet of the starchy cycle is as follows:

For breakfast: any two fruits.

We have lunch: beans, peas or potatoes – 200, fresh salad and one slice of bread.

Dinner is easier: half of the luncheon portions. Pure water.

Broths should be cooked on a vegetable basis, led into a diet of salads from beets, to cleanse the intestines.

The diet of the carbohydrate cycle is as follows:

For breakfast: any two fruits.

Lunch: pasta cooked with seasonings -200 g, lean pancakes.

Dinner is easier: half of the luncheon portions. Pure water.

You can eat salty crackers or pizza for lunch.

It is necessary to follow the table for the level of caloric content in each product, supersaturation of the body with carbohydrates will have an unpleasant effect on the general state of the body.

The diet of the fruit cycle is as follows:

For breakfast: any two fruits.

We have lunch: fruit puree with softness -200g, nuts, seeds, dried fruits in small proportions.

Dinner is easier: half of the luncheon portions. Fruit juice.

On this day, fruits are in first place, you want to eat them in raw form – please. And you can put out, boil, make smoothies, rub through syto, make mashed potatoes and drinks. There are many options, the main desire and perseverance.

As a result, the diet 90 days can bring weight loss up to 25 kg for the entire period. First, most of the weight goes away, and then the kilograms go away slowly and gradually. But the main thing is that after the end of the weight loss system is stabilized and not recruited.

What would be the result was effective for a long time should be properly out of this diet.

Do not immediately after the diet pounce on the whole meal, preferably the first time for a little to introduce high-calorie foods.

If you have achieved the desired results from the first time, then to prevent weight stability you need to spend several times a month unloading days.

If the plans still have the desire to part with a few extra inches at the waist, then in three to four months you can again spend a full cycle of diet 90 days.

90 daily diet testimonials results

She was always full and shy to sit with thin friends at the same table. And now a fateful meeting with the former class teacher has become for her a happy ticket to a new life.

Ekaterina Viktorovna told Anastasia detailed steps of the diet 90 days, performing which the girl was able to lose 24 kg.

This is not a fairy tale and not an invention, Kostyaleva Nastya from Yekaterinburg, all her youthful life tried to lose weight, get closer even with a step of her slim and thin contemporaries.

What kind of diet she did not try, but the kilograms returned again and again. But not this time!

After the full course of the diet has already passed 6 months. And the result stands still, even the girl managed to lose weight after a diet for several cm, following the basic rules of healthy nutrition and spending unloading days using the method of separate nutrition.

Anastasia is a successful student of a prestigious university, loves herself and her body. Now she is always in a good mood, and she tries not to remember her former failures.

The result of the diet 90 days Kovaleva Anastasia-24 kg.

The diet of 90 days is very effective and quite strict. Sometimes it is difficult to hold out on some fruits or vegetables. But if the goal is noble – you need to go in front, not giving in to failures and difficulties.

Before losing weight, do not forget to consult a doctor and make up an individual weight loss plan for your body.

Keep track of your well-being and stay healthy!


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